Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Time for another Senior!
This time it is Cadeon (hope I spelt that right), a 2015 Senior from Castle View High School.
Yep! a real live Castle Rock school!

 So this was a super fun shoot.  Cadeon was a natural (perhaps he should consider a job in the modeling field) and was up for anything, wish always makes my job fun!
 And the light rail station was the perfect setting for the shoot!
He's a basketball player so we got to do some fun photos showing off his basketball skills.

 His girlfriend came a long too… So, he wanted a couple of pics with his backpack and Briann helped make the shot.
 Shot this photo super slow so you could see the "spin"!

 The photo below was inspired by his favorite rapper.  
 And this one by Michael Jordan!
Until next time!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

So… Saturday night was Ben. 
 Ben is actually the son of Jon Habert, a fella I used to work with at AKI (my real job before I quit and did my dream job).  When I quit I did a blog entry about it.  Jon was Bruce Willis in the entry. 
 So Ben is a 2015 Senior at Arapahoe (I KNOW!!! Another Arapahoe student!!)
I asked about his future but he is still thinking… pondering his options. 

 He runs cross country for Arapahoe, I asked if he ran the Boston marathon with his dad… he said "No,  I run half marathons and really don't think I could do it all over again."  There's real wisdom in that statement!  Oh remember his sister???  She was the… oh what's it called??? They run, they bike and the swim… I can't remember.  Oh well, obviously they are very athletic family!

 Okay, dinner time.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

High School Senior Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Just dropping in for another sneak peek.  This time it's Tom. 
Oh man… I can't remember the name of the school (it was one I had never heard of before and we all know I STINK at names!!)
 Tom is not actually sure what he will do next year, but he has a love for science and would like to work in the discovery of new technology (he must be really smart)!
Fortunately, it didn't rain on us, but the mosquitos were another story!!
Vicious! I tell you!

Well, if I stop now, I will have a few minutes to just sit before my shoot tonight, so… I think that is exactly what I will do. 
Thanks Tom and Lisa I had a great time!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Milestones Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Is it Friday yet?!?
Oh wait! it is Friday.  WOW! what a crazy week I've had.
 So my hubby got sick, really sick on Sunday and ended up being admitted to the hospital with severe symptoms caused by vertigo.  He is home now, but his world is still spinning… which has kinda made my world spin (in a completely different way of course.) 
 But on Thursday morning, I loaded my hubby up in the car and we headed out to see Ryker for his 6 month shoot (he is a wee bit over 6 months but we were waiting for him to mastering his sitting up skills!
 He was a sheer delight!  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey!!
and so very happy!
 Look at him, just kickin' back taking it easy. 
 But I think my fave of the day has to be the one below.
Until next time! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

One more peek tonight and I think I just might be caught up. Spending the last two days at the hospital with my dizzy hubby has set me a bit behind.  But he is upstairs tucked in bed now and I am getting some work done.

 So after several reschedules we were finally able to do Ayla and Aidan's photo shoot.
I know I say it every time but Ayla is such a natural in front the camera and she always gives me these truly stunning shots. 
 and the next minute she just a giggly little girl!
 Aidan on the hand is super cool...

Okay… I am going to turn into a pumpkin, I must go join Rod and try again tomorrow!
nighty night!