Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Happy Saturday!!! Wasn't it absolutely FABULOUS today!?!? After running a few errands this morning we spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the warm weather, made me want to plant stuff (I say stuff, because I am plant stupid!!) but I do like how they look!! I also squeezed in a photo shoot with Jo. Jo is working on a birthday present for she special someone! Hmmm... not sure how I would swing taking pictures of me for Rod!! The last one I did was the old "hold out the camera and smile"... not so good! Well, it's nearing dinner time so I better get crackin'! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, after church I am headed to The Broadmoor with my girl friend, Ann to celebrate her birthday!! YIPEE! I can't wait!! TTFN! Cija

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine's Day Special.... FINALLY!!!

Can it possibly be January 25th already? Hey! That's my sister's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!! Well, I am a little late in getting the word out but I am running an Valentine's Special again this year. So here the deal... this is for kids only (no adults please)! If you book a mini Valentine session between now and 2/14, you will get your session time and 5 edited images emailed to you for only $75!! (10$ for each additional child). Call me to schedule your appointment 720-733-8328. XOXO!! Cija

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Wii Can Help Haiti"

After the earthquake shoot the region of Haiti, I was talking to my little girls about what happened and how important it is to help others when they are in need. Their tender hearts were quickly stirred to do something to help. Their first suggestion was to pack up all their toys and mail them to Haiti (so sweet), but after we talked some more about what was really needed like food, water and medical supplies, they decided that best way they could help would be to give money to the people who can make the biggest difference. And so the brainstorming began, we talked about all sorts of different things we could do, but in the end they decided to invite their friends to a Will bowling event to help raise money. 17 kids bowled on Saturday (Peyton had to bowl from home due to illness) and raised a grand total of $1819.25 for the people of Haiti!! It was a very proud moment for us, mom's and dad's to watch our kid's coming together to help others!! Way to go kids!! A great big thank you to Melia, Nicole, Caleb, Ava, Grace, Jacob, Isaac, Benjamin, Madelene, Olivia, Samuel, Sabrina, Ryanne, Claire, Madison, Mackenze & Peyton!! and to all the generous folks who supported these kids efforts with a cash donation!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Family Photography in Denver Metro

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far... today we have a Wii bowling event to raise money for the people of Haiti, what a great time of fun!! The kids did such an amazing job, but more on that later!! (I'll even post some pictures!!) Yesterday, was Rod and my 1st Kiss Anniversary!! 18 years since our very 1st kiss and today is actually our 1st "I love you" anniversary, also 18 years ago!! I feel so bless to be married to Rod, he is truly a gift from God... the love of my life! But before the celebrations began I met up with Jane and two of her three kids. Ann was visiting from Fairbanks, Alaska and Doug was in on business from Atlanta, Georgia!! I really enjoyed getting to know this family a little bit... Doug had crazy stories of underground cities and Ann told me about life in Alaska with 24 hours of sunlight in the summer and only 3 hours in the winter! and I could see how happy Jane was to have her kids from so far away with her. Hope you enjoy a few of the pictures from our time together. To book your own appointment visit my website at Hugs. Cija

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Infant Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

Today, I got a visit from Andrew! In the fall it was girls and now it's baby boys!! Andrew made me a little nervous, he was just so busy and didn't want to settle down for a nap and I was beginning to wonder if would we would be able to get those "sleepy baby" pics, but in the end he drifted off to sleep and we got the shots! One of the hazards of infant photography is getting "wet" and while I have been peed on... a lot!! Andrew was my first "fire hydrant spray"!! Wow those boys have power!! LOL! I must say I have enjoyed spending the last two days with Quinn and Andrew!! Such sweet little boys! Andrew's mom is taking advantage of the "New & Growing Wishes" milestone package that includes a photo shoot at 1 week, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months & 12 months, for more information see my website at XOXO Cija

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Infant Photography in Castle Rock, Colorado

Snow... Sun... Snow... what's it gonna be?!? Fortunately, today's shoot was an indoor one (remember, indoor shoots are reserved for mommies-to-be and kiddos under 12 months old). Today little Quinn came over for his newborn pictures, only 8 days old! I joked with his mom, that he looked like he has been laying out with his tan little skin. I just loved his wrinkled forehead... so serious! Seriously cute!! If you are looking to schedule a newborn shoot of your own, try and make your appointment with in the first two weeks to capture the brand new look. Check out my website for special baby packages at Till next time... (Andrew comes tomorrow!) Cija

Monday, January 18, 2010

Children & Family Photography in Castle Rock, Colorado

Happy Martin Luther King Day! I have enjoyed having all my wee one's home today and it's been nice enough to play outside! This weekend I had my last milestone shoot with Tanner he is 1 year old! Can you believe it!! Where has the year gone? I just love this child's dreamy eyes! This first picture is one of my favorites, just outside the picture frame were two big cows!! Tanner was not sure what to think! Happy Birthday Tanner!!!

To schedule your own appointment visit my website at Hugs... Cija

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

Well, today all the kiddos were back in school... quiet fell over the house, it was so... peaceful! The downside? It sure was loud when they got home! Tomorrow is Ryanne's day for "Snack & Story" she is bringing a great book about the moon, a girl named Sophie and a cow named Lilly, for snack she is bringing Klondike bars (because Lilly the Cow is soooo cold her milk is turning into "ice cream"). No, matching the snack to the story is not required, but really???? This is Cija here... do you think I would ever send a non-coordinating story and snack!??!? I think NOT! Today, I was back out taking pictures, I always enjoy being behind the camera, and with snow on it's way it was the perfect day to get out there with some dear friends and capture some memories. I hope you enjoy... Hugs. Cija