Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

 Time for another sneak peek!  This time, it's MaryBeth and her two kids, Cody & Abby.
 MaryBeth told me that this is the very first time they have had family pictures taken... I do say, they may be a bit overdue!  But BRAVO! for getting it done!
 I ADORE the photo below, so cuddly!
You can't pose this stuff you just have to let it happen. 
 Holy moly, that is a big "blow and wish"! I wonder what she wished for?

 Did you happen to notice Marybeth's super cute shoes?  We should take special note because she traversed some very challenging terrain in those "not so easy to walk in" sandals.

 We had some pretty high fashion stuff going on!
 See what I mean!
 Oh, I do so hope she loves these photos!

 Thanks, Marybeth, for trusting me with your photos!
You have one awesome family and your kids are pretty darn amazing (yes, Cody... I called you a kid! Again!!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kids Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I'm back! Did you miss you? The Cooksey's just spent 11 fun filled days on vacation!
Don't worry I will have a vacation post in a couple of days. 
But yesterday, while driving across Kansas I got a call from Wendy who was hoping to get some photos of her two year old son, Carson... TODAY!
Just so happened that I get the day open in case we didn't make it back in time.
So I got to spend my morning with this handsome fella!
 Lovin' me those curls!
 and that wrinkly nose!

 It must have rained a lot while I was gone, this grass is crazy long!

 Such a dapper bow tie!
 Pretty much the perfect way to get back to work!
Thanks Wendy and Carson!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Abby & Jourdan Got Married!

So today I got to take pictures at Abby & Jourdan's wedding. 
It was a special treat for me because I have known Abby since she was 3 and Jourdan for the last 7 years.  I am actually leaving town tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM but I just could leave without giving them a little peek of their day!

 The First Look

 Just a couple of the 17 beautiful tables!

Now I am off to bed!
Love you two!