Monday, September 30, 2013

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I ended my week last week with the Rice Family.  We scheduled our shoot at their home, because there  was a job change coming that might force a move and they wanted to have some photos to remember all of the memories that this home holds.

 But... in the end the new location still works with this home! So Yippee!
I loved this shoot... my passion is real life photography and these little kiddos were serving it up left and right... which might explain why this sneak peek is sooooo large!  I just couldn't pick!  
 It is easy for me to fell into the trap of trying to get the "family photo" (the one with everyone just so)... but the heart of what I truly love is just families being who they are.  

 and this shoot was a lovely reminder to me to remember who I am as a photographer. 

 The kids were hoping we could do some pics at the park across the street, so I told myself "Don't worry, we won't get caught shooting in a Denver park with out a permit" and I did it!  I broke the law!!
I am such a rebel!!!

 Okay... lots and lots of orders came in over the weekend, so I gotta hop to it!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock

Katelyn Turns TWO!!

After a couple of reschedules due to sickness and weather little Miss Katelyn and I were finally able to meet up for her 2 year old pictures.

I would pay just about any amount to have those eyelashes!!!
 Okay... I love this photo, with her little tea cup of cookies!
Somedays... I too, could greatly benefit from a tea cup full of cookies!
 Such a sweet, sweet face!
 Loved her little bonnet too!  Ofcourse, she was fabulous!
 But one of my favorite series of pictures were the three below... and they were one right after the other!!  I cracked up! Ah!!  I love it!!
Well it is 5:01 on Friday and since this foggy weather forced another reschedule I do believe I am going to call it a night and ring in the weekend!  Have a great one!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Photographer in Highland's Ranch

It's sneak peek time again.   This time it is the Lyon's family!!
Geoff, Tricia and their fabulous daughter Kylie. 
Sadly, Geoff told me this family picture will be commonly known as "Seconds Before Disaster"
because seconds later Tricia took a bad fall and hit her head on a rock.  Which ended with a trip to the ER... not fun!  Thankfully the doctor said that she is going to be fine... 
I am praying for a very speedy recovery!
 Kylie is in... you guessed it! The First Grade this year!!
(and yes, she brought a "K" last year)
After Tricia's fall, Geoff and Tricia went home to figure out what should be done...
in the meantime, Kylie stayed with me and finished out the shoot.

 We had all sorts of adventures!!
 What a sweet girl...  I so love seeing her every year!!
I was so sorry to see Tricia fall, I hope at some point she will be able to look at and enjoy these photos with out remembering what happened.
Praying for ya girl!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock CO

So... I must confess I am skipping ahead, out of order to get Jessica's sneak peek up.
She is a last minute Senior and she needs time to view and choose her picture for the yearbook.
So, forgive me!
It's true when I say that I had a FABULOUS time on this shoot.  It was a beautiful morning the sun was out and the temperature was pretty darn perfect!
And we all know how much a LOVE working with Senior girls!
So it was a great way to start the day!
 And Jessica was a pure delight!  She is a 2014 Senior at Castle View and hopes to stay in Colorado next year for college, where she hopes to pursue an education in oncology pediatrics. 
I was totally loving her sense of style, I want to dress just like her when I grow up.  
Are boots not the single best invention EVER!!??

 I love every one of these photos so I won't' be able to pick a fave today. 
Although, I might lean towards the ones in the dress... I loved the dress.
 Okay, the one below might be my fave...
I really truly do LOVE it!!
 Oh my goodness, I have a Hallmark movie playing while I edit and blog...
they should do a study I think they physically alter your state of mind and all I can think about is cooking a romantic dinner and writing my husband a love letter. 
Of course, he is working late, the twin's have volleyball practice and I have jewelry party to go to so...
hopefully reality will settle back in soon.
 For the record, I have 8 more openings in December, so if you have been dragging your feet, the time is NOW to get on the schedule!! Be back soon!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Family Photography in Castle Pines, CO

So... are you seeing a theme in these photos?!?!?
We have some Nebraska Husker fans here!
and yes, I asked the very stupid question... "So are you from Nebraska?"
Rightfully so, they shook their heads at me and said "No."
I am not feeling at all confident about names, I was struggling big time but that won't keep me from trying.  Above we have Olivia... I am loving those baby blues and sweet smile!
Below is...  I'm thinking... Isabella
So stinkin' sweet!!!  She was a wee bit bashful, so so sweet!

The oldest was, I believe, Emma... she's 10!
and then we have Ava.  By george! I think I may have done it!!
Okay... this photo makes me wanna drag my girls out for an updated photo!
There's just nothing like sisters. 

Ah... Mama and her girls!!

 I am loving these sunny evenings!  They make for some beautiful photos.  Tonight has 3 reschedules I will finally be with the Lyon's family!!  For now, it is back to work!!
Until next time!