Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 Good evening...  are you enjoying the snow outside.  I am now, that I am home tucked in safe and sound!  Earlier tonight, my gal pal, Ann and I were at a MOPS meeting speaking on entertaining, since we live so far apart and only get to see one another here and there, we decided to maximize our time with dinner at Chili's afterwards.  Yay, that might have been a mistake.  Coming home was a mess... the roads weren't too bad yet but the visibility was horrible!!  The only way you could see was to turn your headlights off, poor Ann had to drive all the way back to Arvada!!

 But on Monday morning I met up with Jourdan and his mom Tina... ya know what?!?!  He never rapped for me!  I was robbed! Oh I totally need to put a picture on here of Jourdan rappin', he's pretty cool, I have a little crush, I can't help it!!

 Baxter Rudy came along... he's the dog.  Did you know that all dogs have middle names.  I didn't know this,  Snicker's doesn't have a middle name.  But I am seeing a trend, Aimee's dog is Baxter Steven and then there is Zeustifer Bendure, hmmm...  what is a good middle name for Snickers? Snickers... yay, I got nothin'.  Tina and Jourdan also have Baxter voices, Tina's is a sorta of nasally  cartoonish voice while Jourdan's has a foreign accent. DOODLE!!!  That is Snicker's middle name, or Do Dah.  Sometimes I call her Snicker doodle and other days I sing her song  Snicker dee do dah, Snicker Dee aye, my oh my what a snicker dee day!  Phew, I am glad I got that settled. 

Well, somewhere along this post it turned into Wednesday so I am off to beddy bye!  Oh wait, I almost forget the rappin' picture, I'll be right back...  One moment please. 
yay boy!  
Nighty Night!


Anonymous said...

It is always a delight to read your posts, but thus one especially tickled me. Snicker Doodle! Love it, but when you can sing the new name yku have to go with that!

Oh, the pictures are amazing too. he he


Tina said...

Love! Love! Love them Cija! Exactly what I was picturing! You my friend are amazing! ...and I promise you will get your rap! Love ya!