Monday, July 30, 2012

Senior Pictures in Highlands Ranch, CO

Don't get me wrong, I am glad that we are finally getting some rain, I would prefer if it would rain a little earlier, remember the days when it would start raining at 2:00 and it would be done by 5:00??  I miss those days!!!  Tressa and I were rained out TWICE and on our third attempt we had to change locations in the middle of the shoot to escape the rain!

 But in the end we got it done!  After graduation Tressa would like to attend college out of state (preferably North Western) working towards her goal of becoming a surgeon,
 either orthopedic or pediatric.  
(She must be really smart!)

 In addition to her academic skills she has played soccer for several years!  Until she suffered a hot tub injury that required surgery on her foot. 

Well, I must run for now... the girls have multiple friends over for a sleepover and the volume has my head spinning!!!  Until next time! Cija

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Happy Saturday!!  I trust you are all enjoying your weekend! I am just poppin' in for a quick sneak of Geoff, Tricia and their extended family!

Let's see, above we have Tricia's family, her mom and dad, brother and his family and of course her hubby Geoff and their sweet girl Kylie.

Below is Geoff's mom with Kylie.

Kylie is starting Kindergarten!!!!!!

 Well, I can't linger, I told the girls we would go to the pool when I was done with this post and they are hovering like vultures! Have a great weekend!  and cross your fingers that Tressa and I will get to do her senior pictures tonight!  We have been rained out TWICE! and it's a drought for pete's sake!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Newborn Photographer in Highlands Ranch, CO

So  yesterday I photographed my first set of newborns (except for mine of course!)
Aren't they just precious!  For the purpose of this post we will lovingly refer to them as Miss A and Mr C.

When I arrived Miss A was all sleepy and cuddly and ready to go, Mr C on the other hand was wide awake and had NO intention of sleeping through his individual photos!
But he was happy to comply when it was time for pics with his sister.  I love this about twins they just seem to relax and cuddle with each other.  
(I remember, one of them could be screaming and the other would be sound asleep.)

Meet mom and dad!!  I feel pretty safe in saying that Rod and I did not look this put together after our twins were born!

Can I just say how much a love these little hats, Mom spied them on Pinterest and a friend of her mom made them.  (Just love the pink bow on Miss A's!)
Seriously precious just look at their little hands... I'm in love. 

 I love this picture with dad... gives you a little bit of perspective (and yes... he got pee'd on!!)

Well, I am off to the grocery store!!  Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Children's Photographer in Littleton, CO

Okay, it's the last sneak peek of the day!!  Then it's spaghetti with the family and a evening trip to the pool to cool off from this hot day!

Of course, you recognize sweet Elizabeth!  I have been photographing her and her brothers since she was 2 and I ALWAYS look forward to a "Binford" shoot!  We went to the Southglenn Mall which was fabulous for flowers!  Who know? I have been on the hunt for a new flower location since Silo got a little heavy handed with the pruners.  
I hope Cathy and Elizabeth enjoyed their after the shoot "cake pops"!!  Sure which I could have joined them but I was off to a newborn shoot with my very first set of twins.  Hope to have them up tomorrow!!  Have a great night! Cija

Baby Photographer in Parker, CO

I'm back!!!  With Little Miss Liberty, who is celebrating her 1st birthday!!
I really wish I could be more excited about these birthdays BUT... Liberty is one of my milestone babies, it's so sad to see them "graduate" from the baby milestones.  
I was very proud of Miss Libby, she was so happy and fun to play with even though it was her nap time!! (She is a very big fan of her Teddy Bears!)
Again, I am keeping these short and sweet, 2 more sneak peeks to go!

Children's Photographer In Lonetree, CO

Let's see do I even know what day it is???  Ah yes, it's Tuesday!  But for this post we have to put things in reverse and back up to Saturday when I met up with the Chang's for a fun filled photoshoot.
Let's see this was my 3rd shoot with Evan and Callie, it's always fun getting to work with families over and over again and these two kids were like old pros!  Made my job super easy!
Fave of the day...  but you can guess it!!  Yep, it's the TOES!!!
I'm gonna keep it short and sweet today, I have 3 more families waiting to see their pics so I must press on!!!  Until next time, Cija!