Monday, November 14, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO - McKee Family

 Do you remember the wind on Saturday?  It was redonkulous! and yet, there was a photo shoot to be done.  Chalyn was thrilled to hear that I would need her to cross a stream in her black heels to get to this particular location.  (Besides... her feet weren't going to be in the pictures so it would be all good.  At least I did asked her to walk up stream and stand in the middle of it, like I did Rebecca!  Oh, settle down, I did it too... I won't ask you to do anything I'm not willing to do myself.)
 So the suave' musician below is Christian, their oldest son.  Love the grungy setting...

 And the football player... is Colin (yes, there are photos with the football, but he just looked too handsome in this one to pass it up).
And this... is Joey and Chalyn.  Ya, just gotta love 'em.  Joey is the.... hmmm, I am not sure of his official title but I am going with Associate Pastor at our church, he basically does everything but preach (although sometimes he preaches too, when Pastor Brian is gone) it a big job, that takes an even bigger heart.  Chalyn is his gee-or-gus bride, she runs the Children's ministry (although that does not clearly define all that she does.  She goes to Costco, plans special events, sings on the worship team, helps with women's ministry, attends Bible College  and all the while has a pretty and cheery smile on her face, a friendly hug and a listening ear for any one, any time they need it.  She is a gem, the rare sparkly super expensive kind and Joey is uber blessed to have her as his wife.  

Well, soon the cherubs will be home from school, so I must be off to finish up a few things before they arrive.    Ooo...  I almost forgot to tell you, today I had a shoot at 136th and I-25, so... naturally, I had to stop at Culver's for lunch, man, if Rod and I only had a gazillion dollars in assets we'd open one right here in Castle Rock!  Culver's or Freddie's they are equally yummy-rific! 
Okay Bye!
I am back... I just spent almost 2 hours working on "The Beatles" picture above, I think it is very cool, but... it is definitely  ONE-OF-A-KIND!!! Phew... that was a lot of work!!

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Anonymous said...

Cija, You are an amazing woman. A great photographer.... but most importantly, an amazing woman after God's own heart. I so appreciate seeing the world & His people through your eyes!