Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kid's Photography in Castle Rock, CO

I'm back! Okay, so the day has not only caught up with me it has raced on by, oh well... it was nice while it lasted. Rod was running late from an appointment, so I had to take the girls with me on my photo shoot, poor little things, I gave them a list of rules a mile long. All and all they did pretty good, but holy cow those girls can talk! You would think that I keep them locked in a closet all day! They were talking Heather and Steve's ears off!
So, this is Tristan! (Takes me back to my Jr High days, Tristan Rogers played Scorpio on General Hospital... he was so dreamy) anywho, don'tcha just love his big brown eyes! But what I loved the most was all the expressions this little boy could come up with!

This big smile was the result of just seeing his blanket!
Look at those lips!! Could they be any more perfect! I don't think so...
This one just cracks me up... I can't even imagine what he is thinking in that little mind of his!

I think mom and dad will be seeing this face a lot in his teenage years "But Mom..."

Sweet Perfection...

"Ooooo..." my personal favorite! He "Oooo'd" whenever he saw a pine cone, a stick, a flower, anything actually! So very cute!!
Such a big boy!

Hello!! It's Cija! Of course there is going to be a picture of his feet! I love the feet, people!!

This picture reminds me of Chloe with her mom and the ladybug, just precious!
Well, I am off for a little down time before bed! Hugs to all! Cija www.3wishesphotography.com

Senior Pictures in Lonetree, Colorado

Today has been a strangely slow day. Most of my days fly by with me chasing after them, but today, I seem to be the one out in front and my day is lingering behind me. Hmmm... I wonder what that is all about. Last night I was with Brady, he is a 2011 Senior from Cherokee Trail. Next year he plans to play college football, but... he's still not sure where he will end up (Hey! maybe one day he will be in the NFL, and I will get to say "I took his picture before he was famous!") Brady brought along Rachel, who I assume is his girlfriend but come to think of it I never really asked. Gee, I hope she isn't a cousin or something... and I'm askin' the two of them to cuddle up! Honestly, I think my assumption was right, cuz they didn't seem to mind. I'm a little blue because the Senior Season is coming to an end, and I just had soooo much fun taking senior pictures!! But that means it's almost officially FALL!!! Yippee!! I love fall!! (By the way, mark your calendars the Halloween Photo day is Saturday, Oct 23rd! Well, I am off! Till next time. Cija

Monday, August 30, 2010

Infant Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

Boy, it seems like a long time since I was here last. It's been a little crazy around here. Last Thursday I was supposed to take pictures of Jacob (isn't he handsome?) but at the last minute I had to cancel (his people were very accommodating on working with me to reschedule) because my mom was being taken to the hospital by ambulance. She had quite literally "fallen and couldn't get up", turned out that she has 3 cracked vertebrae! She is now busy doing rehab work in a nursing facility. I was reluctant to go, but my husband pushed me out the door Friday afternoon to go Keystone for the weekend with the ladies from church (Calvary Chapel Castle Rock) for our annual retreat. I was torn being away with my mom being hurt but the Lord was faithful and my time on the mountain was well spent. So... Jacob came today instead of last Thursday. What a happy little guy! So cute, I just wanted to squeeze him but I refrained as I fear some parents may not approve! Well, I must wrap this up, as I am headed back out the door to meet Brady for his Senior pictures. Be back soon! Cija http://www.3wishesphotography.com/

Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Photographer in Lonetree, Colorada

Heido Ho! Well it's 6:00PM and the sitter should be here any minute!! It's date night! Woohoo!! I don't even know what we are doing yet, but I don't really care, I am just excited to be going out for some alone time with my very handsome hubby! But before we head out I wanted to drop in with a sneak peek at my shoot from last night. My or my that park was hopping with photographers, I think it was a record breakin' night, I think at one point a count 12 photographers there (and it is not a big park)!! Well, I am off!! http://www.3wishesphotography.com/ Cija

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Senior Pictures in the Rocky Mountains!

Okay, I am going to make this quick! We just got home from church (we actually made it too the early service) and I am whipping up a fresh pot of "Black" tea (that's for you Talia!) and then we are headed out the door for lunch and games with friends. But... last night the family and I headed up to Pine, Co to take some pictures with 2011 Senior, Mark! Mark is attending high school in Conifer and is joining the Marines when he graduates! He hopes to work on helicopters. A big thank you to Mark for choosing to serve his country! Let's remember to keep Mark and all our service men and women in our prayers! http://www.3wishesphotography.com/ Hugs! Cija

Friday, August 20, 2010

Senior Pictures in Denver, Colorado

Ah... I am so glad it is Friday! It was a fun day, spent the better part of it behind the camera, but that's the way I like it. So this afternoon I did my 1st official Boudoir shoot, can I just say "Wow! that was really fun!" I would love to be able to show you a sneak peek, but it was a "for your eyes only" type of shoot and the eyes licensed to peek are her husbands! Happy Birthday Andy!

Then this evening I met up with Anna, a 2011 senior from Smokey Hill High School. I like Anna, she was fun to hang out with, and didn't even get mad (either that or she hid it really well) when I had her lay down in the mud with her pretty white pants!! OOPS! My bad! And then there was her very handy mom and sister, who helped block the sun and hold the branches out of my face! Thanks guys!! If you haven't booked your Senior pictures yet, you should probably "get on it" time's a wastin'! For more information, visit my website at http://www.3wishesphotography.com/. Hugs! Cija

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just for Fun

Okay, so a few months back I said I was going to post some "fun" pictures, tonight I decided to make that happen. I have no idea why I choose to do these things when I should be sleeping, but oh well! I am committed now! I hope you enjoy this little peek into the other side of my life!
This is Snickers. I lovingly refer to her as the "Beast", she is too cute! Actually, she is lucky she is cute, because this dog drives me flippin' crazy! She is so sweet and calm when it's just the Cooksey's but open the front door or have a guest over and look out!! She's a maniac!

I love this picture of Ryanne, sitting on the trampoline, just chillin'.

The huge moth was hangin' out on our door jam, I have to admit, it kinda grossed me out. The wings were b-e-u-tiful, but the body and legs... well, I was not a fan. So I am balancing on a chair over the porch stairs to get this pic, if this little creature had made a break for it, I would have gone crashing down. (I made sure Melia knew how to dial "911" before hand, just in case!

Miss Melia playing in the pool... what a great investment!! They loved this thing, but we really should have taken it down at the end of summer last year, the freezing and thawing did not go so well. We filled it up and it leaked to empty. Definitely getting a new one next year! They would swim every single day if they could!

Just hangin' out on a Saturday morning, playin' games. I love this picture of Ryanne, she is wearing my favorite night gown from when I was a little girl. Just precious, thanks for saving it mom (I am so not a saver).
Caught Miss Brina playing dress up, she is just the cutest witch ever!!

Another one of my favorites. This was taken at the aquarium in Corpus Christi, Tx.

I got home from a shoot one day this week and saw this beautiful moon and star when I let the dog in, I just had to grab my camera and take a shot. (Should have taken the time to switch lenses)

So a couple of weeks ago, my friend, Alina came over for a little Photography 101. After our little class we head out to see if we could turn "stuff" into "art"! It was fun to just play! In this picture, Alina was taking a picture of a daisy and a vintage suitcase.

In the garage, we played with Rod's VW engine. I have no idea what this is, but it sure looks cool!

This was my favorite shot of the day. I love playing with water in my pictures.

So, I am not very good with plants, in fact I was pretty sure I killed this last year, it was frozen solid. In the spring, I just cut it down to the ground and waited, and wah-la! It came back, with more flowers than ever!!
Well, that's it for now, I hope you enjoy a little detour from the norm. I will be back on Thursday with more "peeps"!! Nighty Night! Cija