Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Year...

My daughter is 11 and she wants to take her life "online".  We have had many conversations about the pluses and minuses of being "plugged in" over the last year, but on Sunday she cried while sitting in the parking lot of Walmart, convinced that she is the only one that isn't allowed these privileges. Convinced that she would not or could not fit in with out Instagram, Facebook or texting. 
I listened to her; did all I could do to make sure that she felt heard and understood.   Sometimes, at those times, I start to question myself… am I being to strict, or even legalistic?  So I decided to put it out there in my own "online" world to see what other parents were doing and I found that my daughter is certainly not the only one with out.   At lunch I shared those comments with her, comments from her friends parents and I could see the truth give way to relief… she wasn't alone. 
  We talked a bit about how she had been deceived  into thinking she was alone in this,  and that it was only her parents that were being difficult.  But that is often the way it goes, Satan is always trying to deceive us.  He wanted to tempt her to go behind my back, he wanted to drive a wedge between us.  Steal, kill and destroy that is his mantra. There are so many things I enjoy about connecting online with others, little peeks into their daily lives almost makes me feel like we are better friends than we are, but in truth I suppose that is just another deception.  How many times have I logged out feeling lonely?
 A phone conversation or sharing a cup of coffee, those are the moments that I really cherish. 
Even as an adult… as a photographer, I struggle with the not so pretty side of an online life.  Posting my "work" wondering if anyone will comment, comparing myself to other photographers and putting myself down, listening to that voice of discouragement that won't shut up!  Wondering if I should hang it up and get a "real" job. These photos were taken on a night like that, next to tears I forced myself to get up and grab my camera and just shoot what I love. 
After my talk with Melia, I realized that she wasn't the only one being deceived.  I am allowing myself to be deceived too, every time I listen to that nagging voice that says "I'm not good enough". 
I must remember that I am not wrestling against flesh and blood, remember that I am wonderfully and fearfully made, God's handiwork created to do good works.  I am loved and cherished by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He is all the "likes" and "comments" I really need. 
I may not be the most technically correct or hip photographer out there, but I love what I do and more than that I truly love the people I serve.  I pray for them before our shoot and while I edit their photos… and that is all because of Jesus.  He loves each one of them you and it is Him working inside of me that makes me love and care about each of you too. 
My prayer for 2015 is that you and I would both see ourselves through the eyes of our Savior. 
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, Hello!!  It's been awhile.  I have been enjoying some vacation time with my family, really truly enjoying and vacationing!! But today, I stepped out of vacation mode for a couple of hours to meet up with Heather and Erin and their extended family. 
Let's see if I can remember everyone's name. 
First we have Ashley and Evan (poor Evan his feet were so cold, but he was a trooper and hung there!)
Next we have Heather and her family, Dave, Skylar, Chase and Brayleigh.
Yep… you saw them earlier this year. 
Next Erin and her peeps.  Hubby, Sean and kiddos Brady and Maggie.  I have photographed Maggie and Brady a couple of times but this was my first time meeting Sean.  He has always been off somewhere protecting you and me, while service in the armed forces. 
Sarah and Bob… the beginning of this beautiful story.
and their son, Ethan (who had hoped he would get away with out having to be photographed, sorry Ethan, no can do.)

 It was pretty darn cold out there this afternoon but man was it beautiful with the snow and the sun peeking through the trees, which pretty much made it worth braving the cold.

 Don't they look spiffy in their winter coats and scarves!?!  
I was sooo happy to see that they dressed warm!
 I wonder how Ethan braved all these girls growing up...
Okay… I am officially returning to vacation mode!  
See you next year!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baby Milestone Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Yesterday, I had a very fun photo with Mr. Nolan at The Broadmoor!
It was time (well almost time) for Nolan's 9 Month shoot, we may have done this shoot a wee bit early so we could sneak in some Christmas photos!

So Nolan brought along some friends.  This lovely little lady is Emily!  
Nolan's big sister! Isn't she sweet?!

And these are his parents, Kerri & Zane
 I love the photo below sooo very much!  The look on Emily's family, truly reflects her thoughts on this whole photo shoot thing!  "Why are we doing this?! Don't these people know their are ducks we could be chasing!"

 But Nolan (for now anyways) is all about the photos!  All SMILES! All the time!

Photos and the grass, the grass was very cool!
 LOVE the family cuddles!
 This is another one of those photos where I wish there was sound…  Emily was saying "NOOOOLAN!!!!" but nothing could tear him away from the grass that sweet wonderful grass!

Well, this wraps up the 2014 season.  I am officially on vacation till 2015!!  
Have a very Merry Christmas!!! and A Happy New Year!

Engagement Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 Just dropping in for another sneak peek.  I should probably keep my commentary to a minimum… I am quite sleepy but the prime hours of working around here are after everyone is tucked in for the night.
 So this lovely couple is due to get married in August, and they have 3 little girls that are pretty happy about it!
 Above and Below - two of my faces!!
Just love the sweet expressions!

 Love the one below two.
Romance 101 - hold a woman's face and pull her in for a kiss!
 Romance 201 - Steal a peek at each other's lips with talking.

Yep! Everyone is pretty excited!

 There is a sweet story behind the "Always… and Forever" 
Okay, Nighty Night.  I work the welcome desk at church tomorrow at 7:45 AM!!  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family Photos in Castle Rock, CO

This afternoon I met up with Randy, Corrine and they daughter Courtney.
 Oh… and the pooches!  Don't they look spiffy in their Bow Ties!
Check out those different personalities!!!
 We (Rod and I) first met Corrine and Randy at church, we were in the same Sunday School class.
 One of my clearest memories of Corrine was when she found me wandering in the hallways of Swedish Medical Center trying to find my babies in the hidden NICU.  She was and still is an employee there and led me right to them. (I wonder if she even remembers that)

 Courtney is a recent graduate from Mid America!! WooHoo!!

 It is always a treat to photograph my friends!!
 See you again on Friday!