Saturday, December 31, 2011

No words...

I thought I could sit down and write some moving tribute... I can't, I have no words.
There are so many platitudes, yuck.

This is Caitlyn, she is my great niece, not in the sense that she is greater than my other nieces but in the sense that she is my niece's daughter.  She was born in January 2011, I met her face to sweet precious face in September 2011 and she stopped breathing last night.  She had SMA1.

Oh those chocolate brown eyes, they make me melt.  She had the sweetest smile ever and that is the memory that I will cherish in my heart until I see her again in Heaven.

My heart hurts and the tears comes so easily and I am just her Great Aunt.  Please pray for her mom, Carly, her dad, Ryan and her brother, Graison and her Grandparents... and the rest of us aunts, uncles and cousins that loved her sooo much.    

Good bye sweet baby girl... I'll see you soon.
Auntie Cija

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby Photograher in Parker, Co

Hello!!  I am back!  This is the last of the pictures until next year!!  Oh I may be back with a story or two to share but the shoots for 2011 are officially over.  
 And I can't think of a sweeter way to end that year then with Linley, who will officially be 1 year old on December 30th!! 

I am very sad to report that Linley is moving to California... boo!! (but maybe I will be really lucky and her mom will call me when they are in town to visit just like Maddock and Paisley's mom does, that would be AWESOME!!)

 Well, it has been a very lazy day, in fact not os 4:08 PM and I am still in my jammies!!! The girls and I played a marathon game of Monopoly, but now that Rod is home I think maybe I will get dressed and we can go out and do something fun.  Now... what to do?  Oh, by the way we went to see "We Bought a Zoo" yesterday, very fun movie!!

Okay... I am off!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Now don't let the fact that I am posting pictures fool you, technically I am still on vacation until the 3rd of January but... I did sneak in a couple of shoots yesterday (I'm such a softy) and I just couldn't bare to make them wait until next week to see their sneak peeks!
 So a couple of weeks ago I did Katelyn's pictures, she the cute little one in the middle of the first picture and yesterday we did the whole family including visiting family all the way from Michigan!
Above is Katelyn's uncle and cousin... below her big brothers!

 Oh... and there mom and dad and grandma and grandpa!!!

 We had lots of fun with the whole family!!

Well, Rod just got home, it's been a long day all around... so I think I am gonna grab a blanket and hang out with my hubby for a while.  See you tomorrow, with another peek!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO - The Polemi Family

 So... did you  have a Merry Christmas?  We sure did!  A few schedule changes in terms of where we spent our time but it was great!!  We had precious, sweet time with our girls that I have longed for, we even played our first game of LIFE yesterday afternoon, what a HOOT!
 On Friday, before the festivities began I ran out for a quick shoot with the Polemi's.  Isn't it
 B-E-Utiful?!?!  The snow on the trees was amazing!!  That 's doesn't happen very often, it usually warms up and falls off the branches before I can talk someone into braving the outdoors for a photo shoot, but man is it worth it, it just doesn't get anymore breath taking!
My short term memory is on the fritz again and I can't for the life of my remember their son's name... it will come to me in the middle of the night no doubt, but any who, the handsome man on the right is their oldest and is home from Graduate school for Christmas.  I don't remember the official name of his specialty but it had to do with radiation treatments and he is working on a new machine that will detect breast cancer, at least I think I got that right.
 Katelyn is a Senior this year (you may remember her from a few months back and her Senior Pictures).  She tried to relay the message about wearing snow boots but no one listened, I'm afraid they all had chilly toes at dinner!!

Well, I think I am going to wrap this up and join the fam in the family room for some "just dance 3"!!
See you soon! Cija

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Post

So this post is going to be a bit unusual.  The usual Christmas Eve post is a recap of our baking day and oh, did we bake but instead I am going to share a story with you.  After hearing my sweet friend Lynn share this story a few weeks ago I was inspired to write a short story about her experience.  This is based on her very true story... I hope you enjoy.

Treasures in the Sand
Cija Cooksey
It seemed like I had been waiting for this moment for a lifetime.  I had become a Christian years ago, but it was only in the last couple of years that I had fallen head over heels in love with my Savior.  I was literally basking in His beautiful romance. I know, I sound a little crazy to some, if you’ve yet to experience the romancing of Jesus it’s quite literally impossible to imagine.  
Hours ago I boarded a plane in Denver and now I was watching the Holy Land pass by through a tour bus window.  My body and mind were tired from a long day of travel but my heart seemed to skip a beat to realize that I was where my Jesus once walked. 
It occurred to me as I tried to navigate my carry on bag thru the narrow aisle way of the bus that no one had thought to coordinate their sizes to work well together.  I bumped my way to front and made my way down the stairs, my exhaustion caused me to wonder again, why not add one more step? It would be such a simple fix to oversized steps leading to and from the bus that highlight my growing imbalance and lack of coordination.  
I half expected to hear applause as I finally stepped onto the concrete for having successfully navigated the obstacle course that is “Greyhound”. Instead it was the bus driver’s voice that caused my head to turn,
“Ma’am? The sea is only 4 blocks that way and sun will be setting soon, perhaps the short walk would be a nice ending to your long day of travels.”
I wondered if the driver had missed my less than graceful exit from the bus, the only thing this girl could think about was a hot shower, a little food, a bed with extra pillows and a TV remote.  
I was rummaging through my suitcase looking for the last of my toiletries when the view from my window caught my eye.  The sun was low in the sky, soon it would be out of sight until morning.  I was here.  Israel, the Promise Land.  I slid my room key off the dresser and into my pocket and raced out the door.  I was frustrated, why had I wasted such precious daylight, I zig zagged my way through the crowded streets “Four blocks, just four blocks, I can make it” I thought to myself. 
Something about the sand made it even more real, Jesus had been here, he had walked on this beach.  I was overwhelmed.  I had spent years as a Christian trying to be good, trying to follow all the rules, trying to be perfect and I failed miserably;  but lately I had started to take the focus off of me and what I thought I could do and instead put it on Him and what He had already done.   He loved me more than I could begin to comprehend and since the beginning of time He had set out to  pursue me, to chase after me for He longed to be with me and I was falling hopelessly in love with Him.  He was  My Creator, My Protector... My Savior.
As I watched the sunlight dance a top the water, I was overcome with joy; my heart sang praises and my hands lifted high in absolute worship and adoration.   The tide was coming in and the water began to move back and forth over my tired feet, perhaps just another gift from the One who loved me so.  It wouldn’t be long and the light of day would be completely gone.  I knew I wanted to remember this moment forever; I needed a memento... perhaps a seashell.   I searched the sand, even picked up a few, looking for that one that would be unique and as special as this moment.  I was reaching for another when something just below the water’s surface caught my eye.  It shimmered like the sun being reflected off a crystal prism.  I reached below the surface of the water and pulled out a ring.  A sliver band.
“I am your Creator, Your Protector, Your Savior and you... you are my Bride.”  I could almost hear the words - they rang so clear in my heart.  I was His bride and here on this beach He gave me a ring as a symbol of His love and promise to me.  There are no words for what happened to me on the beach that day, there are simply no words... for the love of My Savior.
“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  May you find Jesus this Christmas and fall hopelessly in love with him. Cija

Friday, December 23, 2011

Silent Night...

Man, I just listened to the most beautiful version of the song Silent Night.  The video was breathtaking too, all snowy and gorgeous and it got me thinkin'...

  It's pretty silent here today.  The girls are at the park with their friends sledding in the new snow, Rod is at work and Aimee and kids went to the airport to pick up Matt.  Usually this would be happy news, it's just more complete when Matt is here too.  But today that news of his arrival does not have the same effect.  He is coming to pack up his family and move them to Oregon.  They have been here for 6 months and 1 day.  It's more than I could have imagined... in fact when I prayed I asked for a week, just a week of vacation to spend with our dear friends. 
 But God who is infinitely more than I can imagine graciously gave me more than I could ever think to ask for.  He said "No." to the vacation request and I was seriously bummed, I started scrambling trying to make something happen but it kept coming back "No".  
He had so much more to give... 6 months and 1 day. 
I will miss Matthew's stories at dinner and his totally kickin' dance moves, I will miss Isabell's heelying through the kitchen and the way she can make everything a finger food, I will miss Mia and her fabulous messy ponytail, I will miss Matt's random news facts and parmesan chicken but mostly 
I will miss my precious and dear friend, Aimee.
 I will miss our games (speed, hertz and pente), cooking together, grocery shopping together, thursday lunches and our sweet talks about the Lord. 
 I will miss her more than she will ever know. 
 So I wish them safety on their journey, a wonderful place to call their own, a home filled with laughter, a church where they will grow in their love for the Lord and friends in the neighborhood who will fill their life with joy and happiness.

Good bye my sweet, sweet friends!! XOXO, Cija

By the way, I am already mapquesting the midway point!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Photographer in Denver, CO

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Suzanne and her family for a family shoot.  (Shhh!!! It's a Christmas present for Jeremy and Jeff's mom).  I was feelin' pretty bad for Suzanne's daughter because she was wearing little ballet flats, I tried to limit the amount of snow I make her walk through, I am sure that she had little frozen tootsies by the time we were done.  

So I will be pretty scarce the next couple of weeks.  I am taking some time off to spend with my cherubs.  I have one shoot on Friday and two a week from Tuesday but other than that I am free to play with my girlies!  WooHoo!!!

Until next time!! Cija

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Hey there!  So it is the last day before Christmas vacation!  Are you ready? We are ringing in the time off with a giant sleepover.  The potential is 12 kids (10 of those girls) where are the ear plugs?  My poor husband, he actually has to get up and go to work tomorrow!!

But let's back up to yesterday shall we... this is Greyson.  He is cute! super CUTE!! and such a sweet little model, he did a fabulous job at his first photoshoot!!  My fave of the day is day holding him and he has one arm hanging down and one foot stickin' up! LOVE!!
Man, are they gonna have a fun Christmas or what?

Speaking of Christmas, I'm seriously thinking about starting my shopping next week!!
OH AND I made gifts for the teachers this year... I made these cute little clipboards and I was shocked at just how cute they turned out.  I almost took a picture of them but then I thought what on earth would I do with a photo of clipboards but now... I know!  I would have put it on here for you to see!!  Oh well, you will just have to trust me!  And the whole ordeal was relatively painless.  I did have to make a last minute trip to Micheals for Mod Podge but Talia went with me, gave me a 40% off coupon and talked me into Starbucks, my first Caramel Brule' Latte of the season YUM!! and then my hubby hung out with me all the live long night while I glued and snipped and tied!  He just sat and listened to me rattle on for a couple of hours... oh, I do love him!!  He is the bestest!
Well... the actual shoots are slowing down, one more on Saturday and then I am taking some time off.  Only one shoot next week and then 2 after Christmas will wrap up the 2011 season!
Okay, I am off!  Cija

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Children's Photographer in Denver, CO - Binford

I told Cathy I would have her sneak peek up today...  I may be slidin' in with only 15 minutes to spared but it is still Tuesday!!  Yesterday, after Clark and after Kasen and Madelyn I met up with some of my favorite kids.  Adam was marking his 7th birthday and in addition to his birthday pictures we set up to get one photo of the 3 of them for a Christmas card. 
 Well... here it is the one photo of the 3 of them.  Yep, there is only one.    Between the 2 shoot the temperature dropped dramatically and it was COLD!!!  Really COLD!  and poor little Andrew was not at all interested in having his pictures taken.    So while mom tried to comfort Andrew, Adam and I got to work on his 7 year old pics.
In the end it was determined that a picture of the 3 of them was not going to be possible.  So we opted for individual pics of each of them .  1st was little Elizabeth (this photo was snapped while she was riding one of those rocking spring animals!)
Then we took at shot at Andrew.  For a teenie tiny little moment he was happy on the train but it didn't last... 
In the end, the only place Andrew was happy was sitting on his mom's lap in behind the steering wheel with the heat going and a little Toto blastin' on the radio!!
 Hey...  whatever works!!!
 Okay... I am going to get outta here before it becomes tomorrow!