Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Here I am sneaking in just before midnight with another sneak peek!!  Sometimes, I really cut it close, but today was a very busy day!!  The girls and I hit the mall to find their first day of school outfits!  Wow!  that was quite the ordeal.  Melia is my bargain hunter, she definitely got the most for her money!   Capris, a sweater, shoes, a necklace and pair of fashion glasses.  Sabrina on the other hand didn't have a clue what she wanted but settled on pink sweats and teal colored hoodie, blowing her whole budget on just two items.  Ryanne was the last to commit, coming in somewhere between Melia and Sabrina with her spending, she ended up with a fancy t-shirt and ruffled skirt and a pair of fashion glasses.  
It took all day!!  
We met Rod for dinner and Melia and I head to our "Creation Class".
 When I got home... I had a date with Aidric's photos!  Hard to believe he is already 6 months old!!
Of course, his mom had a trunk full of fabulous outfit choices, can you imagine if we got Aidric and Brielle together?!?!? We picked our top 5 and dove in to capture all his fabulous 6 month skills!
 She warned me that he was feeling a wee bit grumpy but he was nothing but charming!!
Giving me one priceless expression after the next. 
 He even did a little swimsuit modeling for us!
 Oh my goodness... just look at that toushy!!
 As always, Aidric was a pleasure!!!  Can't wait to see him again in October!
Well... I am off to bed!  See you on Friday!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Why do the weekends go by so fast??  Here we are again at Monday... but I had two shoots on Saturday, so let me know introduce you to the Scott family.
Below are the Scott kids.  Marliyn (far right) contacted me about pictures, the family was gathering to celebrate her father's 80th birthday!  Happy Birthday Walt!! I knew Marilyn from our old church in fact my hubby and Marilyn were in the orchestra together. I knew Cheryl (far left) from teaching Sunday school, she taught 3rd grade and Rod and I taught 2nd. 
 Now... while Marilyn mentioned that her brother, Phil was coming in town, I didn't put together that Phil Scott from our TACT days was Marilyn's brother!  Imagine my surprise when I pulled up and thought "Hey... I know him!"
 But this was the first time to meet Phil's fabulous family.  Okay, I'm going for the names again.
Bren, Kasey, Phil, Lisa, Grace and Braedon (please forgive spelling)
 Grace was hoping for a shot in her fabulous dress, which spurred individual shots for everyone!

 I was hoping we would be able to do a Beyer's family photo at Bronson and Tracie's wedding, we haven't done one with everyone since Melia was 6 months old and before the twins came along, but sadly, Seth was in Canada and Maddie wasn't feeling well.  
If my math is right my dad will be 84 this year. 

 Ah... and I didn't even have to ask them to look at one another, 
they did it all on their own. 

Well, that about does it!!  Be back tomorrow with Aidric!  
And then it's Diane's wedding on Thursday!!!
See you soon! Cija

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Tomorrow morning when I have to get up early for my date with Aidric, I am going to regret my decision to stay up late tonight and get this sneak peek up on the blog... but I can't help it the wee hours of the night call to me!
This is a little peek of my shoot with Jeremy, Sheilah, Cameron and Brianna.
Brianna is just getting ready to turn 1!! Isn't she a beauty!
I love how Cameron has his little leg crossed, just kickin' back chillaxin' with dad. 
And Cameron (LOVE the puckered lips!!) is a recent 3! In addition, to the lips I love how he sat on this log, only a kid would choose to sit this way... and I love capturing these brilliant kid moments!
Just a little family fun time. AIRPLANE RIDES!!! 
(LOVE LOVE LOVE Brianna's little rag doll legs!)

This is another favorite!!!  Cameron was all like "Umm... no thanks." to the kisses!
 Well, in interest of being able to get up bright and early I best be heading off to bed.  See you in a day or two with a sneak peek of the Scott family. Nighty Night!

Friday, July 26, 2013

High School Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Happy Friday!!!! I trust you have fabulous plans for the weekend... I don't, but I trust you do!
Last night, just after the thunder storms parted I met up with Hannah for her senior pictures. 
I love this first picture of Hannah because this is how she looked at me for most of the session...
She was all " You want me to do what?!?"

I only made her get in the water twice!!  
 I was a big fan of her boots... of course you know me, I love everything fall and winter!!  And I can just picture hanging by the fire with those boots on. Well not me personally, I would be wearing flip flops but if I wore shoes, I would definitely wear those shoes.

 The feet in the water were so worth it! I love this picture!!
 The photo above may be my fave of the day... I love the expression on Hannah's face... it could totally be a Covergirl shot!
 Now... about the cowboy boots.  They originally belonged to Julie's (Hannah's mom) grandpa, he wore cowboy boots everywhere!! And ALL the time!!  When he passed away they gave each of the grandkids a pair of his boots.  Julie had intended to put them on display in some fashion but when Hannah showed an interest in actually wearing them she thought it would be a precious tribute to her grandfather and Hannah great grandfather!!
 Hannah hopes to attended Southern Nazarene University and play volleyball!!
As for what she wants to be when she goes up...  she has no idea.  
Well, it was a fabulously fun evening!!  God Bless you Hannah!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So... I am thinking maybe, just maybe I have cured my name issue!!  YES! again I am going to attempt all the names and I am pretty sure I am going to nail it!!!
Layla, Dahlia, Madison, Linda, Tyler, Harrison and Aden (with no "i")!!!
 You may recognize Layla and Aden from a week or so ago, their grandma and 4 cousins came from California for a visit and it was the perfect opportunity for a cousins picture and a few with grandma too!

 Man! It was a beautiful night for a photoshoot, surprisingly comfortable temperature, beautiful sunlight
just pretty darn fabulous!

 Well the girls and I are off to find some for water for wacky wet wednesday!!
See you soon!!