Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby Photographer in Castle Pines, Colorado

Go ahead, admit it… your melting into a pile of mooshy goo!!  I know I am!  
Oh Kensington, could you be any cuter!!  I think NOT!
It was time to document, Kensington's 9 month milestone! And she was showing off all her 9 month skills.  She was crawling and pulling up.  I just noticed I didn't pick one of those for the sneak peek, so you are just going to have to take my word for it. 

I am in love with this child!  (and her big sister, Keeley, too!! )
 Oh my… my poor baby is not having a fun night.  She has had a rough day.  
She lied to me = discipline
She lost her knee pads for volleyball = not getting to go to practice
She lied to her Dad = another discipline
 So while her sisters are at volleyball she is stuck at home with me cleaning out the refrigerator (that is her discipline, they HATE cleaning!!).  Everything out, scrub down the shelves and everything back in.  
Sometimes it's tough being a mom, her sad eyes and boo boo face make me want to rush over and take over for her.  Maybe even get her some ice cream and pop in a movie for her and I to watch together… but that wouldn't help her at all. 
 I remember when she was this size with the little rhinoceros face she did with her fake cry…
Somedays, I really miss those days!!
But most days 9 is pretty awesome too.  Watching her learn and grow into a beautiful young lady.  
Soon this night of disciplines will be over and tomorrow will come with new mercies and new beginnings.  Hang in there, moms!!  Take deep cleansing breaths, count to ten, PRAY and keep pressing on!!  
 My other child… Cyrus, the dog that won't stop barking however, might just push me right over the edge!!!
 Well… until next time!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Career Headshots in Castle Rock, CO

 Yesterday I got a call from one of my favorite people, my former Pastor, Tim Stearman.  
Of course, he couldn't just say "Hey, Cija! This is Pastor Tim."  
No… he would have to yank my chain a bit.  
"Is this Cooksey? Mrs. Cooksey we have a problem."  
Heart starts pounding, stomach starts stirring…
Nice.  Real Nice!
 But it wasn't enough for me to turn down the chance to see Tim and his fabulous wife, Jane.
These two… hold a very special place in Rod and my's heart, but I won't go into all the details they know why and that's all that really matters. 
 Tim has been working as an interim pastor for the last several years and he and Jane are off to Olathe, Kansas for awhile.  

 Some updated marketing photos were in order, I wish Tim and Jane all the best on their latest adventure serving this new congregation. 
 I loved seeing you two!!!  Thanks for thinking of me to do your photos!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What to Wear - Senior Guys

Single most important thing about what to wear for Senior Guys is…
 DRESS LIKE YOU!!!! Pick outfits that you feel comfortable in.
 Feel free to bring anything you might be passionate about… an instrument, your car, sporting equipment etc. 

 Bright colors look AWESOME!!!

Bring School jerseys!
 Layers look great too!!
 And don't forget your SHOES!!!
For Fall & Winter shoots

Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Ah… April 14th.  The day I became a mom.  Yep, today is Melia's 11th birthday and we have had a jam packed weekend celebrating!

But before our celebrations began we met up with Ryker, for his 3 month milestone pictures!  Man, what a gorgeous day!!  And he was such a good sport! Does he has the sweetest little mouth ever!!!
He thinks his dad is so silly!
 Okay, I am sorry… but I would like to curl up in a fur lined basket and just hang out underneath with the tree branches! 
 Of course, I couldn't resist the piggies!
 What a great way to kick off the weekend end! 
Now, I am getting off this computer and getting back to playing with my girlies!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maternity Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Well, we are closing in on Friday and I have high hopes for a much better Friday this week than last week!!  Much better indeed!!  This weekend we will be celebrating our oldest, Melia is turning 11 and to celebrate we are going to see The Thorn on Saturday and a birthday party with the family on Sunday! 
But before I get too carried away with my plans… let's talk about Alicia shall we?
 I met up with Alicia and her mom yesterday afternoon for her maternity shoot.  Alicia is staying with her mom until the baby is born (due the end of May), her husband will be joining her in May. In the meantime, he is roughy it at home, in the Bahamas.  Yes… you read me correctly.
 The Bahamas, sand, sun… well you get the picture.  
Alicia was hoping for spring flowers, but since we don't get flowers around here until mid June or so, we had to get creative. 
But, I was very happy with the end result… I think the colors are stunning and give the photos are real Colorado spring time feel. 
 To say I had fun on this shoot would be an understatement.  
I had the best time.  I was so inspired by all the different elements.

 I am pretty excited about the newborn shoot too… we are going with a Sailor theme.
Did I mention that baby's dad is a Captain (the sea fairing kind)?!?

 Yikes! Rod just walked in that means it's dinner time.  That means I shouldn't sitting here anymore!!
Till next time!