Friday, April 29, 2016

Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

This Colorado weather never disappoints!  As I type this it is snowing with a couple of inches on the ground.  On Tuesday, when this shoot was done, we were worried about rain.
We talked about a reschedule but decided in the end to just go for it.  But in Castle Rock, it started snowing... HARD!  They were already on their way so... we were pressing on.  In Castle Pines it was raining, but 10 minutes into the shoot the rain stopped and we were able to finish the shoot minus the umbrellas!
I have had the pleasure of taking Jenna's family photo for a few years now, but this time it was her whole family!
Her brother, Donald and his family and 
her brother, Christopher and wife, Talia (baby to arrive end of May!)
 The kids! The boy or "The Best One" (that is what he said to call him), Murray (not sure I got that spelling right but it is pronounce Mur-Ray), Ashlyn, Cynthia & Peyton
 And of course, where it all started... mom and dad, Sharon and Don.
 Loved this photo of Talia and Christopher... I had to sneak it in!

I am very excited for the upcoming photography season and hope to see you very soon on the other side of my lens!
 Don't forget to tell the 2017 seniors in your life to give me a call!!!  High school seniors are my FAVORITE!!  
Until next time! Cija

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photographer in Elizabeth, CO

On Saturday afternoon, Rod and head east, really east, WAY EAST!
To meet up with Shelley and Doug, this photo shoot has been a year in the making!
We did the shoot on Doug's property and he had so many fun things to play with!
The most important this old John Deere tractor.  Doug and his dad rebuilt it when he was a kid but then ended up selling it. 

Shelley tracked it down and bought it back and gave it to Doug for Christmas! How fancy is that?!?
I wasn't running when they got it back so Doug and his son spent some time getting it back in working order.  I think that is pretty darn cool!
I enjoyed ever minute of this shoot, the location, the "stuff", the long ride with my hubby and the subject were all terrific!
Even managed to sneak it in before the rain and take advantage of the beautiful storm clouds!
Love that moment... just before a kiss!
Okay, I gotta run... the girls and I have some more school to do!
Thanks Shelley and Doug for letting me take your photos!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Not sure how chatty I am going to be tonight... it's late but I HAVE to get this sneak peek up for Denishar.  Some rather bothersome technology issues caused a bit of a delay. 
But after a rather bumpy weekend, we are back up and walking (I won't go as far as to say "running", as I have a bit of a new learn curve to overcome). 
Just look at those beautiful tulips!! Loving all the fresh colors of spring!
Such sweet faces! Don't cha just wanna squeeze 'em!
Oh my goodness, me on my! I love this photo of the boys!

 It seems like I haven't been here for such a long time. Not as many brave souls this year, willing to brave the winter photoshoot. But so much has happened since I was here last. 
Most notably, our dear friend the Christensen's have moved back to Colorado!  Finally! Someone is moving here instead of moving away! And lucky for us while they looked for a house (closing in just a few weeks) they agreed to rooming with the Cookseys!
 And oh what fun we have had!!  Big family dinners every night, games galore and a steady stream of yummy desserts (Oh Talia... How I love you!)
 So while it has been a little quiet in photography land I have enjoyed the extra time to be home and enjoy our company. 
Two of my favorite photos of the day!  Such sweet snuggles!
Well, the morning will come early so I best be on my way to bed!  So good to be out and about taking photos again!  Thanks Derrik and Denishar, I just adore your sweet family!