Sunday, July 27, 2014

Senior Pictures In Castle Rock, CO

Welcome to Sunday!!  I trust you have had a fabulous day!

I am just dropping in with a sneak peek from last night's shoot (I can never wait!).
So while the girls and Rod watched the Lego Movie I spent some time putting the finishing touches on Katy's photos!
 We ventured up into the mountains for this shoot and the river was actually low enough to play in the water a bit, although it was still running pretty fast so we stayed close to the edge. 
 Katy is a 2015 Senior at Mountain Vista High School in Highland's Ranch, we talked "future" but she hasn't quite decided yet what she wants to be when she grows up. 
 I must admit she was a terribly good sport!  AND… I don't even think we got her perfectly white shoes dirty!!

 Can I just say… I want to do my senior pictures over! 
They are not so good… done in a studio and my hair was a disaster!!  My BFF at the time was having a crisis that day and I chose to stay with her vs. going home and getting ready.  Flat frumpy hair!
 But Katy had fabulous hair!!  
 Right?! I mean seriously!
 These weekend shoots have an added bonus, cuz I drug they family along, well at least part of them, Melia was at Elitches.  The twins played in the creek and learned how to skip rocks and afterwards we had a yummy family dinner in Morrison.  
 Now get this… Melia said that they got on 3 rides at Elitches! 3!! That's how long the lines were!!  But she still had a great time hanging with friends. 
I would not have been too happy if it would have been me!

 Well of course, this was a super fun shoot!  And Katy… like I said "Stunning!"
The time is now to book your family shoots for fall and those Christmas cards!  
Don't delay!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Just dropping in for another sneak peek!!
This time it's the fabulous Stephanie and her fabulous family,
Robert, Lucy and Presley.
I started taking Lucy's pictures when she was just 6 months old!!
(Kristina can you cut my hair like this???)
 and I have been taking Presley's pictures since she was born, my favorite little Hershey's Kiss EVER!
I have to be honest, Presley was not to excited about our photo shoot, which tends to be a trend among my 2 year old friends. 
 Lucy on the other hand was totally into it. (right until I asked her to sit on a brick wall then she said, and I quote "I'm not doing it! NEVER!" I so wish I had that on tape!!)
This is definitely going to be my new mantra!
 Now it wouldn't be a Montoya blog post with out me saying how totally hip and chic Miss Stephanie is!!!  The boots, the scarf, the belt… need I go on?!?!

 Ah… so cute, Lucy holding her fresh picked flower and Presley holding her… beef jerky!
I love my job!!


 Well… my sleepy girls are making their way down stairs, time to get some breakfast started.

 Stay cool!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

So Monday night's shoot was twice the fun… why you ask?
Because not only was it a senior shoot it was… TWINS!!
First we have Rachel.

Now I have to be honest… there was so much changing and such going on that I never really had the opportunity to chat with these girls about next year.
 Which is really quite a bummer because I am very curious!
 Are they planning to go to the same school?
Are they going to study the same thing???
I did, however, learn that Rachel runs track!!

 And this is Tori.
I was very thankful that she cut her hair or I would have had a really hard time telling them apart!!
Fun thing about this shoot was that their older sister, Courtney was along.
She was in charge of making sure their hair was good etc. and I just kept imagining Melia doing the same for my twins!!
 I am not sure what started it… it may have been the spider on the tree or the mouse that ran by, but we were all a little jumpy during this shoot!  Tori especially!!  She gave me quite a start on several occasions!

 So to round out my knowledge… I also know that they go to Grandview High School and guess what?!?!?
 Tori is a SKIER!!!
Alright, time for me to go get Sabrina from a birthday party…
So, until next time!!