Sunday, May 31, 2015

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are having a blessed day! 
I had a great time at church this morning, manning the Welcome Desk, enjoying a yummy "spring panini" from the cafe', listening to an awesome message.  Favorite quote of the day "It is so much cooler to walk on water during a storm!" Followed by grocery shopping with Sabrina.  Now... everyone is resting (except me!) but it's coming soon!!
 But first, I had to get Eve's sneak peek up!!
This was Eve's 9 month shoot… we decided to do this shoot at home, as she has struggled a bit with being out and about, and she was very happy and content in her own yard.

 I am happy to report that we didn't have any run ins with the skunk that has made his home somewhere in their yard!
 And we didn't run into the Bear that had knocked all the trash cans over!!
 And, no snakes!  
 She's holding her "jewels", per her big sister, Hannah. 
 Oh my… I love that little toothy grin!
 Super fun shoot with this little cutie!!
Until next time.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 So, so good to be back at it this week!!  Especially since my week included seeing this sweet girl!
The lovely and talented Anastasia!
Another bonus… big sister Eva came with!  (See will be sitting in on a few photos next time)
 Adorableness Abounds!
Miss Eva wore this sweet little yellow dress for her 3 month pictures too…  
Look what I found!  Here's a picture of Eva, never mind that you can't actually see the dress!
You are just gonna havta trust me!
Okay… don't babies look unusually comfy, just hanging out in a basket under some tree?
I am wondering if this could be a new stress treatment?
 Speaking of stress, I am very glad to report that I did not see the snake until we were leaving!!
Eva spotted it and took us all for an up close look, I don't know what kinda snake it was but it was certainly not a garden snake! What's with all the snakes lately?!?!
Does lots of rain make lots of snakes!?!?
 Love the hands!!!
 Love the hands, love the toes, love the thighs!!
 Yep she is pretty much adorable all the way around!
 Okay, we are off to Nana's house!
Until next time!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Oh my goodness, I am so thankful for weather I can take pictures in!
And yesterday morning was down right B-E-youtiful!
I met this lovely family a couple of years ago and with a new addition to the family it was time for some updated family pictures!
Kivron is 3 and Kaley is 6 months old!
(hope I didn't butcher the spelling there, Jen!)
And last time I took Kivron's photos she had just one little pig tail of hair on the tippy top of her cute little head… now look at that long hair!
Just look at the eyes on the little, Kaley!  Stunning!
Ah… sisters.

 Such beautiful girls!  Look out Scott!

 I always feel so blessed when a family comes back for another session!  
Thanks Scott & Jen!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Saturday morning I got to meet up with Stewart, Lauren & Colton for some family pictures.
Lauren is one of my most favorite people.  She has been in my Bible study small group a few times and this past year, she signed up to join the women's ministry team and lucky me!! She was my assistant!
I may gush on her just a bit, but there is so much to gush about!  Like all the times she has offered to make my girls for the evening so I can get a sanity break or Rod and I go out on a date!
 And the girls love hanging out with her because she is so much fun!
 Or how about the time she texted me to see if I was at home and then showed up with a plate of cookies!!!
 Pause on gushing:  I LOVE this photo of Steward and Colton!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
 Resume gushing… or how about the time that she made me two Starbucks posters for Melia's birthday party after 1 took 4 hours to make!!!!
 Yep… As far as I am concerned, she pretty awesome. 
 And Colton, well he is just about the cutest!!
 I haven't had the pleasure of really getting to know Stewart, but I know that he is a cowboy, a gentleman, and a protector!  So, he gets a big thumbs up too!
 I can't not tell you how much laughter I have enjoy because of this photo!!
Every time, I scroll past it, I crack up!  So, I had to share it with you!!
(Forgive me, Stewart!)

 That wraps up my super fun shoot with Lauren and her boys!