Friday, June 28, 2013

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Yes, you are in the right place... I made some changes to the blog.  I wish I was more blog savvy, I have a look in mind but I can't seem to execute it in real life.  So for today, any way, we are going simple and clean.  But enough about that, let's get down to the pictures! Last night I ventured over to Castle Pines for a backyard shoot with the Kragt family.
With out a single hesitation I will now list all of their names!  I know!!  I know all their names!!
Okay... front row, left to right.
Isabella, Mike, Saba & Ethel
Back Row...  Lindsey, Ben and Amanda!!
Can somebody get this girl a sticker!!
And I even know a wee little bit about each of the kids... Isabella is a huge fan of ladybugs and even has a fabulously special bug hut for them, it's a rubbermaid with holes punch in the lid.  There were some rocks in the container that were posing a health hazard when they rolled from one side to the other, so in the end she decided it would be best to ditch the rocks all together.  Oh... and her favorite ice cream flavor of ice cream is "Watermelon" I don't suppose you hear that very often!
Lindsey (in the pink) is doing her residence for medical school, Ben is a student at Cal-Poly and Amanda (in the blue) recently graduated and is working on a special women's project in Nigeria (she returns to Nigeria on Sunday. 

 I love this photo of Isabella and her grandma, Ethel.  I had a few minutes to speak with Ethel after the shoot was over.  She shared with me that she recently lost her husband of almost 50 years, I could see the sadness in her eyes as the memories flooded her mind.  Would you join me in lifting a prayer requesting comfort for Ethel as the Lord brings her and others who have lost their dear ones to your mind. 
"The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Ps 34:18
Isabella was also a huge help as she helped me choose some of the picture locations.  Her first choice was under this lovely green tree. 
 I really had a nice time with this family and I am thrilled that they snatch up my last opening for June and July.  Yep... July is booked but I still have openings for August, so if you are looking for some summer pics now is the time to get on the schedule!

 I hope you are all enjoying your summer, I think the girls and I are just starting to find our new no-school groove.   With the new floors in and just the baseboards to be reinstalled the furniture is starting to find it's way back into the house and I can see my kitchen counters again!
 We have scheduled in fun time with each other to make sure our summer doesn't slip by with out some mommy and girlie's time.  And today we started our summer Bible study!!  Which I am so excited about!!  We are going to study the story of Hannah in I Samuel.  Man, what a rich story, I can't wait to dig in more and more to find the rich truths hiding for us there. 
But the thought that lingers with me today comes from I Samuel 1:10 
"In bitterness of soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord."
What a an example Hannah has left for us, no matter our situation or the state of our heart we should always pray to the Lord. 
Until Monday... Cija

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Saturday was all about weddings.  The morning started off at Tracie's bridal shower.  Tracie is going to marry my very handsome nephew, Bronson in July!!  Then we were off to Korrie and Taylor's wedding in Louviers, Co.   I was especially excited to be asked to photograph this wedding because Korrie's mom, Lisa was my daughter, Melia's preschool teacher!  We reconnected when she hired me to do her son's senior pictures last fall.  
 Here a couple photos from Korrie and Taylor's "First Look" , Oh man!!  I love the "First Look".  Taylor just kept looking at Korrie from head to toe, taking in every beautiful detail of his lovely bride. 
 And Korrie was grinning from ear to ear!! 

I love the photo below... he just took her face in his hands and pulled her in for a kiss!  It does not get any more romantic than that!!

 I love a Bride who will sit on the ground in her wedding dress!!

 After we were done with the formal Bridal portraits it was time for the wedding party!
Love the blue and yellow!  My brother Mick had blue and yellow at his wedding too, however, the guys wore baby blue tuxes!!!  It was 1980... 

 Love those sweet looks as they watch their little girl get married. 
 Wow!!  Even the minister got with the program!  
Check out the yellow tie!!!

 ACK!!  Small confession! I almost missed the kiss!! The order of ceremony was a bit different than I was used too.  I was behind the altar shooting away, when all of the sudden I heard some key words that meant the kiss was eminent!  Obviously, I made it but YIKES!!

 The reception was lovely with a fabulous feast!!

 Korrie's dad gave a sweet welcome and toast to the couple... loved his notes!
 The first dance... to my current favorite song "A Thousand Years"!!
and of course I loved the fabulous dip!!
 After dancing it was time for dashing!!!  It's a good thing it didn't take them too long to change because the guests discovered that the fake "rice" was quite tasty!!!

Well, it is Wednesday and that means it Church in the Park and I need to get crackin'!!
I'll be back on Friday!

Kid's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Monday was a jam packed day! The girls and I started off our day with Oliver.
I have been taking Oliver's pictures since he was born...
and Monday's shoot was our 6th!
 Of course, he was fabulous... 
but at times he wasn't absolutely sure a photo shoot was on his list of things to do. 
 He did, however, turn out some great faces!!!
 Love this little walkin' shot, he is a man on a mission!
 This would be my favorite face of the day, I just wanna squish 'em!
 Mama worked very hard to squeeze out some smiles, the big producers seemed to be zerbitz and grass whistling, he liked those two things for sure! 

 Love the eye lashes!!! and this SWEET FACE!!

All in all we had a fabulous time!!  Hope to see you again next year, Oli!!