Thursday, June 29, 2017

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Ha! HA!!  I love this so much much!! (Huge print right over the fireplace!)
 Look who is nine months old already!!  It's Samuel!  I just love this sweet face and he is always in a great mood, just as happy and as content as can be!  
 For his nine month shoot we headed over to the museum from some fun photos with old stuff!
He was a big fan of the yellow leaves he found laying on the ground.  He also thought the wind blowing in his hair was pretty funny!
Of course, he was happy to show off his new standing skills! Pretty cool stuff!
 These photos of little ones sitting with their little hands between their little feet just makse me smile!!  It's such a signature little one pose! Oh and the piggies!!! I just love me some piggies!!
 His little expressions are the best, this sweet little half smile is melting my heart! 
Don't you wonder what he will grow up to do?  What talents and gift will he have? What amazing things will he accomplish?
 Obviously, he will enjoy life!
 He also took a moment to show his mobility skills!  Look out! There's no stopping him now!!
 And look at those fancy teeth!!  Two of them, up front and center!
I can't tell you how much I enjoy these milestone babies, it is so fun to see them every three months and get to see up close and personal how much they change in just a few short months. That first year of life is such a miracle, so much happens in such a short amount of time.  These little ones go from sleeping most the day to eating cheerios, learning to sit up, crawl, stand and even walk! Okay, enough!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Maternity Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Time to take a peek at my shoot with Nick and Nicole.  We met last week amidst the threat of rain but the Colorado skies were kind to us, just a few minutes of waiting in the car and we were good to go.  Which by the way I was very grateful for because they drove all the way from Arvada!!
These two have quite a story, in fact, Nicole first contacted me from the hospital.  We weren't entirely sure if this maternity session would happen in the hospital or in the great outdoors. 
 Nicole suffers from chronic pancreatitis, over the years she has had some surgeries that have left some scar tissue.  As her baby grew this scar tissue started to cause some very serious issues.   
 Intestines started to twist and turn, obstructions resulted and Nicole found herself in the hospital in a very serious situation. Her anatomy was going to need some rewiring, ASAP.  The sick bowel would need to be removed and her pancreas would need a new place to empty and all this reconstruction would have to happen with a little baby tuck inside.  
 Nicole was sedated for pain while Nick dealt with questions like "If we can only save one, which one  should we save?" Can you even imagine?
Nicole and the baby were given a measly 50% survival chance. 
 Praise God, they both made it through the surgery and hopefully Nicole will be able to make it to the 40 week mark with no more hospital stays. 
 The white bandage on her arm is covering a central line, she is unable to eat anything via the mouth at this time, so she is getting all of her nutrients through this central IV.  
 This wasn't the journey they expected but it is the road that is leading them to becoming a family of three and they wanted to document it all. 
 In August, they will welcome a baby girl!! And they will have reached the end of this portion of their life long journey as parents. 
 I wish these two former geologists turned, police officer and nurse many exciting and joy-filled days with their little girl.
 I had the chance to pray with these two at the end of their session and I would ask that we all continue to keep them in our prayers until their baby girl arrives!
 Nick and Nicole, what a pleasure it was to meet you.  I was honored to listen to your story and to capture just a glimpse of it on film.  Looking forward to our next shoot in August!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

High School Senior Photos in Castle Rock, CO

So, I learned something this week.  Did you know for your blog to be search engine friendly you have to have a minimum of 300 words? What? I did not know this.  I do not know if this is good news or bad news where you are concerned. I mean generally, I have tried to keep it short and sweet but no more. 
 What does 300 words even look like? And does that mean I have to count them when I am done? Umm... who has time for that?  And is Ummm... a word? Okay, so it's looking like an average of twenty words per full line of text.  That helps because counting every blog post is for the birds.
 Now, on to the reason we are here in the first place.  This is Cameron and he is 2018 senior at Parker Lutheran.  He is also a musician, if you didn't already figure that one out. He is actually doing some work in a recording studio, so he is the real deal!
 I tried to impress him with my former days of glory, singing back up in a Christian rock band but I don't think he was all that impressed.  Oh well,  maybe I was a lot cooler in 1994!

 Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think we had a conversation about life after high school, we were too caught up in the moment.  After we were finished he was racing off to his new job at Zoey's Kitchen which I believe opened yesterday, so there ya go!  New restaurant to check out, especially if you are a Mediterranean food fan.  
 I'm not even sure what kind of food that is? Maybe greek? Gyros and olives?  Oh, I do like Gyros. I might have to check it out myself. 
 I am happy to announce that we had zero run-ins with nature, I didn't step on any snakes, we didn't see any mountain lions, no wild dogs just a couple of very fluffy baby bunnies!  Which made me worried that there would be snakes near by, but if I don't see 'em they don't bother me!
 I should note that I am currently booked for Summer, so if you are looking to get some fall pictures done this year, now is the time to call and get on the schedule.  
Thanks, Cameron!  I hope you have a fantastic summer and great senior year!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, this shoot was definitely an adventure!! Minutes after starting a couple told us to beware of a mountain lion, they had seen a bit earlier!
Then we had 3 dogs running amock and 2 angry Americans shouting at each other!
But nothing could overshadow the cuteness of
Jane, Noah and baby Owen!!
Oh yay.. Roxy and Allen were there too.

Oh Jane... you are just the cutest!
 Owen wasn't entirely sure he wanted to be up early on Saturday morning doing photos with mountain lions, wild dogs and angry Americans!
 I mean an 8 week old needs his sleep!

 Did I mention that Roxy is a sweet friend from church?
We have been in the same Bible study small groups several times.

 Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away with the kid pictures!
 But they are all so cute!
 I couldn't help myself!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

On Friday morning, I had the opportunity to work with this wonderful group of grandkids and their grandparents.
I not sure I can remember all these names now... but I was rockin' it on Friday!
 I do know this is Mike and Cheri!!
And the little guy is Maverick!  
(Really is name is Michael, but it made him laugh when I called him Maverick!)
 Hmmm... Sam and I think it started with a "J", see what I mean, maybe Joey.
But I do know that he was happy to be taller than his brother.
 This beauty is Lillian, visiting from back east. 
 Oh dear... the littlest one!! Dani!! Lissy, Abby and Michael!

 And of course... Pepper! 
 At the end of our shoot we did a mini-senior shoot!!
Okay, gotta go get my kiddos!
Thank you, Cheri!