Friday, September 30, 2011

baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Hmmm... I am wordless.  Wordless, I love that word.  It's a Melia word, her word for "speechless".  Maybe it's too hot in here and I am slipping into sleepiness.  But I will focus!  This morning I got to meet up with Linley for her 9 month photo shoot!  She was in a perfect happy mood, such a treat!  I think my have of the day is the first one.  The light in that little cove was like little fairies floating in between the branches and Linley and all her cuteness and you have sweet perfection!!
Well, I am going to sign off for now and get back to work.  See you again tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock CO

 Say "Hello" to the Kramer family.  We had a combo shoot tonight.  Senior pictures for James and a few family pictures too.

 James is a 2012 Senior at Douglas County High School (he was even sportin' his school colors!!).  James plans to go to ACC next year and study computers.  

I really enjoyed my time with James, he made me laugh and gave me some valuable tips on how I have been caring for my camera batteries!!  Thanks James!  I also enjoyed getting to know Bill and Kathy a bit better!  All in all a lovely way to spend the evening! See you tomorrow!

Brrr... It's Cold Outside!

I think maybe Ryanne shares my enthusiasm for winter!!  This was her on her way to school this morning. She had gloves on too, but I had to draw the line somewhere.  Let it snow, Let it snow, Let snow!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So welcome to Cija's wonderful world of Fall and the super short blog entries.  I know you miss my rambling on but it will have to wait till 2012, but for now the goal is to be in bed before tomorrow and I will be victorious!!! 
So... let's get to the reason I am here!  This is Alessia... have you fallen in love?  Aimee walked by and said "Wow... what a beautiful baby!" and I must agree.  Those dreamy eyes and pouting lips... just beautiful!  Her mom and dad were there too, but Alessia was the center of attention!!  I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek!
So the date for the Halloween Photo Day has been set.  Saturday, October 22nd from Noon to 4:00 PM, if you need or want more info leave me a comment here on the blog or shoot me an email!!  Until tomorrow, actually probably Friday! Cija

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Photography in Denver, CO

 Can I just say, that these are some of my favorite people!!  But they live like a gazillion miles away so we don't get to see them very much... BOO!!!!  We met the Greff family at the church we used to attend in Denver.  We now attend in Castle Rock and they too attend closer to home.  
 This pic of Tiff & Dave, by the way, is my absolutely fave of the day!!  Most "married couples" cringe when I ask them to "cozy up", they get all embarrassed and shy, they can barely look each other in the eye.  But I love a couple that can't help but steal a kiss... that was Dave and Tiff!!  And look at that smile on her face!  Delish!!!  Love love love it!
 Rose has the most stunning eyes, they are so brilliant and beautiful!!

 And Cole, well... he is one cool kid!  

It was so fun to be with them, next time we are going to make it a family affair!!  Dinner with all of us afterwards!  I can't wait!  For now, I am off to get the girls from school, pick up the babysitter, go to my shoot and then dinner with some of my girlfriends!!  Until tomorrow!! Cija

Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Photographer In Castle Rock, Co

Can I just say... I LOVE this picture of the 3 kids!!  A funny face and a little sister flickin' her brother! Fabulous!!  So this is the McKean family and we spent about an hour together on Saturday evening.  Man... what a beautiful night!!  And we even managed to score a little bit of fall color!  I loved the clothes!!  They looked GREAT!   We are definitely moving into "family season"!!  Busy busy busy with families getting their christmas card pictures ready!  Don't forget about Jackie over at, her photo cards are the BEST!!!  You are sure to be the envy of all your friends!  Well, I am off I have 2 hours before the kids get home and I'm off to meet up with the Greffs!!

Family Photography in Larkspur, CO

 Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Ours was very nice, in between several shoots we enjoyed having Matt back in town for Isabell's birthday and baptism (if I get time I will try to post some pics!!).  Rod and I also snuck in a date and we had a great family picnic on Sunday at the Bornhoft's fabulously fun "Club Med"!  Thank you SO MUCH!
 This handsome couple is Chaz and Kayla (I am lovin' her hair color!!) and check out that tree trunk in the background, pretty ding dang cool!!
 The sweet bundle of joy flying thru the air... that's Hartly!!  Oh say, you have seen her before!! I have taken her pictures 3 times before, but this time it was a family shoot!

 This little fella was the animal of the day.  (Last time it was a chicken)  I have to admit that is a very cute goat!  Although he was a bit of a "kicker"  Oh and that is Janine, Kayla's mom (I love her! someday I just know we are going to be best girlfriends and meet for coffee! She may not know this yet, but I am determined!!)

 Shooting this family is always a special treat because they live on such a beautiful piece of property... I lovingly refer to it as the "location that just keeps giving".

Well, I am gonna have to keep it short today, the McKean family is also waiting for their sneak peek!  Until later! Cija