Monday, January 26, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, Colorado

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hear it's going to be a beautiful day outside!!
A good day to play hooky!  I wonder if they would notice if we kidnapped Rod from work.
Ah… happy memories.  My mom used to kidnap me from school!  My dad would drop me off on one side of the building and my mom would be waiting on the other side to kidnap me for the day.  We would shop, go out for lunch and spend the whole day together. I highly recommend kidnapping someone!  It's super fun.
So on Saturday afternoon, after spending the morning at the Rockie's Fest (which by the way… I DID NOT see Dinger AGAIN!  That is one elusive dinosaur!!!) I joined up with Marty, Brenda and Siena for some family pictures.  Referred by my wonderful friends the Lyon's family!!  Thanks Geoff and Trisha!  I love you guys!!
 Although it was cloudy, it wasn't too cold AND we still had some snow to play with!!  Which in my opinion is pretty perfect!  and look at those sassy fuchsia boots!  I could really rock a pair of fuchsia boots with my owl mittens, oh yes, I could!!

 Ah… what a couple of beautiful blondes!  I may have been coveting the hair just a wee bit!
Siena, was a real joy to work with!  Such a happy girl!
And look at that beautiful smile!
 Love this picture of Marty and Brenda!  Love love love!
 And I am always a sucker for the daddy/daughter photo, just look at the way she is looking at her daddy.  Just precious!

 I really do have the very best job!  I get to meet and work with so many awesome people! 
 And I hope this shoot was a bit less traumatic than Siena's newborn shoot!!  And will help to inspire some more frequent photographs!  ; )
Okay, time to start school for the day!!  Have a great day!
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baby Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Happy Hump Day!  I kind feel like I earned it this week, but not exactly sure why.  But this morning I started my day bright and early with Ryker.  Can you believe these were his 1 year old photos?!?!
I just can't!  How does it go so incredibly fast. 
 They don't come any sweeter… he is always so happy and full of smiles and I just adore his 2 front teeth!!!
That doesn't mean he doesn't have a serious side.  He can be quite contemplative with the circumstances call for it. 
He will be all smiles again soon!

He even tried out a whole new smile for us today… I think it's a keeper!
Ah… Happy Birthday little guy!!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Today, I was very happy to be out there shooting!
Even if it meant laying in the snow and never getting warm today.  The sunshine was gorgeous and I had a beautiful model for today's shoot.

Miss Aubrie is 6 months old!! So we headed out and in for some photos! 
 And isn't her winter outfit the best… I love the softness of the pink with the snow and the sunlight reflecting on the window grass (that's my name for it, I love that grass!)

 We had a two part shoot, a little bit outside and then a little bit inside.  
Aubrie was positively prefect at both!

 Love me some profiles!

 Favorite baby pose!!  Playing with their piggies!  I have this same photo of Melia on her changing table, it's my absolute favorite baby photo of her.  
Well, it time to get those girlies off to bed and spend some time with the hubby.  Be back in a couple of days, I see Ryker tomorrow morning.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yep! They're mine!!

My client reschedule their appointment today because of the snow…  So that meant the girlies and I would be heading out to take advantage of this wonderfully fluffy stuff!!

Melia has wanted snow for her 11 year old pictures so… we took a few extra of Melia today (of course she will be 12 in April, but no matter!)

Aren't these girls the C U T E S T!!!
Sabrina borrowed her dad's hat… I love that!  It's just so… Sabrina!

No man!  I just LOVE snow pictures sooooo much!!!!
 and I LOVE this photo of my three girlies! LOVE LOVE LOVE
So my sister makes that really cool scarf that Melia is wearing, aren't they beautiful?

Oh.. she made Ryanne's hat too!

Had a little excitement when we got home.  Ryanne was trying to make some french fries in the oven, instead there was a great big fire in there!  
 I was very calm, cool and collected.  Through my flour on it and all, but boy oh boy is it cold in here with all the windows open!!
Can't you just hear Sabrina… "Wait for me!"

 Yep, it was pretty much awesome!