Friday, November 30, 2012

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!  I love Fridays!  and tonight will be extra fun celebrating a birthday with friends at The Cheesecake Factory!! YUM!

 Yesterday afternoon I was with Jennifer, and her two  boys, Drew and Adam.  It was so nice to meet and work with these sweet boys. 
 Drew is 13.  I loved his curious mind and how he would take everything in.
He is a very big fan of rabbits and we even got to see a few!

 Adam kept my theory alive that all boys pick up sticks!!  
It wasn't long into our shoot and he had scooped one out!
Adam is 7 years old in the 2nd grade!

Love these smiles!!!

 And their beautiful mama. 

 She has been given an additional challenge to the already challenging job of parenting.  
Drew is autistic.
  At the end of our shoot I commented on well he did... after I left I thought to myself, my comments didn't really reflect what I was trying to convey.  I had thought to write Jennifer a private email but have just now decided that some public recognition is in order. 
Jennifer, it was such a pleasure for me to work with your boys.  They were both so well behaved, good listeners and polite. It is clear that you are the perfect mommy for Drew, he is thriving under your love and care for him.  Your endless hours of dedication, love and perhaps even heartache, at times, is paying off in the life of a brilliant young man.  My God bless you for all the extra mommying you do!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

This is Quinn.

And this is Quinn's family.
 Quinn's older brother, Owen (he is almost 1)
 And Quinn's oldest brother... Reagan.

Quinn (thanks Jenni!!) was PERFECTION!!  He just curled up in a little ball
and let me take his pictures. 

 Showing off his handmade treasures... flyer's hat and 
colorful booties!!
 And then there's the PIGGIES!!!!

 Congratulations Nick and Ginger!! You have a beautiful family!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Is it bedtime yet?  I got up at a very early hour this morning, to assist a girlfriend on a shoot she was doing of a mere 40 people at 7:15 in the morning!! No thank you!! 
That is 80 eyes that need to be open 
ALL at the SAME TIME!!!
 So what do you think of these handsome boys?!?  
In their jeans and plaid shirts.  
 Toddler shoots are always interesting.  But this shoot had an added point of fun -
 "A Runner and A Not Quite Mobile Yet"
Such fun boys!!!

 And such sweet faces!!!  And look at those little hands!! 
(I almost like them as much of the piggies!!)

 I had to post these two pictures!!!!  These two shots perfectly highlight the 2 year old shoot!!!
Above is "What was THAT?!?!?"
Below... "Ooooo, AIRPLANE!!"
Such FUN!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Portraits in Castle Rock, CO

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  Our whole weekend was mostly wonderful! 
We enjoyed many friends and found some time to deck the halls!  The house is looking might festive!
On the Friday after Thanksgiving it is our tradition to go and cut down a Christmas tree with the Kurtz family (part of the day is taking a few photos of the Kurtz family for their Christmas card).
 But this year, my dear, strong, masculine (I was going to say sweet but then thought he would probably prefer to be described as strong and masculine) husband had to work and somehow I just couldn't picture the queen of flip flops hackin' down a tree, carrying it down a mountain and strapping it to my car.  So... I took a pass on the tree cutting and instead...

 met the Kurtz's for lunch at Woody's in Golden and then some picture taking time!!  They went with "quirky" outfits this time, I am not sure Andy was fully embracing his bow tie.  

 I am happy to report that Melanie only got a little bit of water in her boot during these water shots... Sorry Melanie!!  I truly do, love your "funky" face!!

While I would love to stay and chat some more, I really should go.  I have to make some piggy pudding for our dinner dates tonight!!  Have a great one!
See you soon!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Rushing to get one final sneak peek in before my vacation time begins!  This afternoon I was with Shelly, Jordan and Vryce.  Well, actually his name is Bryce but he will always be Vryce to me. 
 This weather is cah-razy!!! I was inside all day, editing to the point of being cross-eyed but WOW!!!  It was just a beautiful day!  
 Don't ya just love their matching scarves?  Shelly made them!!
How fun is that?  And she actually kept them, I knitted hats for the girls a couple of years ago and then thru them away a few months later... 
I don't know why I do that, just not very sentimental about stuff I guess.
 Vryce's walking stick cracks me up, can I just say that EVERY boy plays with a stick, 
never the girls always the boys (I hold a lot of sticks while taking pictures!)
 Ah... Boys will be Boys, there is always a little time of wrestling!

 Okay, it's official, I am running out of gas... I must sign off, finish up one more order and get to bed!!
I will be on vacation until next Monday, so I wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!