Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Photography in Denver Metro

So I wrapped up the weekend on Sunday evening with one more family shoot. You may recognize these faces as I get to see some portion of Heather's cute family at least a couple of times a year. These little girls just couldn't get any cuter! Madison is quite the little model always ready and eager to strike a pose and Taylor with those sweet little piggies, and then there is Bailey... I am just sure that she will be a write of some sort when she grows up, always so thoughtful, she doesn't just look at you she reads you. She is truly captivating. Well, I must go, I have a to do list a mile long and tonight is the CIRCUS!! I'm so excited! XOXO Cija

Monday, September 28, 2009

Newborn Photography In Castle Rock Colorado

Yesterday, little Kate paid me a visit! What a sweet and content little baby! She holds the record for least amount of time for a newborn shoot, just under an hour! Now don't you new moms go expecting the same, that is a rare thing. Newborn shoots on average take 2.5 hours, so clear your calendar and come ready to spend the afternoon! If you are expecting a baby I have lots of options for you to consider... Belly, Newborn and Milestone shoots to remember each step along the way. Check out my website at for more detailed information. Time to make dinner! Cija

Family Photography in Denver

So my 6 year old daughter is sitting on the floor behind me trying on a pile of "hand-me-down" shoes. She just put on a pair of knee high black boots with a silver buckle; she made two circles around my office and said with great enthusiasm "So chic!" That's my girl! Speaking of "chic" check out this "chic" family... Mitch, Rebekah, Jaden & Eva! If you are planning to have pictures done for Christmas cards, you should schedule your appointment prior to November 30th. You can check out my availability at Till next time! Cija

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

I'm back... Wow!! what a beautiful day, and yet here I sit at my computer, something is not right here, not right at all! Here's another sneak peek from one of my shoots this week end. Meet the Henke's!! My husband and I were actually in the same high school youth group with Scott! After a week of really wet weather, we were greeted with a cloudless sky (grrr... I know, I am never happy! If only I could order up exactly what I need for each location!) Karla chose the beautifully stunning Daniel's Gate, beautiful to look at... yes!!! Tricky to photograph? YES!!! Oh the stress, if only I had a small crew of assistants! This was my second trip to Daniel's Gate and both were equally stressful... first you stand around and wait for the perfect lighting (since there is not one bit of shade to hide out in) and then you shoot like a crazy in the 10 window that the sun gives you. So I have come to the conclusion that Daniel's Gate is like the cherry on top. One or two is just enough, but you should spend your time basking in the ice cream! (in this scenario the ice cream is any other location) Oh and one more thing... No texting, Scott!!! LOL!! Off to pick up kids from school!! TTFN

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Milestone Pictures in Castle Rock, Colorado

I am so excited... tonight is the start of the Amazing Race! I just love that show! One of these days you will see me and my honner tearing it up on that show! And hopefully sooner than that I will host a FABULOUS Amazing Race Party! But until then and until my husband gets home to join me for the race, I will tell you about one of my favorite little guys... Cade. Oh, yes you have seen him before! He is one of my milestone babies, Friday was his 9 month photo shoot, oh no!! It just dawned on me that we only have one more milestone shoot at 12 months, ah... that makes me sad! Well hopefully I will still get to see him at least once a year! Well, I hear the rumble of the garage door, that is my cue... Hope you enjoyed the pictures, see you tomorrow, with more shots from this weekend.

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Well, it's Sunday morning... 4 of my 6 shoots this weekend are done leaving just 2 more to go this afternoon. Check out this sneak peek at some outdoor Belly Shots, most moms feel more comfortable baring their bellies in the privacy of my family room but Rebekah was living on the wild side and we got belly crazy in the park and I LOVE IT! Hope these pictures inspire you as you ponder the miracle of a new life. Well... my cherubs are hungry, I need to set up for my newborn shoot and we need to head off for church. I pray the Lord blesses you and your family today! XOXO Cija

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Infant Photography in Castle Rock, Colorado

Hi Everyone, meet Eli!! Is he just too cute or what?!?! What a happy little boy, he was just so content to have his pictures taken, he made my job easy peasy lemon squeezey. The colors are just starting to change, hopefully we will have lots of beautiful color this year... if we can hold off the snow for a bit longer (crazy Colorado weather)! This week's rain is making for a busy weekend, 3 shoots yesterday and 3 more to go between today and tomorrow. I feel so blessed by the families that allow me to take their pictures!! Don't forget about the Halloween Photo Day coming up on October 17th and 19th, see the website at for more information. Well, I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! We are off to Berry Patch Farms for a birthday party, oh that reminds me, I said I would post pics from the Hello Kitty Party, hmmm.... another day!! TTFN! Cija

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Photography in Westminster, Colorado

Well our evening of fun is drawing to an end... the girls and my hubby hit the links (the putt putt variety) while I did my shoot and then we headed over to White Fence Farm for dinner, YUM YUM! Now I know that some of you are concerned about the birthday snack for tomorrow, wondering when I would find time to come up with something other than the humdrum cupcake! But don't you worry your pretty little heads! Krispy Kremes is open until 10:00pm and the donuts are sitting in the car ready to go! Mrs. Langtree is going to be positively giddy!

So tonight was an adventure... We were trying out a location that none of us had ever been to. We had a decision to make, go left or right, we chose right... WRONG - DEADEND, so we chose left... while it took longer and a trek through tall thick grasses to realize it; we were met with the same fate, another DEADEND! But after a trek back to the car, a couple of blocks and a motorcycle cop later we were on our way! It was fun being with our friends and seeing how much their kiddos had grown since the last time we were together. Little Miss Rose even blessed me with a beautiful collection of fallen leaves that she found along the way... too cute! Well it seems that somewhere along the way, today became tomorrow, so I am off to catch some Z's before the sun comes up! Till next time... Cija

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

Big week this week! On Thursday my twinnie winnies turn 5!!! Hard to believe that my babies are already 5 and in kindergarten! With their birthday comes lots of celebration, I am all about a PARTY! Tonight we are meeting friends at White Fence Farm, hmmm... tomorrow I should probably bring a special snack to school (gonna need to figure out when to schedule that in), Thursday is the big day, so fun filled activities all day long are a must and then on Sunday it is PARTY TIME!! So much to do!!! I will definately post a few pics for you to see!
Of course in between the celebrations I will be taking pictures!!! and last night was no exception; I had the pleasure of taking photos of Diane, Sam & Logan. Hope you enjoy this sneek peek into their photo session... (to schedule you own session visit my website at for more details) TTFN Cija

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Children & Family Photography in Castle Rock, Colorado

Can I just say that sometimes this crazy weather in Colorado really gets on my nerves! Beautiful sunny day, photoshoot at 4:00 PM, things are looking good. 3:00 PM load up the kids to take them to grandma's, wind starts blowing, clouds start rolling in, by the time I meet the Chang's at the photo location 4:00 PM looks more like 8:00 PM!! So we grab our umbrellas and head out to make the best of it, all in all I'd say it went very well. These precious kiddos were just too cute and Victor & Rhoda were so friendly and easy going I wanted to invite them over for dinner and an evening of board games! We crammed over 100 photos into 30 minutes before the lightening chased us outta there... now here's the part that drives me crazy, now it's 5:49 the sun is out and everything is beautiful again!! So... the family is heading outside for an evening of bikes and sidewalk chalk!