Friday, November 4, 2011

Family Photography In Castle Rock

 Well we made it the weekend is here, we started a day early, no school today and Aimee is watching Talia's kiddos so we have a house with 9 kids today!  Holy Moly!!  But slowly we will get rid of some here and there.  The Cooksey's are going birthday present shopping at 1:30 and then the two old Bendure kids are leaving around 2:00, which leaves Aimee with Mia and Talia's crew.  

 Last night I was in downtown Denver with the Hart family, the very chilly Hart family.  Poor Tevor (above) he was positively frozen, he was just breakin' my heart!!  Sydney (below) she was not lovin' our outdoor adventure either and was not open to leaving her mama's hip.  Yep... mama's holding her.  
 Now Tyler on the other hand was just as happy as could be!  I can't believe how much he has changed in the year since we was born.  So... cute!
 Love, love, love this picture of Art and Jaclyn!
 This handsome young man is Blake, he too, was completely unaffected by the cold!

 At the end of our shoot, the people working in this office were kind enough to let us come in for a few more pics.  
Well, I am off... See you tomorrow!

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