Thursday, July 27, 2023

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 This is another one of those families that has been with me for years! If I remember correctly Kylie was just 2 years old at our first shoot. Isn't she the cutest!!!! Look at those piggy tails. Now she is getting ready to start her junior year in high school! That means next summer is senior pictures!! Then it's off to college where she hopes to place college beach volleyball. After getting rained out earlier in the week, we decided to meet early Saturday morning. Tricia booked her shoot at Hudson Gardens to take advantage of all the flowers. There were NO flowers. It was so weird! But it was still beautiful! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Can I just take a minute and ask, "How did it become July 25th already?" Holy moly!! This summer is flying by! And I am loving these families that are taking advantage of these beautiful summer nights for family photos. This is Kellie and her awesome people! You probably recognize the girls from their senior photos the few years... so much fun! I tried to go back and find our first shoot together, I think Kellie said her oldest was four! Now she is all grown and in college! I just love seeing the same families over and over again - it is such a treat to feel like you are a part of someone's life, helping them preserve the memories of their family over the years! I have been in business long enough now to see newborns that I photographed graduating from high school, how cool is that! 

Thanks Brian and Kellie!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Lifestyle Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

I have been working with this family for 8 years. Kelsey's mom found my website and booked an in-home newborn and four baby milestones photo sessions with me as a gift for her daughter. THANK YOU! Kelsey's mom!!! And Kelsey has come back over and over again. This is one shoot I always look forward too! I just adore these amazing kids and their parents! 
These photos are my heart when it comes to photography. I have always loved natural interactions between people. I loved lifestyle photography because it was even a thing! I remember being told when I started my business, "Make sure you take the money shots first, ya know the ones where everyone is looking at the camera, then you can do the photos you love." I followed that advise for a long time, but I think people are starting to embrace the beauty of photos that capture families being families and that makes me VERY happy!!