Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Children's Photographer in Parker, CO

 Today we are having a little after dinner "peek".  I ran out of time today, so while the kids are out jumping on the trampoline, I thought I would sneak inside and get Jacob's peek up on the blog, besides it's kinda chilly out there with the wind and all.
 Is this a fabulous smile or what?!?  Jacob did such a great job and was so cooperative!
Made my job easy! (and in the process, I think I may have convinced Jessica schedule in a lunch at Sienna's followed by a day of shopping at The Barn ASAP!  Come to think of it, I should do that too... Who's with me?
 We got a special treat when the fireman asked us to come in for a closer look!  BONUS!  Jacob was having a fireman birthday party the next day!!  He was so excited, just look at that face!!
 And a photo shoot wouldn't be a photo shoot with out some silly faces!

Always a good time when Jacob and his brother come around!!

So I am so excited that it is time for High School Seniors, if you know one, PLEASE send them my way, Seniors are one of my very favorites and I hope to have a schedule jam packed with 'em!
I am heading out of town in a couple of days, so I will see you in JUNE!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Newborn Photographer in Parker, CO

Earlier this week I got to meet this sweet little bundle of joy...  Allow me to introduce you to Zoey.
She is one month old and spent the first few minutes of our shoot together wide eyed and bushy tailed!

She has the sweetest little face...  I really do have the best job!

Oh my goodness, is this "Piggie Shot" the best!!!!  Look at those toes all spread apart! 
Brings a little tear to my eye. 
 Yum Yum YUMMO!!!

 I truly had a fabulous time on this shoot, I felt like I was at my best friend's house hanging out chatting while Sarah (aka = mommy) dealt with grass stains on baseball pants and
 I snuggled with her new baby. 
 Sometimes it just happens that way you show up at a "client's" house and find a friend waiting inside.  I love that about my "job", I don't just want to be your photographer, I want to be your friend and the Lord has been so gracious in me allowing me to share in the lives of sooo many wonderful people.  I truly am in awe of His sweet goodness.
 The photo below just might be my "fave of the day", I don't really have any words... I just love the way it makes me feel.  
 Ah... Life is Good!!!
Well, I am off!  Have a FABULOUS Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Photographer in Parker, CO

Saturday afternoon I was out and about with this fabulous family!!  Now I think I might just remember all of the names but... I am not 100% sure I will attach them to the correct person.  For instance Rachel and Karen's husband's names both start with a "J".  
So... Rachel (above) and Karen (below) arranged this little photo shoot as a birthday present for their mom, Catherine.  Now... if I am right (crossing my fingers) 
Rachel's husband is Jeff and Karen's is Jasper.  (Why am I doing this to myself it's too much pressure!!)
I love doing a photo of mom and dad with just their kids... it's always fun to go back and remember all the memories of starting your own family and all the "stuff" that happened over the years. 
And of course, Grandma's favorite is the one with the grand babies!!!
AHHHHH.....  So sweet!!!  Look how happy Grandma and Grandpa look!!
 Love, Love, Love this picture of the kiddos!!! 
 Their little expression are priceless!

 Well, I better wrap this up, I have a date with my mom at Kohl's, I know... we are just Crah-RAZY  like that!!  We may even go through the drive thru at McDonald's for lunch!
I'll be back soon!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

On Saturday morning I was finally able to meet up with Addie and her little brother Carston (hope I am spelling those right) Wednesday is apparently a wet weather day in Colorado.  First we had snow and then 2 weeks of rain!!  In the end we opted for Saturday morning.
 We snapped a few shots of the two of them...
 and a handful of Carston....
 But then it was time for Addie's dance pictures.  Her mom was tired of the same old studio pics and decided this year to try something a little bit different.
 (I was the lucky photographer that got to have all this FUN!!!!)

Pretty much the best time ever!! (I hope this catches on!!)
Well, my girlies are going to walk in the door any minute, so I am off!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby Photographer in Lonetree, CO

Say "Hello" to LUCY!!!  
Isn't she the CUTEST Little BUNDLE of Squishiness EVER!!!
There is so much about this photo that I LOVE... first, of course, there are the PIGGIES!!
and then there is the smile with the little finger in her mouth.... PERFECTION!

Oh and this little impish smile... makes me melt into a pile of mooshy goo!!

And her more serious look....
 Just try and tell me you don't want to "zorbetz" that tummy!!!
 Toes... fingers... sweet little lips!!!  
 Showing off her couture gown made by grandma, such a pretty girl.

 Tutu, pearls, piggies... need I say more!  Lucy! I LOVE YOU!!!
Big HUGE thanks to Stephani, who assisted me on this shoot, thanks for luggin' and holdin'!!!
See you again tomorrow!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Good Morning!!!  Just stopping in to give you a little sneak peek of the fabulously smiley, OWEN!! and his parents, Kate and Paul.   
 Oh my goodness!  I couldn't get over how smiley Owen was, most babies this age are so interested in the great outdoors that smiles can be hard to come by... but not Owen he was an overflowing bucket of smiles!

 Okay, he had two faces I HAD TO POST!!!  I Love this one, looks like he just saw a BEAR!
Makes me giggle everytime!

 Look at this big boy!!! Standing up so big and tall!
 A D O R A B L E
 And this is the other face, coupled with the duck in the background all hunkered down coming towards him.  Owen's all like "somebody get me outta here!!  There's a duck after me!!"

Super fun shoot!!!  See you next time!