Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sports? Who knew!

Okay, one more quick post before the evening's festivities kick into high gear. 
On Sunday after church and met up with sweet gal pal, Chalyn and her stud of a son... Collin.
 Chalyn wanted to get some pics of Collin in his football jersey.  So I can hear yourself asking doesn't the school bring in a photographer to do that?
 Why yes! Yes they do!  But they decided to bring that photographer in to do pics of the players over fall break and Collin was in Haiti serving the people there on a mission trip over his spring break (Way to GO, Collin!!). So he missed the school photos.
 It was quick but fun!
Okay!  I am off to do hair and makeup!!

Kid's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I am back on schedule with my sneak peeks!!  Aren't you proud of me!
I am even keeping up with orders, although... many of you were motivated over the weekend to get your orders in so I must stay on task if I going to stay on top of things. 
Last night, I was hanging with the boys... Matt and Grant.  I always enjoy my time with the boys... they are so different than the girls and you all know I am familiar with the girls!!
 This handsome young fellow is Grant.
 And below is his older brother, Matt.
 They couldn't have asked for better weather, it was positively perfect! With just the last bit of fall color glistening in the background.

I can't believe I am saying this but only have one more opening for a family shoot this year.  I can still schedule Bellies, Babies and Kiddos for morning shoots scheduled M-F.
I am also booking for January 2013.  Thanks for being such GREAT customers!!
Until next time!

Happy Halloween!!!

Wishing your a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!