Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock CO

Can I just start off by saying Rod almost beat me at Nertz this evening!! WHAT?!?  is happening? Has there been a shift in the time continuum?  First I find out that he is unusually good at shooting pool and now this!  In fact, it wasn't until the last 2 hands that I actually caught and passed him!  
Moving on... great weekend!  We had our annual halloween bash on Friday night, I was a ghost (with some very cool make up I found on pinterest and Rod was Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  Rod made his totally awesome chili and we played a wild game of pictionary (Have I told you this already, I am having a serious deja vu moment...).  Saturday I met up with the Haberts for a family shoot (I brought my family along since Jon and I go way back).  Twenty years back to be exact, how can that be when clearly I am sooooo young!  I used to work with Jon at AKI (I am trying to figure out a way for Rod and I to get invited to the annual AKI Christmas party... I  miss them!!  I figure, Dean probably hasn't even started thinking about planning it, so I'll just plan it for him and show up!)  We wrapped out the weekend with church this morning, Rod and the girls went and picked up trash along the the road with the Castle Rock Orchestra while Aimee and I caught up on some DVR'd shows, we had a yummy roast for dinner and finished out the night with nertz!  Now... I must go to sleep, I have a shoot with Jourdan, first thing (and his mom promised he would RAP for me!)  Nighty Night! Cija

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

It's been a whirlwind of a week...  this is actually the sneak peek from my shoot on Monday.  Sorry it took so long Stephanie!  I had a good time with the Ritter Family and hope to get to know them much better in the future.  Things are slowing down a bit over the next few days, well... maybe not slowing down but it is filled with fun stuff, pumpkin craving, a costume party and just hanging with the family!!  I am looking forward to it!  I will see you again next week!  Cija

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Loving Memory of Eliza Love...

Eliza Love 
October 25, 2011
6:25 AM
5.2oz, 8.5 inches
Daddy and Mommy - Colin & Amity
Big Sister - Eleary
Loving Savior - Jesus Christ
 Where does one begin to write a story filled with such deep and passionate emotion?
Perhaps all I can do is share it from my perspective.
About 3 months ago, I was working the Welcome Desk at church with my sweet friend, Amity.  She spilled the beans that she had taken a pregnancy test and it was positive but they weren't going to tell anyone until they were past the first trimester.  Having lost two babies of my own, I encouraged her to celebrate her baby's life whether it was 50 years or just a few weeks and reminded her that her baby was a precious gift from God, one to be treasured and cherished for as long as she was blessed to have it. 
 About a week later, Amity had a scare, they couldn't find the heart beat and the doctor told her she was probably miscarrying.  A week of prayer and blood tests later, everything was fine and her baby was due to be born on April 3, 2012.  
 Monday evening I returned home from a photo shoot with kids in tow and a bag of Jimmy John's sandwiches.  Having lost my cell phone I thought I better check my emails real quick to make sure there was nothing pressing.  Tucked between photo orders and booking requests I saw an email with the subject line " Prayer Request".  It was from Colin, Amity's husband, they had been at the doctor for a routine check up (17 weeks) and the baby had no heart beat, they were going to the hospital where labor would be induced and the baby delivered.  I called Colin immediately to see if Amity wanted me to come.  He said yes, but to take my time because Sung had arrived and they were not alone. 
 Sung would be the perfect person to be there, while I had grieved two babies lost during pregnancy
I had not walked through a delivery...  Sung had.  She would be a tender and safe place to fall.  This morning as Amity and I snuggled together and admired her precious daughter, Amity said "It amazes me how God always fills in the gaps for me, how he brings people into my life right when I need them."  He amazes me too. Sung cared for their broken hearts in a way that blessed Amity and Colin deeply. 
 Eliza, which means "Consecrated to God" was delivered at 6:25 this morning and I marveled at her tiny yet perfect form, as Amity said "she is wonderfully and fearfully made".  Amity and Colin spent several hours with Eliza this morning and as the held her and each other on the bed, Amity said "I feel like we should lift her up to the Lord."  With tears streaming down their faces they raised their precious baby toward heaven and offered a prayer of thanksgiving, it was a moment my words could never describe, but I feel honored and humbled to have been able to witness it.
 Please say a prayer for my sweet friends as they grieve the lost of their baby girl on this side of Heaven, while they rejoice to know that she is held in the arms of Jesus, 
their hearts are heavy with having to let her go.  
It was important to Amity and Colin to share the story of their little Eliza Love for they know her life is not with out meaning.  I also know that it would be Amity and Colin's deepest desire for you to know that just as God created their little girl, He also created you and He loves you more than you could ever know;  and that He offers you the gift salvation through His son Jesus.

"If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus in Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9

Hugs my sweet, friends.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock CO

Well, it's Monday.  And this is the Lane Family.  We hung out on Saturday night.  Everything went smoothly right up until Serina mentioned that she is always scared of snakes in the long grass... then I was scared of snakes in the long grass!  It wasn't all that long ago that I saw 2 snakes on one shoot! YUCK!  But regards of being super jumpy I never did see a snake!  
After their shoot we had a couple night out with Matt and Aimee, dinner at Hacienda Colorado and then the arcade and pool at Dave and Busters.  Can I just say... I stink at both!  I didn't shoot one zombie, I repeatedly crashed my motorcycle, and clearly I am not a "Galactic Pilot!"  Pool was not any better, oh well it was still super fun!!  Well, I am off to my shoot with the Ritter family.  See you soon! Cija

Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Photographer In Castle Rock, Co

 So this is Martha and her beautiful family.  Martha and I met in the church youth group when we were in high school... years later we reconnected on Facebook. 
 This is her oldest daughter, Mandy, she looks a bit like Taylor Swift don'tcha think?!?
So stinkin' photogenic, there wasn't a bad picture of her in the whole shoot!!

 This sweet girl is Abby.  She is the actress of the family, she has had roles in Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderful, just to name a few.  
 Okay, you may think I am weird but... I just love the way they are holding hands.  You can see how the years have made them so comfortable with one another LOVE IT!!  
(That's Mitch by the way, Martha's hubby!!)
 And this little guy is Matt.  He was very interested in hunting' for deer... so cute!!  
I just wanted to squish 'em!!
 The pic below of Mitch and "Marf" gets my "FAVE of the Day"!  
I love absolutely everything about it!!

Well, it's time I head off to bed.  Tomorrow will be a long day of ghosts and goblins coming to get their Halloween pictures taken and then I off to met up with the Lane's for their family shoot.  
Until next time!!  Cija

Photographer in Castle Rock CO

We made it!!  It's Friday!  Lots and lots to do today.  Shoots, editing, shopping, a trip to the bank, and gearing up for tomorrow's Halloween Photo Day!!  (Tomorrow from Noon until 4:00 incase you are interested in stopping by to have  your kiddo's picture taken in their costumes).  

Matt is also coming home for the weekend, a couples night out is on the agenda!!  WooHoo!!!  

But last night I was with Kerrie, Sean and Scarlet.  The weather was amazing, could not have been better!! Scarlet's mom had warned me that she's usually pretty shy... and she was, but I think we made our way through it quite well.  I was head over heels for those pigtails! Some of my very favorite pictures of the day were the totally unscripted photos of them rolling around in the grass.  Love Love love them!
Hope to see lots of you tomorrow at the Halloween Photo day!!!  
Until later, Cija

Okay, quick funny story.  I am sitting at my desk editing and Melia is laying on the couch watching "19 kids and counting".  They are talking about one of the boys entering into a courtship relationship with a young lady he know, they explain the difference between a dating relationship (intimacy before commitment) and a courtship relationship (commitment before intimacy) and went on to talk about how this couple talked about it and have decided that they will not kiss during their courtship.  All of the sudden Melia pops up "Mom?"  I braced myself wondering what type of question this show may have spurred...  "I'm a tanner than Matt?"  Oh bahaha!!!