Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

One of my absolute favorite families!  I met Molly when I did Keeley's newborn pictures (Keeley is the older of the two girls) and I have had so much fun watching these sweet girls grow up.

Kensy had her own ideas when it came to the outfit she wanted to wear, there would be no matching dresses for her! But I have to agree that top is pretty cute!
Some might see the shoes kicked off in this photo as a photography fail, but I love it!  These little things will bring the memories flooding back after the years have washed parts of them away. 
Sweetest faces ever!!! and look at all those missing teeth!!
Family pictures should always be fun and focus on capturing right where you are in life!
Like the princess crown and lip gloss stage!!
This picture of Molly and  girls brings me right to the edge of tears.  I remember not too long ago being surrounded by little girls of my own covered with plastic crowns and necklaces.
Every single day is worth being cherished!!
Thanks Nick & Molly!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Castle Rock Photographer

Last night, Simone and I managed to dodge the rain, stay dry and get her Senior pictures done.
Simone is a 2017 Senior at Douglas County High School who is toying with the idea of going into Aerospace. (Or maybe Journalism according to the last thing dad knew!)
We even got to have some point shoe fun! 
What is it about point shoes that makes you look extra pretty?
Note to self: "Buy point shoes!"

Do you ever have those moments when something doesn't just seem right but you can't quite put your finger on it??  I just realized that Sabrina is watching TV in Spanish... and no, she does not speak Spanish. 
 Well, Simone, I enjoyed meeting you and getting play with you for a while last night!!  I hope you have a GREAT senior year and the time of your life chasing your dreams!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Newborn Photographer in Lonetree, CO

I'™m in love! This precious one is Faith... and she is the sweetest little one I have ever seen. She was so relaxed and ready to have her photos taken and I am head over heels in love with these photos!! Sometimes life throws you an impromptu surprise like the opportunity to do a newborn shoot the next day when technically you are booked for the month, I sure am glad I decided to go ahead and take this shoot! 
There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby... absolutely precious.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

High School Senior Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

This is Emmy, or is it Emmie, or maybe Emmy!! I should have asked. 

She is a 2017 Senior at Elizabeth High School. 
Last night we fought off all the Pokemon Go players and managed to get some really beautiful shots! 
I even convinced her to play in the water, which actually didn'™t take much convincing at all.
 Emmy hopes to go to the University of Puget Sound where "It rains all the time and is absolutely beautiful." 
She plans to major in Voice (However, I would like to note, that she never did sing for me!). 
When it is all said and done, she would like to teach/lead a choir.
 I really loved working with this sweet girl, I loved the way she giggled,
 and I loved her bare feet! 
We even snuck in a mini-family add-on!
This is D. and Teri, her parents, and her sister, Ally or is it Allie? Oy Vey! 
Super fun shoot! Thanks Emmy!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

This Jacob.

and this is how he felt about having his pictures taken.

But with a little patience, a heating pad, a space heater, some white noise and a tight burrito wrap we convinced him to cooperate.

 Dad is a police officer and mom was a paramedic so Grandma made this very special quilt for little Jacob. 
 Ha! Look at that I was even able to sneak a copy of arms free! Precious boy!!!
 I am loving me those sweet lips and squeezable cheeks.

 Sportin' dad's tie.  Yes, I know it's a big knot but can we focus on the fact that I got a tie on this baby boy without waking him up!!  

 Pretty exciting time for these two!

 Congratulations Dan & Erin!!!