Friday, September 28, 2012

Infant Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So even while I type this my house is being cleaned!!  Scrubbed from top to bottom, it smells like I hangin' out in an orange grove (with a side of vinegar, she just did the microwave)!!  When I mentioned wanting to hire someone to come in and deep clean my house, Ann offered to come over and do it!!  How sweet is that!?!?
So while she cleaned, I sat here and got Emma's sneak peek ready for the blog!
This was Emma's 6 month shoot and she decide to bring her big sister Natalie and ever her mom and dad along for a few family pictures!
 Miss Natalie will be 3 in January, isn't she precious!?
 I LOVE this picture of the two girls giggling at each other, So SOOO CUTE!!!
 Okay, truth be told... I love this one too!

 Oh Miss Emma...  you are just the sweetest!!!
 You can sure tell that "Fall" is in the air and I was loving the leaves that had fallen on this bridge.  Oh, how I LOVE fall!!  

Well, it's time to go get those little cherubs from school!!  Until next time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby Photographer in Lonetree, CO

 I'm so confused! What day is it?  I was thinking Monday but it really is Tuesday, the girls were off yesterday, my shoot had to reschedule due to hair color gone bad, so it felt like Sunday! Minus church of course, and Rod wasn't here... well, any who.  It is in fact Tuesday and this rain has forced another reschedule this week, oh the weather!!!
 But if we rewind to last Friday it was B-E-YOU-tiful!!! and so was this precious baby girl...
Sloan! (can I just take a moment to say how much I love... you guessed it!! THE PIGGIES!!! and add to it that she is playing with them!!  It just doesn't get any better!)
 Now if I have this figured right, Sloan is 9 months (I messed up on Clark last week, so now I am doubting myself).  But I am pretty sure that I am right about Sloan.  
 Rumor has it that she is sportin' some new teeth, but she is pretty good about keeping them under wraps, I never was able to sneak a peek.  
 She that... she has the bottom lip all tucked up over 'em!
 Oh that sweet, SWEET FACE!!!
Just to let you know the Halloween Wishes is scheduled for Oct 27th from Noon - 4:00, I hope to get the flier done tonight.  But in the meantime mark your calendars and email me if you want to set an appointment. Thanks so much!!! Cija

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday, the girls are playing with the neighbors and Rod is at orchestra practice so I thought I would take this opportunity to get Cheyenne's sneak peek up.  
 Cheyenne is a 2013 Senior at Castle View High School, she plans to attend Jr. College next year and then move onto Denver School of Psychology.  She hopes to work with abused children.  I love to see a heart willing to serve and help the wounded and less fortunate.  I pray that the Lord will give her wisdom beyond measure to know how to help these precious children and compassionate to love them through such difficulties.  

 Cheyenne was a delight to work with, she had a quiet but deep sense about her that made me want to curl up on the couch and chat with her for a while.  

Well, Rod should be walkin' through the door at any moment so I should probably switch gear and start thinking about dinner.  
Until tomorrow!!  Cija

Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Photographer in Lonetree, CO

One more quick sneak peek before I head off to bed.  This handsome fellow is Ben.
I like Ben!  He was such a delight to work with, such a happy little guy!
 He was definitely showing off his sitting up skills, he didn't need no stinkin' basket!!!
 It won't be long and he will be on the move, look our mom and dad!!
 Below is my fave of the day, I love fingers in the mouth almost as much as I love piggies!!!
Now, it is time for Cija to go to bed.  Did I tell you that the ringer was turned down on my phone recently so I didn't hear my alarm in the morning?!??!  My girls got up, went downstairs were kicking back watching TV when the carpool lady showed up.  Ya know what they told her???? 
"um... I don't think we are going to school today."
NOPE!  No one ever checked on dear old mom, they just let me sleep! (I suppose I needed the sleep, but now it is time for bed, morning always comes too soon!!!)
Until tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Just popping in to show you a little sneak peek from my shoot with one of my favorite little fellas... Clark!!
 We were marking the big 18 months!!!
 We had a fun surprise when we ran into some firemen who let Clark sit in the fire truck!!
 Oh Clark!!!  You make my heart melt...

Okay, I have to go, it's the curse of the fall post... short and sweet!!
Only 4 more openings for November!!
Until next time! Cija

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Photography in LoneTree, CO

I had such high hopes to make it to the grocery store today and this afternoon I am just watching them slip through my fingers!!!  But I haven't been sitting around eating BonBons either!!  I had a shoot with little Ben this morning and then overhauled our with updated chores and point values!!  Got through all my emails, made some CD's and got these images for ready for the blog!
This is the Pfaff family and I ADORE Erin (Jeremy's real nice too)!!  We used to go the same church and she has been a customer of mine from the very beginning!!! Coming back year after year!!
This little elf and magic is Stella... and she is the sweetest little bundle of giggles and grins I have EVER seen!!!
I am thinking maybe this is the first time I have taken a picture of just Jeremy and Erin.  I remember the very first year I took her pictures I suggested a couple photo and she turned me down saying it was something she would never pick.  But yesterday... I didn't give her a choice!!  I just did it!  

Kate is their oldest, she is going to be 9 in November!

And Claire is 7, with a birthday next month!!

 Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek!!  If you are toying with pictures this fall don't delay!!  I only have a handful of openings left for November and December.  
Now... onto the grocery list!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Will & Savannah

Last Friday I was in the Springs for Will and Savannah's wedding.  Oh weddings!!!
We have a love/hate relationship! I love so many things about them but they are just so stinkin' stressful!  I am not sure I can keep doing this!

 Savannah told me that this was her mom's dress, she made a few changes here and there to make it her own but how cool is that?!?!?
The church was located in a pretty industrial area, 
so I decided to embrace it and make it part of the photos.  

 How cute are those girls?  and lovely is that BRIDE!!
 What a fun group of groomsmen!!  Those silly boys!

 I have never seen a group of boys so excited over a ring before!!

 The handsome groom, don't you just love a man in tux!?
 One of the things I loved the most was that they each prayed with their attendants before the ceremony, you want to get your marriage off on the right foot, make sure God is smack dap in the middle of it!

 They lit the unity candle and took communion together after the first kiss...
A different twist!

 Love LOVE LOVED her flowers!!

 Well, the girlies are home from school so we have to hit the books and then scoot out the door for my shoot with the Pfaff's.  Be back soon!  Cija