Friday, February 26, 2010

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

With all this talk about "Belly Shots" it seem only natural that now we should get to see those cute little BABIES!!!

I encourage you to schedule your "Newborn Shoot" with in the first 2 weeks of life. These babies lose their newborn look so quickly and you will want to remember just how little and sweet they were in those first couple weeks after they were born!

Newborns can be very unpredictable, so here are a few tips to help make your session be the best it can be. Consider finding a sitter for your other cherubs, as waiting for a baby to fall asleep or settle down can take time and may cause restlessness in those little ones wanting to go home. (But of course, your children are always welcome!!)

Feed your baby right before you come, a full tummy will help your baby sleep, during their session. Bring your favorite blankets or stuffed animals to be part of the shoot.
Give yourself plenty of time, shoots can be quick as 45 minutes or as long a several hours depending on baby's mood!! But no worries, no matter how long it takes we will capture images of this precious time in your baby's life.
Consider upgrading your newborn package to a milestone package that will capture your little one's milestone moments during their 1st year.

Mini-Sessions at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months preserve each stage of development a long the way and come with 8 digitally edited images from each session!! Plus it's super affordable!!
So you don't have to feel guilty about indulging. (For more details on pricing see my website at

Enjoy your weekend!!! See you next time! Hugs, Cija

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maternity Photography in Castle Rock, CO

I was at Bunco with my girlfriends when I got my first request to do Maternity pictures. I didn't know the girl very well, she was new to the group and the thought of my first try being on someone I barely knew scared the bahgeebers out of me, but I found the challenge to be too intriguing to turn her down. Now... I am so glad I took that chance and said yes, because
"Belly Shots" have become one of my favorite things to do!

Depending on the mom, each shoot takes on it's own personality. Some moms are more conservative, others more daring, some like to be outdoors and other feel more comfortable indoors. Some come alone, others bring daddy along or even their moms and others surround themselves with their babes who have come along before hand; and I love them all!

I do feel sorry for the unsuspecting dad of my first shoot. We just couldn't help ourselves... he (as with most dads) was very uncomfortable with the whole idea of taking maternity shots and so it was easy to take advantage of his already nervous mindset. While getting ready that morning his lovely bride commented that he should choose a different pair of underwear since I would be seeing them. He immediately began to stammer and protest, but she insisted that they needed to be willing to do whatever I wanted and I had mentioned wanting to "try" an "in the buff" pose. He continued to protest but she held firm that they need to be ready for anything.

We started the shoot working with the whole family mom, dad and their 3 boys, when we were done with the boys I told them that it would be best if they made their way to the living room where they could wait until we were finished. Dad, looking oh so nervous scrambled to go with them, but turned white as a sheet when I announced that I wasn't quite done with him. As I reached for a photo that I had printed off the Internet that morning, I said "So, I'd like to try something a little more daring." I saw dad's eyes drop in absolute horror as he got glimpse of the photo... a couple, completely naked and spooning with the photo taken from the side. The look on his face was absolutely PRICELESS!! Mom and I couldn't hold back the laughter any longer and busted out laughing!!! Poor guy!!

Most dad's are a bit tentative, but I work hard to make their portion of the shoot quick and painless. In fact many dad's drive separately, do a few shots with in their personal comfort range and then head back to work or wherever (but of course they are welcome to stay and watch the whole shoot if they want too).

If you are having a baby, whether it is your first or fifth, I encourage you to consider having "Belly Shots" taken, it is a precious time in your life and the life of your baby that you will want to remember. My "Pending Wishes" sessions starts at just $80 so it's affordable for just about anyone! Plus you can pair it with a newborn session with my "Before & After Wishes" package and save a few bucks!!

So... if you or someone you love is expecting a baby, visit my website at to get more information how to schedule your own "Belly Shoot" appointment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Days...

I hope you won't mind if a take a day to just gush over the love's of my life! I hope you each had a very special Valentine's day. My husband treated me to a romantic evening and a dozen beautiful roses on Friday and then on Sunday it was time to be with our girls. Early that morning Sabrina woke us up and asked us to come downstairs to "see" something. I must admit we did not hop out of bed, in fact it was probably at least 10 minutes before we wrestled from underneath the covers, but when I started down the stairs two or our three stood, with towels over their arms ready to greet us. We were escorted into the kitchen, where we were served a wonderful breakfast that included, Jellied Bread and a Nutter Butter. They also set a lovely table that included this beautiful centerpiece and a little "love note".
It was so sweet and it made our Valentine's day absolutely perfect, before we left for church the girls each took a picture of Rod and I... I believe this is the picture that Melia took.
So many Valentines... our oldest daughter, Melia
Sabrina is the first born of the twins...
And Ryanne, is officially our youngest.
Spring is starting to book, so if you are looking for those spring flowers in your next picture, you can check out my schedule at under the "event calendar" tab. Well, it's time to get these precious little girlies out the door and to their school program. Enjoy your evening!! Hugs, Cija

Friday, February 12, 2010

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock

Today Mr. Ryder paid a visit... his 1st Birthday is just around the corner and mom wanted to be sure to document these precious years!! Big brother Chase was jumped in for a couple too!! Don't have long to chat today, my very handsome husband is taking me out on a Valentine's date this evening, and I can't wait!!! I just LOVE him!! I hope you get to love on your loved one's a little extra this weekend. Happy Valentine's day!! XOXO Cija

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Girls...

My Silly Girls!
Of course... they had to give me their Model Shots!

My Beautiful, Melia

My Sweet, Sabrina!!
My Precious, Ryanne!!

I had the opportunity to take my own little girls out for some pictures late last week and thought I would share a few of my favorites with you... There are a couple of more spots available to get your "Mini Valentine Shoot" done before the 14th, so give me a call if you are hoping to schedule. Jackie over at is running a Valentine Special too! Hugs! Cija