Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Infant Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I love babies, wanna know why?  Because babies don't know that it's cold outside.  They are just so curious about why they are outside, sitting in a basket with two women singing songs and playing "peek-a-boo" that they never even realize that they are cold.  It was ridiculously cold this morning and Clark, he was completely and totally oblivious.  I love babies!!!
By the time they are 1 this phenomena ends, oh yes, they know they are cold and they are happy to let you  know that they are cold!!  
Oh the eyes... those dreamy eyes, I am in love. 

 Clark is such a sweet little boy... he is officially 6 months old and I get to see him every single month until he turns 1!!  I know, how lucky am I!?!?
 Well, I gotta run, my dough finally decided to raise so even though it's 9:30 at night, I need to make some strombolies!  I hope they will still bake up nice tomorrow.  
See you later! Cija

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