Friday, April 30, 2010

Infant Photography in Castle Rock, Colorado

Happy almost May!! Can you believe it!!! Just a few more weeks and the kids will be out of school and hopefully the sun will be shining!! Well we can hope anyway! It's gonna be a busy weekend but I wanted to start it off by swinging by and showing you some of the pics from today's shoot with Andrew!! Remember him??? He's one of my milestone babies! He had his new born pictures taken back in January (go back and take a peek), he sure has grown up and WOW!!! what a smile this little one has! For more information on booking your own photo shoot, visit my website at XOXO Cija

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Portrait Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, today is Melia's birthday, she is officially 7 years old! I just can't believe it! She is at school right now, but was happy to go with her Krispie Kremes in hand to share at snack time! She doesn't know it but I plan on surprising her at lunch time with cheese pizza and party hats! It's going to be fun fun day as we celebrate the miracle of her life!

Last night I met up with Mike to take a few photos for some marketing materials, he also brought his lovely wife and 2 kiddos, what a great family!! Mike and his family go to the same church as I do, but this was the first time that we had officially met. Mike, heads up our missions ministry to Haiti and has already taken two trips to Haiti and coordinated several others! When he and Pastor went on the first trip, I thought briefly perhaps I would go (those of you that know me and falling out of your chairs right now, because that would mean Cija would be getting on a plane!!); but things quickly changed when they returned and Pastor told the story of spotting a tarantula the size of a football helmet on the side of the road!!! Nope, no way, not happening! YIKES!! Well, I hope your day will be as happy and joy filled as mine!! XOXO! Cija

Monday, April 12, 2010

Children's Photography in Denver, Highlands Ranch, Parker & Castle Rock

Hey there everybody!! I hope you are enjoying your Monday evening! Do we live in Chicago??? What is up with this WIND!!! We tried moving this evening's shoot up (because of the nice cloud cover) in hopes that we would beat the wind! No such luck! It was blowin' like crazy! At one point we hid behind a building to try and get some shelter but in the end we ended up inside the mall, of all places! But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!! You may remember this cutie patootie! This is Eva, and I did her pictures at 4 months old and then again at the Halloween Photo Day (she was the cute little poodle), but... somewhere between then and now, this brunette became a BLONDIE! Eva's mom opted to do a "cake smash" at the end of her shoot which is always tons of fun!!

Photographing kiddos is my favorite kind of photography, so don't forget about my sessions for individuals; they are priced low enough that you can afford to have your child's photo's done every year on their birthday or at the start of every school year! For more information, see my website at! Until next time! Cija

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado

Well, the weekend is almost over, officially only 3 hours and 5 minutes until it is Monday. Oh well, it was a good weekend!! I got much accomplished for Melia's birthday celebration (which is next weekend)! A big thank you to Louise, who helped me paint today! Not the house mind you, decorations for the party! But in between all the party planning I met up with Sue and her lovely family. I have to tell you, these folks had the coolest dog! Totally laid back and very cooperative! Which is very rare when trying to photograph animals! Well, I am just dying to see the results of tonight's Amazing Race, so I am off to enjoy some couch time with my hubby! Hope you all have a great week! For more information on scheduling your own photo shoot, see my website at TTFN! Cija

Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Photography in Denver, CO

NOTE: If you are visiting this blog to see pictures and read an update on "Joshua" please see the entry before this one (just arrow down) Thanks! Cija

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend and found yourself surrounded by friends and family that you love! We had a very busy but great weekend! Along the way I met up with the Kraft family. The Easter holiday had brought them all together to celebrate so they wanted to get a few pictures done while they were all together. Holy moly was is windy!! But we did okay, we found a little spot tucked in between some trees and managed to stay out of the wind (for the most part anyway!) It was a special treat to have 3 little boys as part of the shoot (pardon my spelling if I mess the names up!) Kaden, Korbin and Henry! Such handsome boys! (Henry came to see me last October at the Halloween Photo Day!! He was just the cutest little monkey! Literally, he was dressed like a monkey!) Well, I hope you are doing well, if you are looking to scheduled your own photo shoot you can take a look at my schedule on the website!! TTFN! Cija

Prayer for Little Joshua

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure and honor of photographing, Joshua. While visiting with his parents I offered to take a few photos for them. It may seem unusual to photograph a child who's in the hospital, but I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ plans to heal this little boy in a way that will touch many lives and these pictures will serve as a reminder of the great work that he did in Joshua's life.
On March 30th, Joshua fell 25 ft from his bedroom window to the driveway below, the first miracle was that Joshua survived his fall, the second, that he did not land on his head first and the third miracle is that other than a skull fracture he suffered no other broken bones!
The photo above is probably my favorite, Joshua woke while I was there and was fighting against the vent and starting to cry. His mommy stepped in, took his hand in hers, laid her other hand over his body and comforted him with her words. It was such an example of God's love for us, often times I find myself fighting against the things that are meant to help me, but the Lord in His great love and faithfulness is always there to comfort me with His words.

Joshua is recovering from several internal injuries, he was bleeding from his spleen that resulted in the need for a blood transfusion (his spleen seems to be clotting now, Praise God!), his lungs are bruised, he has some damage to his liver and pancreas, he was leaking spinal fluid from his ear (which has stopped, Praise God!) and among other things is most recently dealing with pneumonia.
During my visit, his mom mentioned that they had to stop his feedings for awhile because his belly was becoming quite distended, but overall he had a peaceful Easter. His color was good and he was resting and breathing easier.
Joshua's mom, dad and sister Bailey (3 years old) are staying at the hospital around the clock so that they can be there for Joshua at all times. In addition to praying for Joshua I would ask that you would pray for little Bailey too. Bailey actually witnessed the fall and is also receiving some help at the hospital to deal with what she saw.
I posted these pictures with the permission of the family and ask that you would join me and the many others that are praying for Joshua and his family.
Dear Heavenly Father,
Once again I come to you on behalf of Joshua and his family, I pray that you would continue to pour out miracles in this little boys life. We are all so grateful for the way you have protected him so far, the outcome of his fall should have been so much worse. Lord, I pray that you would heal him in a way that will bring You the most glory, and that through this tragedy many will have the opportunity to see You up close. I pray that you would strengthen Justan and Stephani as well as the grandparents, give them courage, rest and peace along this journey. Draw them close to You and comfort them under Your wing. Lord, I also ask that you would be with Bailey, I pray that you would wash over her heart and mind and help her to be able to let go of the frightening images in her memory of this fall. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and to You be all the glory and honor forever. Amen.