Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Senior Pictures in Highlands Ranch, CO

This pretty girl is Katelyn and she is a 2013 senior at D'evelyn High School, I should have asked her about her plans for next year but I was a little distracted, in additional to Katelyn and me there were... let me count 1- Amber, 2 - Ann, 3 - Cindy, 4 - Abby, 5 - Melanie so that gives us a grand total of 7 people at her shoot!  Ya know, when you got fans you got fans!
I have to ask her just how she got those waves, I am another FAN!

 What a good sport standing in the freezing cold water!! (I just love the adventurous) 
 Bonus!  They invited me to join them for dinner afterwards and 
we went to this very yummy mexican restaurant!  
 Well, I  have to wrap this up, I wanted to get Kaitlyn's sneak peek up but my family wants dinner!!
Until next time!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Heidi HO!  WOW!!  has it been busy this past weekend, of course there was Michelle and Tracy's  wedding on Saturday and then a special Sunday shoot with with my gal pal Brooke and her family.  But how could I say "No." I just love Brooke... she makes me laugh, and I like to laugh!
 I was going to share my favorite memory but there are just too many to choose from.  There's her maternity shoot (poor Josh), the girl's weekend when I first met her and she got her car stuck in the snow, our love of candles and rabbits... how is a girl to choose!
 I also love Josh's enthusiasm to sub for our Bunco group (he is VERY competitive!!)
 And then of course there are the boys... Jordan, Jacob, Austin and Cade!

 But it is Cade who holds my heart...  isn't he just dreamy?!?!
 HEART Melting!!

Love ya, BROOKE!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Wishes - Tracy and Michelle

I'm BACK!!  Weird week last week!  I was booked all week but a series of different events ended with all sessions being rescheduled! But the break gave me some time to catch up on orders, so it was all good.  On Saturday, Rod and I headed out to Tracy and Michelle's summer wedding.

Michelle and I used to go to the same church and I recognized her as soon as I saw her, what a sweet and pleasant Bride.

 I thought her dress was absolutely STUNNING with delicate lace and just the right amount of "bling"!
 And the pop of COLOR from the flowers was FABULOUS!
These lovely ladies are Michelle's sisters, Jackie and Annie... 
I love this picture of them laughing together (makes me think of my 3 girls).

This one of Tracy and Michelle is one of my favorites, I love the expression on her face.

 The church couldn't have been prettier.
 Everybody's favorite part "You may kiss the, Bride."

 I thought the whole wedding was lovely, one of the highlights was the music.  I'm not sure what the relationship was, but the singer was amazing!!  I found myself just standing there listening, when I was like "CIJA!!  Snap out of it! You are supposed to be taking pictures!"

 Their send off was one I had never seen before, bags of gummie bears for each of the guests and a tunnel of ribbons!

Rod and I were honored to be part of their celebration and pray the Lord's blessing over their marriage. 
Until next time! Cija

Monday, August 20, 2012

Senior Pictures in Highlands Ranch, CO

 Well, it's Monday... Again!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Ours was pretty darn good (Rod wasn't feeling well, so he might have a different opinion, but the girls and I, we had fun).  We BBQ'd at the school, went to see "Annie" had pie at the Denver Diner at Midnight, went to church, lunch with friends, and played LIFE.

 But before the weekend began I was with Kaitlyn and her mom, for her Senior Pictures.  Kaitlyn is a 2013 Senior at Arapahoe High School.  I have technically known Kaitlyn from afar since she was born.  I used to work with her dad at AKI (we have both worked there, well... since, forever!)  
 I was very impressed with Kaitlyn's ability to change anywhere, I often help moms hold up large blankets creating outdoor changing rooms but this was not necessary in Kaitlyn's case.  She is a pro at something called "deck changing" all she needed was her teeth and a towel, very impressive indeed!
 Towards the end of her shoot we "switched gears" (ha ha! get it there's a bike!!) and took some images highlighting Kaitlyn's passions, swimming and doing triathlons. 
 Kaitlyn was a particularly good sport when I asked her to stand in this freezing water!

I think my fave of the day is the one below...  I love everything about it AND I managed to get the shot with out getting covered in goose poop, so it was a BONUS!
Until next time!! Cija