Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Family Photographer in Parker, Co

Just dropping in for another sneak peek.
Last night I was with this fabulous family!  I was running a bit late, traffic was terrible, so I was bit frazzle when I arrived, but was delighted to see some familiar faces!  
 I have photographed two of these individual families before, and was even church mates with one of them!  Ah… the Lord always takes such good care of me. 
 Familiar family number one.  Adam and Danielle, I first photographed their youngest son, Max when he was first born and then the whole family a couple of years later. 
 Danielle said this picture best captured her current place in life.
 This is Ben and Tiffani and their son "I'm Ben too!"

And our old church mates, Chad and Brittany!
 And this is Billy.  His dad wasn't able to join us, but I heard from his brother that he served two tours in Iraq, I hope one day to meet him and thank him in person for what he has sacrificed for all of us. 
I couldn't help but pray for Billy and his dad all the way home. 
And of course, Linda and her husband, Jim. 

 Well, I better be off!

High School Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Hump Day!! Again!
So on Monday, I had  the privilege of taking Ethan's senior pictures. 
 Ethan is a 2016 Senior at Rock Canyon High School.  He plays soccer but he is passionate about art. 
 He is not entirely sure about his plans for next year, toying with the idea of computer sciences but is hope for a nice big art scholarship!
 We had perfect weather and happily no weird animal sightings!  Just bunnies and bees!
 I took Ethan's sister's photos a couple of years ago, they look  so much alike and are equally photogenic!
Nice work mom and dad!
Now I know some of you are wondering how the camping trip went.  I enjoyed 80% of it.  The great outdoors, the no hustle or bustle, the cooking outside, the campfires the company all get a big thumbs up.  The other 10% the smelly bathrooms, no sink, sleeping in a tent and mosquitos were not my favorite. 
Now… will I do it again?  It's too soon to ask.  I think the perfect scenario for me would be a rustic cabin (recently sprayed for bugs of course) in the woods.  All the stuff I enjoyed with a clean bathroom, sink and a bed.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Baby Milestone Photos in Castle Rock, CO

Hey there! It's time for McGwire's 3 month sneak peek!
Honestly… how can it be 3 months already.  Of course, this has been the fastest summer in recorded history, we actually bought school supplies today!
 Mom and dad brought along the nifty props that we used at his newborn shoot so we will get to see him grow and change with a point reference! (Thankfully Nate was there to assist with the caring, that wooden box is really heavy!)
 And since they were all there and looking so nice, we decided to do a few family photos (you can add a family session to as many of your milestone sessions as you would like!)
 We may have stuck him in the river… it was really more of a stream and dad was right there so it was all good.  I was in more danger of slipping on those silly rocks, 
but I am happy to report that I did NOT!
Ah, Westin… He's so cute!
 Now that is one happy smile!
So I think maybe Westin is a fan of spiders WHAT!?!?!? 
Any way, at one point his mom said "Westin, come over here there's a whole bunch of spiders."
 I have no words. 
Surely she was embellishing in order to gain his undivided attention!  But that was a very risky statement, if I had looked to confirm that may very well have been the end of the shoot.  Just picture Cija screaming, arms flaying, running towards the car. 
 So… the camping trip is upon us. We leave tomorrow.  Good news, we found the tent!  It was a bit worrisome there for a while.  Family of 5… 2 sleeping bags and no tent.  
Super prepared!!
 So… I am outta here until next week!!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Hey There!  Happy Hump Day!
Just poppin' in with a sneak peek from my shoot on Monday afternoon with Karly.
So this shoot was a little different the most, because the forecast was looking pretty certain for rain but Karly wanted to press on and do the shoot rain or shine!
 So I called Rod and asked him to meet me at the Krispie Kreme after work so he could go with me and be my official umbrella holder. 
 Karla enlisted the help of her mom and boyfriend as well!  
An hour and a half, and 4 umbrella's later Karly's senior pictures were finished.
 This wasn't my first shoot in the rain but it was probably one of the funnest!
 Karly is a 2016 senior at Thunder Ridge High School and she plans to attend college next fall where she will study to be a medical examiner.
I was intrigued.  First time I have heard that one!
 The rain sure does make everything beautiful doesn't it?
 Except when you are camping, than rain is not so beautiful.  I only mention this because we are going camping this weekend.
 Okay, pick yourself up!  I know!! The Cooksey's are going camping… I can't even imagine.
As of right now, only 1 of us actually has a sleeping bag. 
 On the plus side we are going with camping pros, so we are hopeful that it will not be a complete disaster.  But we can be sure, at the very least that it should be pretty comical. 
Until next time!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I should so be in bed… 1st service is going to come so early but I can't sleep, so… I may as well get some stuff done right!
That is good news for Paul and Kate, cuz that means their sneak peek is going up a couple of days early!  And who doesn't like an early sneak peek?!?!
 I spent the afternoon watching the radar trying to predict when and where the rain would hit!
Let's just say I would make a terrible weather girl.  It started rain as soon as we pulled up, but it was short lived and we got our shoot in. Yippee!
 That was lucky for the Bride that was getting married at this location. 
 So check out these cute kiddos, Owen and Olena.  Such sweet smiles!

 This was a very exciting shoot, let's see we had rain...
 great big orange fish, tons of people,
 a dog playing in the lake (like I can compete with that!)
 a chipmunk (pretty darn cute) and there was a SPIDER on my arm!!!
 Any of you who know me are wondering how it is that I am still able to type, I am really not sure.  Owen even saw it!!  He said "dat was a spy-door!"
Heebie Jeebies!

 But we made it through! and I even got to have dinner out with the hubby, unexpected treat!
It's time to book your fall session!!  I know! FALL!!! Already?!?
School starts in less than a month!
Well… nighty night!