Sunday, March 30, 2014

Family Photography in Castle Pines, CO

Okay, one more Sunday peek, because tomorrow Spring Break is officially over and it is back to school for the Cooksey's! So… I must maximize my time!
 On Friday, at least I think it was Friday I was with the Higgs family (Jennifer - above and Michelle - below are friends from church) they were all together in one place at the same time so a family photo was definitely in order. 

 Now… you could tell these were California folks because it was B-Ea-utiful outside and they were all wearing parkas between each photo.  Purdy funny if you ask me!
 I am just wondering… if you are the only granddaughter, do you get spoiled?!?!?! 
Thoughts to ponder...

 I love this photo of the cousins, walking on the bridge.  I just do.

 I also love this happy smiles! Beautiful!

We had to steal a quick pic of Michelle with all her boys.  LOVE.

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Just dropping in for a super mini-peek of Blake while Rod is at orchestra practice and the girlies at the park.  You may recall I had a shoot with Blake and his sister Amelia a couple of weeks ago.
 It was freezing and Blake got his hands wet and we never really able to recover, so we decided to meet up one more time, just to make sure we got his 6 month milestone covered!
 Most babies tolerate cold pretty well, but Blake is not one of those babies, he likes it nice and comfortable, as you can see below, he was much more smilely with his coat on!
Smiles or no smiles he is sure one handsome little fella!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 So I have to admit, I am a little bummed out.  I realized that today is Friday and that means that our Spring Break is nearly over and honestly, we haven't really done much out of the ordinary.  I would like to say that I am going to redeem myself with something spectacular today, but a nasty head bug is on full attack and I don't feel like doing much of anything.  
 So… we may just have to have a "do-over"! 
 But earlier in the week I met up with Stephanie and her family.  Let's see there was her mom and dad, her brother Brad and his family and of course her own peeps, Mike, Cooper and Logan.  
 This would be Brad and his fabulous family, mind you, he was Scott for just a moment.  
If I didn't think name tags would have a negative effect on the photos I would definitely make people wear them!
 The weather was perfect for the shoot.  Always a big big bonus!!

 Cousins and Grandkids… Oh my!!!

Their little family of four has sure bloomed into something beautiful!
After our main shoot, Stephanie and Mike added on a mini-shoot to the "Lots of Wishes" package scoring them a few extra photos.  
 Of course you recognize, Cooper, he's appeared her on the blog several times before… in fact mostly recently he was announcing that he was going to be a big brother!

 Tonight is another family shoot, so I better wrap things up here and go see what the girlies are up too!
Until next time!! Cija

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

For Abby...

14 years, 2 months and 6 days ago, I sat in a doctor's office with my husband excited to have an ultrasound and our 2nd look at our baby.  Excitement turned to shock when the doctor told us that there was no longer a heart beat.  

Our baby was dead. 

Stunned could not describe what I felt in that moment, we had struggled with years of infertility, I thought the heartache was behind us but this pain pierced even deeper into my heart.  Eight months later I would find myself in those deep waters again, mourning our second child and wondering if I would ever be able to hold one of my children.  

The loss shook my world in ways I never expected, my husband lost his faith and trust in God and denied His very existence.  The next 8 months I felt utterly and completely alone.  

Then a ray of hope, a little boy named, Noah.  8 months old and orphaned, this had to be the reason but 5 weeks later my dreams laid dash among the rocks yet again.  Showing no thought or mercy for my pain, a dark cloud  descended over my husband, the chains of depression pulled against him pulling him face to face with death.  Seemingly, his only choice.  

I remember those days like they were yesterday, each emotion etched deep on the surface of my heart.

I look back and wonder how we survived.

Tonight another heart grieves for a child lost.  My sweet, precious friend, Abby has had to say goodbye to her baby.  A goodbye before there was even a chance for a proper hello. I wish I could take her in my arms and make her pain go away, but I know all to well that it never disappears completely.  This day will leave a crimson spot on the tapestry of her life, with time the tread will go thinner but it will always be there, her heart & mind will never forget.  But it is these threads that make the tapestries of our lives so beautiful in the glow of reflection. 

For we know that God works all things together for good for those who love the Lord.  I know Sam and Abby love the Lord and I know in the years to come they will have testimony of how God gave them beauty for these tender ashes. 

14 years, 2 months and 6 days later, I sit in my family room with husband of 21 years wishing our 3 wonderful girlies would be just a little be quieter so that we could hear one another speaking.

We not only survived we thrived.  

My husband's life was saved because of that little orphan and the following year our sweet Melia Hope was born, 3 months after that Rod found a renewed faith in Jesus Christ his Savior and 1 year after that Sabrina and Ryanne completed our family.  

And so we cling to the author and finisher of our faith, clinging to the knowledge that He never wastes our pain.  

We love you, Sam & Abby and our hearts truly break with yours.  

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Okay, get ready for some serious cuteness!  
Cameron is celebrating his 1st birthday!!

 And we had a pretty fabulous time at his photo shoot! 
All in all, I think we were pretty happy that he didn't float away with all these balloons!
Ummm… seriously?  
 Yep, pretty much one cute thing after another! 
 I think the one above is my favorite of the day, but wait 30 seconds and I may just change my mind.

 Well, it is time to go get the girlies!  See you again soon!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Courthouse Wedding

On Friday afternoon, I had the honor of photographing Jeremy and Sophia's courthouse wedding. 
But things started off a little shaking when I was sitting outside the courthouse on Perry and realized that they might be at the big courthouse.
 I ran inside to ask if there was a wedding at 5:00 but they said the Judge wasn't in and he doesn't tell them when he's doing a wedding!!  ACK!  I tried to email Jeremy's sister, she made the arrangements with me, then I quick called home to have my 9 year old get on my computer and find their original email so I could get a phone number. (Umm… yes, I more organized person would have had the number with them, but hey!  I had my camera!!)

 In the meantime… I drove really really fast over to the other courthouse.  Finally Ryanne, found the number but there was no answer.  
There was no one standing out front and I was 5 minutes late. 
OH NO!!!  I felt a bit like Mike Wysocki!  "Now is the time to PANIC"

 I was headed back the car to drive back to the other courthouse when I saw a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress… SOPHIA!!!  Phew!

 After the wedding we headed to a near by park for a few outdoor photos.

 And then they were off to party with family and friends.  
Congratulations you two! and thanks for letting me be part of your special day!