Friday, January 31, 2014

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Just slipping in for another sneak peek… this time it is Miss Hartly
who is celebrating her 4th birthday!
I love the photo above, I do believe it is my favorite of the day. 
Her mom wanted to capture a picture of her riding her stick horse because she rides it all the time.  I love this photo of her galloping in the corral.
Kayla was hoping for a picture of her and Hartly peeking around a tree, but Hartly did not share her enthusiasm.  Here she was covering her smile!
Okay, I love this one too, I'm not gonna lie!

Alright, it is time to start school for the day!  
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Asher is 3 months old!!!!
AND… absolutely A D O R A B L E!!

And he brought his big sister, Eleary with a few shots as well!!
I love the expression on his face… he's all like "Mom… Seriously?"
Heart is melting… 
 The lovely and talented Eleary!!

 It was nice to get out for a bit on Wednesday before the storm blew in!
 On man, I love these HATS!

Okay… I won't linger any more, I know mom is waiting on her sneak peek.
So… here you go, Miss Amity!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Oh Zoey… you make my heart melt! You and your seven shades of ooey gooey cuteness!!
She was sportin' her Bronco gear… I could embrace Bronco gear that comes with a pink tutu!
 I can't stand it!  This child is just too cute!  

 Well… that's it.  I'm in love!

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So I spent my morning with this little bundle of pure yumminess.
This is Ryker and he is 4 days old, born on January 18th at 18:00 hours.
 So I had very ambitious ideas for this shoot, mom and dad's house had a plethora  of creative photo opportunities but Ryker has something else in mind. 
 He wanted to stay in one spot with the fireplace going and the space heater heating and that was that.
So… that, was in deed, THAT!
Oh man, I was lovin' it when he was sucking on his wittle fingers! Too bad this blog doesn't have sound effects!!  
 Of course, mom and dad think he is pretty awesome… and they would be right, he was pretty awesome!

Well, I need to wrap this up, I have a date with one of my 9 year olds this evening and we have some planning to do.  
 STOP IT!!!!   

 Alright then, until next time!!

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Once again Colorado is delivering some beautiful weather!!  Makes me very happy on days when I have shoots, in between I would really welcome some snow.
In fact, last night I dreamed it was snowing, the big fluffy kind… I was a wee bit disappointed when I woke up this morning.
But yesterday, while the sun was shining, I was hanging out with Pat, Teresa, Santi & Macro!
 Bonus… I ran into my Pastor and his wife in the middle of my shoot!  
(Again… I love livin' in a small town!)
 Well, the girls just pointed out that if we leave now, there is time to stop at Starbucks before school… and who am I to argue with that? 
 So, we are off and then I am off to a newborn shoot, just 4 days old  So excited!! 
 Thanks Pat & Teresa!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boudoir Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Images have been cropped to protect the privacy of this lovely ladies, to see a private gallery of my work please email me at (Ladies only)
Today was a very happy day… my first Boudoir shoot of the Valentine season.  This is truly my very favorite type of photography.
I love sooo very much about it!
Hanging out with my boudoir buddy and fabulous make up and hair artist, Tina!
Watching her work her magic, oh I do so wish I could do that kind of make up!
 Watching these nervous ladies overcome their nerves and really start to enjoy the shoot!
 But my favorite part is just being a part of photographing these truly beautiful girls, so many listing their flaws and insecurities and then getting to see themselves in a new way.
 So, I really hope that you will consider doing this... for you.