Friday, February 20, 2015

Someone's having a BABY!!!

And that someone just happens to be my nephew, Bronson and his lovely and beautiful wife, Tracie.
What?!?  I still can't wrap my head around Bronson being a dad!!!
 But I really think he is going to AWESOME at it!
 And Tracie… well she just looks like a natural doesn't she?
Now… here the really shocking part, she is 8 months pregnant!
Oh… this baby girl is gonna be a little peanut!
I'm so excited. 
 Gasp!  I just had a thought!  Maybe just maybe one time they will ask me to babysit!! (when the grandmas and too tired and the plethora of sisters are too busy)
and I will snuggle and cuddle and sniff and kiss (don't judge me, everyone loves the smell of a new baby!!!) and sing and tell stories and miss the days when I had babies to hold and thankfully and gratefully return her to the arms of her loving parents and fall fast asleep for the entire night with absolutely no interrupts!
 Now these shoes were purchased by Aunt Crystal and no doubt are the cream of the crop when it comes to footwear, if anyone is an expert in this area it would be Crystal. 

 I just can't help looking at these photos and seeing a curly haired boy covered in Cheetos! 

 Ah… I am so happy for them!

 I love this picture of Tracie… she looks so beautiful.
 Ah and this is my "Notting Hill" inspired photo.  With a modern twist… Bronson's book of course was on his phone vs. the old fashioned paperback.

 Somedays are just better than others and this one was pretty awesome!
Let the count down begin!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Hey there!  Long time no see!! But I very happy to be here and show you a little glimpse at my time with Mr. Ethan!

This was his real life, 1st birthday and he chose to spend it with me!
I am so lucky!!
And he was P E R F E C T!
 Oh I just love this toothy grin!!  
 And the hands, he has the most precious hands!  
 See what I mean about the hands!!! 
(We may have played with bubbles!)

 So handsome…  
 And… we're done.