Thursday, July 28, 2011

Newborn Photography in Lonetree, Colorado

So, I must be quick this evening, I need to get packed up and ready for Mark and Pam's destination wedding in Estes Park.  But earlier today I was with a lovely family, Bill, Abby, William and baby Vivian.  I told Abby that my predictions are...
1 - Vivian will be a piano player, she had long slender fingers
2 - Vivian will be tall, her leg were equally as long
3 - That she has a future career in modelling!  She did a fabulous job!
I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!! I was hoping I could get it done before I had to head out of town!
Until next time! Cija
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Newborn Photographer in Parker, CO

 I'm back!  We made it back from our weekend in Steamboat.  We had such a GREAT time!  Tons of fun with friends.  I did however learn a  few valuable lessons. 
 - When going on a hike, do not wear flip flops.
 - When going on a hike, bring water. 
(Rod did fill up his McDonald's cup with water, that's something right?)
 - When going on a hike make sure you consider the "source" when rating it's difficulty level.  For instance, when a guy who camped in a yurt for a week in the dead of winter says a hike is "easy"
 is it clearly NOT easy!!
True the hike on Saturday almost killed me, but all in all the weekend was wonderful!  Thanks to our fabulous friends Ann & Andy for hookin' us up with a free place to stay!!
 This little guy on the other hand... well, I have a feeling he will LOVE the outdoors and take many a hike with his mom and dad. 
 This is Isaac, and he is one week old.  And by far was the easiest newborn I have EVER worked with!  He was out!  Out OUT!  Never even stirred.  So stinkin' cute!  His parents had a couple of really cute "props"  I just loved the ski boots! and the hiking boots were fun too!

 We did the entire shoot on their back porch, the lighting was gee-or-gus!  And he was lovin' the warm weather and his cute little nakedness!

Well, it seems that midnight has found me again, so I am off to bed!  The rest of the week is packed with a newborn, a wedding and a family! So I'll be back soon!  Cija

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I'm back!!  I made it!  Stella will get her sneak peek before we leave!  I just think Stella is the cutest little elf and magic baby EVER!!!  She wasn't too excited about her shoot but overall she was cute-a-licious and we gotter done! 
But now, I am off to do laundry and pack, pack, pack!!  See you next week!

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, Colorado

Holy Moly!!  Has this been a crazy busy day!!  It started out with an 8:00 AM shoot, a trip to the vet with Snickers and Cocoa (a subsequent bath for Cocoa, have you ever tried giving a rabbit a bath???), then off to Rod's office to drop on the van, piled into Aimee's car, lunch at Sonic, a stop at Walmart, out to the airport to pick up Matt, back to the vet to pick up Snickers, next it was Safeway, home for showers before date night with the girls... and now here I am.  Aimee and I sent our families off for the evening and we are crankin' out the chores and such (this blog is "such"). 
But... before the craziness of today, I was with Katelyn, a 2012 Senior from Cherry Creek High School.  We were supposed to meet up last week but the monsoon rains made us reschedule, we ran into a bit of rain just as we were wrapping up our session, so it was all good!!  We had a good time and made record time with 5 outfit changes!!  Well, I must be off!  I hope to get Stella's sneak peek up tonight as well. 
See ya soon! Cija

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kid's Photography in Castle Rock, CO

I am so super excited!  My wonderfully dear friend Ann, scored us 2 condo's for the weekend in Steamboat!  All 14 of us!!  Can I just say it's going to be a nertz cah-razy kind of weekend!!   Two more shoots and then it is mini-vacation time!!  Can I get a WooHoo!?!

Now back to business, this morning I was hangin' out with Mia and her little sister, Stella, who are visiting grandma and grandpa all the way from Washington!!  Both of this little ladies had such beautiful blue eyes and Stella's curls with just plain curl-a-licious!! (I'm a sucker for the curls... Sabrina used to have curls, but Melia cut them all off one day after nap time... I cried.  A lot.)

Well, time to go get ready for Katelyn... please don't rain, please don't rain!
Until next time! Cija

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the words of my favorite Critter - "I was so mad!"

Did you try to contact me through the website on the morning on Wednesday, July 20th?? 

 Specifically about "Before and After Wishes"??? 

 If so, I hope you happen to see this!  I read your email this morning on my way out the door, I sat down this afternoon to contact you and the email was gone... Vanished into thin air! 
I checked the "trash" folder - nope, not there.
I checked the inbox a half a gazillion times - definitely not there.
So then I went through each customer file, just in case I filed it by accident - 4 million hours later...
So I am left to hope that you happen across this blog post, ah, and you wrote me such a nice note too!!
Makes me just sick to think you might think I blew you off... I would hate that!!

I have one more trick up my sleeve, I am hoping my techie husband will be able to wave his magic wand over my computer and wallah!! It will magically reappear!
Here's hoping either this blog will reach you or my husband will once again prove to be my...

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, Colorado

So last night, I ventured downtown (Denver) to meet up with Karissa,  since I was going to be in the area, I decided I should take full advantage of the ride down there and made arrangements to meet my niece, Crystal for dinner before hand.  I parked the car and started the 3 block walk to the the pizza place... it started to pour!  It rained and rained and rained.  Stacey (Karissa's mom) and I traded several calls determined to wait out the rain, in the end our patience paid off and we will able to do Karissa's shoot.
Karissa is a 2012 senior at Grandview Highschool, she is still trying to figure out where she wants to attend college but is leaning towards Kansas University, where she wants to study either journalism or law. 
Well, yet again, I need to scoot on outta here, the girlies and I are meeting Aunt Wendy to be fitted for the dresses they will be wearing in Crystal's wedding.  Have a fabulous day!!