Friday, January 28, 2011

Cocoa Goes to School

Well, today was the day. Cocoa went to school. He was a rock star (don't let the photo's fool you, he indeed is a he, trapped in a girl's world, no doubt he will be forever scarred by his time spent in the Cooksey house but it is what it is, and he will just have to learn to deal with it, because I draw the line at bunny therapy). The girls were so excited (well, at least Sabrina and Ryanne, Melia was a little ticked that Samuel is allergic so that means no animal show and tells). I remember when I was in the 3rd grade a got to bring "Clyde" the cat to school, but back then they stayed the whole day... ironically it was the same day the Steven Dragich (pardon my spelling) brought his bird!! YIKES!! There was a lot of crouching and pacing that day for Clyde (just an interesting side bar we had a dog named Bonnie) yes, we are those people. Let's see our family has seen:
Bonnie & Clyde
Neiman & Marcus
Cuff & Link
Flounder & Sebastian
well, you get the idea.
Okay, I'm off... busy day today, getting my hair fixed from my recent coloring dabauckle (Travis I need you to be my hero, no pressure), bank, birthday gift, shower gift, carpool, work, date night; sorry house that means you are going to be overlooked again today. Until next time. Cija

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boudoir Photography in Parker, CO

NOTE: While I offer full service Boudoir photography I do not post any of my "more delicate" work in this public forum, to see a private boudoir gallery please contact me at 

Today I had another Valentine Boudoir shoot... now this lovely lady was very brave. It didn't really dawn on me until we started making our way to her bedroom. This was the first time she had ever laid eyes on me, the first time we had ever met and now she was leading me to her room where she would allow me the precious honor of photographing her as a gift for her husband. What a treat these shoots have been for me, I spent some time praying on my way to her house, I prayed that God would help me capture the essence of who He created her to be and that He would use these images to help her see her beauty in His loving craftsmanship. Oh, that is so my heart in doing these shoots... that these girls will feel beautiful and that their husband's will be blown away with just how lovely their ladies truly are.
Now on a totally random side note, last night we went to our favorite burger place, "Crave", they had a special on the menu... a bacon cheese burger with 2 Lamar's glazed donuts as the bun!!! WHAT!?!?!? That is RE-Donkulous! (No... I did not try it, but the lady sitting next to us did and she said it was awesome.) Okay, I'm gonna wrap it up, need to get some R&R tomorrow is gonna be another cah-razy day, starting with taking Cocoa to school for show and tell! (Cocoa, the bunny) You have got to be kidding me!!! Until next time! Cija

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is Keeley... isn't she sweet! Dark brown hair with pretty blue eyes, one of my favorite combinations! It's pretty rare too (in the world according to Cija anyway...), I remember the first time I saw the lovely combo... it was at Crystal's Pizza Parlor on a church youth outing, he was an older college age boy and I am just sure he was interested in my cute little 7th grade self! Anywho... focus Cija! Keeley had the most awesome nursery!! I couldn't figure out how to make it part of the "photos" but I should have at least taken pictures of the room (yes, it was THAT awesome). It was Dr. Seuss gone wild! There were Whozit's and Whatzit's galore! (oh wait that might be a Little Mermaid reference, well either way you get the idea.) Keeley's total awesome mom and grandma handpainted the fabulous four walls of fun! I know! what kind of photographer doesn't take pictures! I mean seriously! But I did take pictures of this cutie patootie! Such a sweet little face.
Well, Rod just got home with new phones (something I am sure he is far more excited about then me), so I have made this observation that the design teams at these cell phone companies need a little female input, a touch screen that would work with acrylic nails would be very, I mean VERY helpful. I'm just sayin'! Well, everyone is now running amuck, wanting a dinner I haven't even started. Guess that means the Cooksey's are going out for dinner! WooHoo!!!
I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at little Keeley's first photoshoot! You will be seeing her again at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months!! She's opted to be a Milestone Baby!! It will so fun to watch her grow and change over the next year! Okay... I'm off!! Until next time (another Boudoir shoot tomorrow). Hugs! Cija

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boudoir Photography in Castle Rock, CO

NOTE: While I offer full service Boudoir photography I do not post any of my "more delicate" work in this public forum, to see a private boudoir gallery please contact me at 

Happy Tuesday everyone! ah... the house is so peaceful, the kids are at the neighbor's house playing and Rod is still at work, the only sounds in this house are the clicking of my keyboard and the hum of the refrigerator. Growing up I hated quiet, but now I crave it. No doubt it will be short lived as the kids come rumbling in the front door and the hubby arrives home from work but for a few short minutes Cocoa and I will bask in the silence. Earlier today I was with my gal pal, Amity for her Valentine Surprise shoot for her hubby... Collin. We had lots of fun being all girlie and pretty! If you are still toyin' with the idea of doing your own boudoir shoot for Valentine's you must act now! I am booked for the remainder of January but we could probably make something happen in early February. However, there is no need to be sad if you miss this Valentine offer, I have added Boudoir sessions to my year round offering, so think birthdays and anniversary!! Well, I suppose I should start thinkin' about dinner. Until next time (a precious little newborn tomorrow!!) Hugs! Cija

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock, Co

Okay... this is gonna be quick. Talia told me that she is stalking my blog waiting to Quinn's pictures that I took on Friday, so I got up early to get them on here before it is time to leave for church (what... what a nice friend I am huh!?!? get up early on a day I could sleep in...) Any who... I hope you enjoy Quinn's sneak peek!! I just love little Quinners!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Children's Photographer in Parker, CO

This is Lucy. Isn't she just the sweetest! I love the picture of her below... just makes my heart melt into a pile of mushy goo!
Oh... then there is Popeye!! It that just too funny or what!?!

When I saw how fabulowso her mama looked I was a little disappointed that we weren't doing a family! She looked amazing! I want to clone her sense of style.

Look at those precious little tippy toes!!! Oh so oober cute!

I had such a fun time with Lucy! She was the perfect little model. Not it time to make dinner and start the nightly homework routine. Until next time. Cija

Infant Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

Can I just have a moment to whine about the wind!! But what the heck is up with the wind! Now I am a Colorado native so I get to say this "when did Colorado become the windy state?!?!" Okay, I am done, I just needed to get that off my chest, and you know who else doesn't like the wind? Babies!! Babies hate the wind. Natalie was not much of a fan either. I don't blame her, in fact, I wanted to sit down right next to her and pout too. We did manage to get a few cute shots outside but then she was done with wind and we took it inside. It's hard to believe that Natalie is already ONE! I get so used to seeing these little ones every 3 months it just breaks my heart when they "graduate". Enjoy... I am off to see Lucy, who is also celebrating her 1st birthday and on Friday it will be Quinn's turn and I'm still waiting to here from little Andrew. Oh my... so many babies!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Party Time...

So last night was Abby's birthday party. Ann has asked me to take pictures at her girl's parties this past year. Melanie's was cake, mid August on the patio bathed in tons of yummy natural light. Abby's however, is in the dead of winter inside and dimly lit with candles (which by the way creates awesome ambiance but really terrible lighting for a natural light girl like me) but... I decided I was gonna try and shoot it all with out flash (nice of me to experiment on my girlfriend's party aye?!). Hope you enjoy!

Ann always sets the most beautiful tables, it's fun to try and capture on the little details that go into her decorating.

Andy is the family cook, if he had a facebook page this would have to be his profile pic, this is how I always see him. Dinner was D-E-Licious!
Time to dig in and enjoy! Garlic Bread, Lemon Chicken Pasta, Pasta with spicy marinara and salad.
Ah... the birthday girl.

Okay, so this was may favorite part, time to blow out the candles, but Emma made a b-line for the candles and had them blown out before Abby even had a chance! Here Abby is just fakin' it!

Okay, I could resist, ya know I love the feet anyway, but I loved the contrast of granddaughter and grandpa.
The evening ended with a little make up session and a few wild (7 players) round of Nertz!!