Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brandon & Rebekah - "I do"

One last "official" post before I am officially on Christmas Vacation!!  Yesterday afternoon, I was in Elizabeth, Co to photograph Brandon and Rebekah's wedding.  
Is that just the cutest little county church you have ever seen???
Brandon and Rebekah helped me prove that the "First Look" is the only way to go!  In fact, I am so sure this is the BEST way to see your future Bride for the first time I am really tempted to only do weddings where the bride and groom will agree to a first look.  They "oooo'd" and "ah'd", hugged and kissed and then... prayed together!  I LOVE THIS!!!
Then it was off to take pictures... while they were fresh and totally relaxed, not worried about their guests waiting on them!! 

 Isn't Rebekah a beautiful bride? I loved her hair and her dress... beautiful!

Brandon told me that they met at church when Rebekah's dad became the Pastor at his church. 
What a GREAT place to meet your "forever".

 The picture below we recreated from a photo taken at Rebekah's parent's wedding.  How fun is that?!?!  I hope I am clever enough to think to do something like this with my girls.

 Ah....  It doesn't matter how old you are, I am sucker for the daddy/daughter photo!

 I wish Brandon and Rebekah a lifetime of happiness!!  XOXO Cija

Oh... and one last HUGE "Thank You" to Denise Blodig, the owner of the Twisted Wardrobe!!  She graciously allowed us to use her fabulous porch for so many of the photos! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  So be sure to stop by and check out her fabulous shop!  And it is fabulous, there is even a coffee shop attached, what's better than coffee and SHOPPING!!!

The Twisted Wardrobe
239 Main Street
Elizabeth, Co

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Look at who is turning 9 Months old!!!  It's Emma!!

 She was quite the little model!! and as always a sheer delight to work with!!
These little profiles are my faves of the day!! 
Don't they just make you want to pinch those little cheeks!!!

Unfortunately I had two shoots have to cancel this week because of sickness, so that means an early vacation for me!  I have to admit I am very excited to be taking some undivided time off to spend with my girlies.  The next thing on my agenda is planning our Christmas adventures!!  I may stop in from time to time but no promises.  So just in case... I wish you all a very Merry Christ filled Christmas!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Thursday I felt the sniffles coming on and by Friday morning my head and chest were filling filled foggy yuckiness!!  I spent 2 and a half  days crashed on my couch (don't get me wrong I will take a cold any day over the a stomach flu)!  But... unfortunately Kelly had to wait for her sneak peek until day, sorry Kelly!!!
 I was pretty excited to have my first official shoot with some snow on the ground, although... I was not as excited to do a shoot with snow on the ground in my FLIP FLOPS!! and boy were they slippery!!  I came very close to biffin' it on several occasions!!

Loved the Santa Hats!!!!  So stinkin' cute!
 Now every once in a while I get a crazy hair brained idea to try something crazy and hair brained!
and I did exactly that on this picture!!!  I just thought it would look so cool if it was really snowy...

 It took me hours to do this... someone who really knows what they are doing could have probably done it MUCH faster and much better, but I never claimed to be be photo shop expert...  
I still think it's pretty fun!!!
Until next time! XOXO Cija

Friday, December 14, 2012

Jesus is our only - HOPE

My heart is heavy tonight as yet another tragic shooting has ripped through the tattered fabric of our Nation.  I am praying for the many lives affected by this senseless act of evil violence.
May the Lord's message of Hope penetrate the hearts of many and may His plan of forgiveness and redemption take what Satan meant for evil and use it for eternal good.  In the light of so many who lost their lives I pray that many more will find life in Jesus Christ. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Just before the cold weather set in I met up with Bethanee and Don for their family shoot.
 This litte beauty is Cheyenne and what is she holding?  "A Wish."  I love that!
When I asked her what she found she turned to show it to me and said...
"A Wish!"
 Cheyenne also brought her big brother Brandon.

 I have to add that I LOVED their outfits, they could have only been more perfect with a bit of snow on the ground.  

Well, I can't stay and chat, I am on a mission to get all this orders done and out the door as soon as possible!!!  Have a great week!!  I see you again on Friday!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Family Photography is Castle Rock, CO

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Just droppin' in for a quick sneak peek from my shoot with the McKee family this past Thursday!  Then it busy busy busy, today!!

 It was a chilly but sunny day and of course... there was the Colorado wind
(Joey loves the wind and vow to do pictures earlier next year)
This is Christian, he is a senior (you may remember his senior pictures a few months ago)!
 And... you may remember Collin's footbal pictures from just a few weeks ago!!
I love a lot of things about this family but one of things I love the most is how much the laugh.  I could learn from this example and laugh more with my family. 

 The other thing that I find quite entertaining is the always constant dynamic between Joey and the boys at every family shoot.  I think the picture  below sums it up perfectly.
Perhaps the song should be "Boys, they wanna... they wanna have fun!"
Well, I am off!  Tomorrow Rod and I are hosting a holiday version of the Amazing Race and we need to finish up a lot of details!! See you all on Monday!!