Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So... I like to sit at my desk and watch Netflix on my iPad while I edit.
Guess what?
One of my kids put a password on the iPad! Grrr.....
So, instead I will have to settle for a little Pandora.
So this pretty lady is Tiffany.

And this pretty lady is her fabulous daughter, Eva!

We got to have some fun yesterday morning strolling around Castle Rock takin' some pics.
 Below is Eva's model pose.  I would say she is a natural!!
I am regretting that I didn't get her cute little toes!
 Man, I am lovin' Tiffany's hair, I may just have to bring a picture of her with me the next time I get my hair cut! (Don't be surprised if you see her "pinned" to my Hair board!
 Favorite Eva quote of the day...
Me: Oh my goodness, how did you get so strong?
Eva:  From eating healthy foods!

 I think these two are my FAVES of the DAY!!! Even their hair is blowing the same way!

 I just love these pictures of Tiffany and Eva together... make me think the girls and I are due for some updated "Mommy and Me" photos.
 She was keeping their kiss a secret!  So stinkin'cute!!!
 We finished our day off with some splashin' in the fountain!!  Now don't go expecting the same thing, Eva has connections... her Great Uncle owes the place!
Well, I better get back too it!!  3 more sneak peeks to go!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Andrew & Iryna Behrens
April 26,2013

 Can I just say this was THE BEST WEDDING EVER!!!!  Andrew & Iryna were married earlier in the day and then met up with me for their wedding pictures!  For me it was all the fun of a wedding with out the stress of the actual ceremony pictures!  Simply perfect!!
I had a GREAT time, we did some formal family photos, sent the family back to the cars and then focused on just the bride and groom.  Congratulations Andrew and Iryna!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Ahhhh..... there I said it for you!!!  It absolutely had to be SAID!

Meet little Aspen Grace!  I am in love with those lips!

What do you suppose she is dreaming about?!?!? With that little smile?
 She was so alert for part of her shoot, just precious!!
The bear was a gift from her Aunt when they found out she was going to be a "SHE"!
 Here she is showing off a hand knitted gift made by Max's mom.
And here she is modeling a spring frock picked out by her dad.

 I do so love working with these little babies!!!  How in the world did I get so lucky?!

 Please continue to be praying for Kendra as she waits to hear about her own health and whether or not her cancer returned during her pregnancy.  
Until next time!! Cija

Monday, April 22, 2013

Maternity Photography in Castle Rock, CO

And so another week begins!! I hear we have more snow in our future... doesn't the snow look pretty in the image below?  I love the contrast, the final days of winter hanging on while the green of spring forces it way onto the scene.
This is Jennifer and her hubby, Jared.  They are expecting a bouncing baby boy in June (just one day before my birthday!! Yes I was equally as excited when they told me).
We were scheduled for earlier in the week but with the snow, Jennifer opted for a day later in the week in hopes of warmer weather.  Although I must admit I was all geared up for my first in the snow maternity shoot!!  Tight fitting sweaters with scarves and mittens!!  Oh me oh my! It would have been fabulous... however, my clients rarely share my snowy shoot enthusiasm!!  (Except for Beth!  Come on Beth, next year you and me and kids out in the snow!!!)
Just "wook" at the cute "wittle" froggie shoes!!! and soon there will be cute "wittle" piggies all tucked warm inside!!  

Okay... you have to admit it!  She has the best little bump EVER!
 I just loved this big old tree.. and twisty and bent!

 Ah!!!  Fun times! Maternity shoots are always fun shoots... 
everyone is always excited and happy to be there! 
 Well... I must get back to work!  Until next time!! (We're gonna get to see Keeley this week, her mommy is having a baby and we are meeting up for some belly shots before the new baby arrives! Oh!!! and Aspen Grace was born!!!  I will be hanging out with her on Wednesday!! and some bridal portraits on Friday!  Sounds like a pretty fun week to me!!)
TTFN!! Cija

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, we have made it to "Hump Day"... I am sort of counting on it being an easy downhill glide from here.  Not my favorite week so far. 
But then there's this face and how can you not smile!!
Ah... Solomon your'e so stinkin' cute!  Can you just come over and play with me today?!?

 And then there is little Miss Ava... what a lovely young lady!  
She was so eager to please, just a sweet delight. LOVE this picture of her!
 Jeff and Jackie (she's the one that makes my totally awesome christmas cards) and she is truly the sweetest most tender hearted person I know.  She and Janie Campbell (Ah, Janie... I miss you!).  
I want to be just like them when I grow up.  
This adorable family is Jeff's sister, (her) husband and their 7 month old, pile of squishy deliciousness... Solomon!
 The Sweet Gavi Girlies!
 Jeff's mom and dad or should I say dad and mom?!  Well, you get the picture, Ha!
Somedays I am just so witty!
 Maryn, Maryn, Maryn...  there are no words.

I mean seriously....

 This was a great way to end my very full day of shooting!
I was so tired when it was all over, I sat in my car for an hour... I couldn't find the energy to drive home.  So I just sat there, staring out the window.  Pretty funny. 

 If the Lord tarries and I get to have some grandkids of my own, this will be my very favorite picture!!
Me all wrapped up in my gooey grandkids... I may have to ask Rod to step aside so I can be like the cream surrounded by my little twinkles!! 
(No offense, Rod I think you're awesome!  Love of Life!  Air that I breathe...  all that good stuff!)

Well... it's back to work for me!!  Have a wonderful day!