Monday, November 7, 2011

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Say "Hi" to Ryder.  He is 8 days old (that's his mom and dad, Sara and John). 
 Isn't he just the most precious thing you have ever seen?  Look how little he is!! 
5lbs 11oz on his birthday.

 This lovely lady, is big sister, Ella.  She wuvs him, I can tell.

 I fink mommy wuvs him too...  hopefully I will stop typing in "accent" soon.  So I wonder if the girls would let me snuggle up with them like that?  Ya know... I think, maybe, they just might.  I may have to try it. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek...  If the weather holds I will be crusin' outta here in 30 minutes for my family shoot with the Pfaff's.  

And... you should know, I have a new wild hair.  Spring cleaning!!!  I am in the mood to purge!  So if you live in this house and want to keep your stuff... HIDE IT!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cija! They are absolutely perfect! Sara