Monday, April 25, 2022

High School Senior Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I just realized that I never posted any of my own daughter's senior photos! Who does that? Melia graduated last year at this time! Well better late than never I suppose! We had a pretty good time taking these photos, and planning all of her outfits. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be taking her sisters' senior photos!!!

Prom Photos

 I had the pleasure of taking some prom photos this past weekend. I woke up the morning to clear blue skies and no wind!! But by 6:00PM the wind was howling and the air was so filled with dirt and smoke it was just gross outside. So, at the last minute we had to come up with a new plan and a new location.  We even managed to get some pics outside, if you were patient you would have split seconds of calm! I really love working with this age group!

Friday, April 8, 2022

High School Senior Photos - Tips for Finding the Perfect Photographer for you

It's about time to start thinking about booking your seniors' 2023 photo shoot. If this is your first senior let me give you some info and tips that might be helpful. 

#1 Book early - Quality photographers will book up fast, don't wait till July to start looking. 

#2 Do you have to use the photographers listed in your senior packet? No, they have just contracted with the school for advertising. Any photographer that can supply a formatted yearbook photo is fine. 

#3 There are two main ways photographers sell their images.

#1 IPS or "In Person Sales" this is where you meet with the photographer after your shoot to choose your images and the products you would like made with those images. For example: I want image #3 in an 8x10 print and image #6 in a 16x20 canvas. The photographer then orders your products and has them delivered or ready for pick up. You will have a session fee up front and then a product fee after your shoot.

#2 Digital images.  In this scenario you view your photos online and put your favorites into a favorite folder. Full size, edited digital images are then sent to your computer for download with a print release. You now own these digital images and can have any number of products in any number of sizes made. (Product providers and printers are suggested for you.) I offer digital images with one flat fee that includes your session time and 25 digital images of your choice. (Full edit galleries are available as well)

#4 Multiple outfits are recommended. I usually say a minimum of 3 and a max of 5, but I will get through as many as we can! What to wear guides will be provided at the time of booking to help you put together the perfect collection. Pro Tip: Let your kid pick their outfits, kids that are forced to wear something they don't like tend to make sure you know it when taking their photos!!

#5 Shoots should be scheduled for early in the morning (good for late July and early August when thunderstorms become more frequent) or 2 hours prior to sunset for best lighting. 

#6 Take your photographer's suggestions when it comes to locations. Most photographers have tested locations for the best spots and lighting. This provides an efficient and successful shoot. 

#7 There can be a wide range when it comes to pricing. Pricing should reflex a photographer's experience and quality of work both with the camera and in their editing skills; but other things can play into pricing as well.

- IPS will appear less expensive initially but product sales can easily triple the price if not more. So be careful and ask to see products price list prior to booking. (All products can be be purchased directly with digital images)

- Lighting - if your photographer uses off cameral lighting you can expect your shoot to cost a bit more as their is additional overhead and the need of additional assistants at the shoot.

- Studio - if your photographer owns a studio or rents studio space you can expect to see higher pricing.

- When it comes to digital images the amount of images included can affect the price. Sometimes a photographer will advertise that all photos are included, but that doesn't mean every image taken at the shoot. It often reflects one or two of each pose. So, it's a good idea to qualify how many images you should expect to receive. For example, my senior package comes with 25 images but a full gallery of up 60 images can be purchased for an additional fee. So for me "all your images" would be 60 images. 

#8 What to look for in a quality image. LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT!! 

- Is the image even lit with out "hot spots" or "streaked shadows" on the person's body?

- Is the face well focused?

- Are limbs cut off in uncomfortable places?

- Is the background filled and esthetically pleasing?

- How is the skin tone?

- Are their whites "white"?

- How does the hair look? Are there distracting flyaways?

To see more of my senior work click here: Seniors

Have more questions?? Just shoot me an email! Let me help you find the right photographer for you!