Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 It's Sunday night at 8:36 PM and my house is silent.  There are 9 people here but all I can hear is the hum of my back up drive and the heat flowing through the vents.  It's weird, down right creepy.  Makes me wonder if there is fun going on somewhere in this house and I have been left out.  I am fairly certain that my cherubs are in bed, but as for the Bendure's and Rod?  I have no idea.  
 I would agree that it is tired out.  If I didn't have so many pictures to edit and sneak peeks to get up, I do believe I would be tucking in early myself.  Sometime bed is truly one of my very favoritest things!  
So... I am feeling really terrible that I am having to turn so many folks away for christmas pictures.  I am all booked up for the rest of the 2011, how in the world did this happen.  I am so blown away with how the Lord has blessed and blessed and blessed my little business.  And big ginormus
to all my wonderful customers!!!
So...  I am thinking, what about New Year's pictures!??!?  Ya know, start the year off with a fresh new family picture?  Sounds like a good plan to me!!  (Oh and I will be having another Boudoir special this year, so contact me for details.  The special will apply to shoot between January 1st and February 14th.)

 So Friday night (just before Bunco, and no... I did not win anything!!  How is a girl supposed to compete with 5 BUNCOS!!), I met up with the Farmers.  We did a few family pictures and then focused on Jacob and his 18 month photos.  Isn't he handsome?  Look out ladies, he is sure to be a heart breaker!  
 Ya just gotta love a guy who can pull off a "doggie" hat!!
 I think the alley shoot is going to get my fave of the day,  I can't put my finger on it, but I just love this shot!  Well, I am off!!  I will see you tomorrow!

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Jessica F. said...

They turned out great!! Thank you! :)