Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photographer In Castle Rock, CO

Last night was a very fun shoot!  Kayla is 10!! and we took the evening to document this monumentous occasion!!  We are talking DOUBLE DIGITS!!

 We started off in Kayla's very cute street wear! (Love the one above!!)

 And then we switched locations and "modes".  Kayla's mom wanted to get some pictures of Kayla in her dance recital costume. 
 The beautiful sunset helped to make the photos extra special!!
It has been a sobering day as we look to the south and west and see the plumes of smoke rising from the Colorado Springs area.  Many families have been effected by this and other wildfire fires in our beautiful State and my prayers are focused on their behalf.  As I was looking at the many photos posted on the internet and I was reminded that this dying earth has nothing for us to cling too, we can do nothing but cling to Jesus and look forward to His return.  
So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. 
For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend full of fun and family! We did some pool time, hung out with friends, went to church... it was great!

I had 2 shoots this weekend, the first was on Friday with Madeline who is celebrating big #2, she also brought her big brother Dawson along! I love this picture of her handing me the flower and the profile below is my fave of the day!

 Dawson was watching the baby ducks they are in the water far left side at the base of the tall grass.  They were very cute!
In the picture below they were scanning the lilly pads looking for frogs!

 Such sweet little faces!

 I pray, they will be best friend's forever!
I wanted to share a couple of updates for you.  Let's talk about Adi first.  As you recall she had very risky open heart surgery 6 weeks ago, it was nothing short of a miracle that she survived.  And will all praise to glory going to God, I am happy to report that she went home from the hospital on Saturday.  She is having some issues with her blood remaining therapeutic so they are praying that it will return to normal so that she can stay home.  She needs extensive care that has her mommy having to get up every 45 minutes... please pray for her strength. 

Now for sweet Tamara, this is the young lady with cystic fibrosis... yesterday, Tamara went home to be with the Lord.  She left a wonderful legacy of faith that touched many lives including mine.  Please continue to pray for her family and her Fiancé', Chad.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maternity Photographer in Castle Rock CO

Janelle and Andy are having a BABY!!!
 It's their first and they are having a...
 If you look real close you can see her picture in the frame below!
So this picture was taken in the baby's room... I was a big fan.  Miss "I'm not very crafty" painted this fabulous armoire and added all this fabulous pulls and she made an adorable mobile for the crib!
I hope to show you some of the fun after the newborn shoot.  

 Can I just say... I wish I looked this glamorous when I was 37 week pregnant!

I am very excited to meet their little bundle of sunshine in a few weeks!!
For now, I must get back to work, I took the day off yesterday to play (it was my birthday!!) and now there is much to catch up on. 
Have a fabulous day!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

After spending the morning with Sloan, I spent the evening with Danielle and her very prepared mom, Teresa.  She had this one little carrying basket thing (Oh Mrs. Lot is going to love that sentence structure!!) but the amazing thing was all the stuff she managed to fit in there!  Two blankets (to make an impromptu changing room in the woods), several pairs of shoes, a mirror, brush, bottled water for all of us and I am just scratching the surface!)

 Danielle is a 2013 Senior at Ponderosa High School, she is not sure what her future holds quite yet but for now her passion is barrel racing (ya know, like with a horse) which sounds pretty fun to me!
Who knows maybe we will see Danielle competing at the rodeo in the years to come.

 It was seriously like a 100 degrees when we did this shoot... I don't know how she wore this hoodie!  Even if it was just for a few minutes.  As for my faves of the day... hmmm, I am torn so I am going with 3 faves, #1, #2 and the hoodie shot below.
Before I head off to bed, I have to pause long enough to ask you to be praying for my sweet friend, Tamara.  We have been praying for her since January, when I became aware that she needed a lung transplant, as many of you know, she had her transplant surgery back in May and the recovery process has been very slow.  Along the way, Tamara got a hole in one of her new lungs, they have tried several procedures to try and close the hole but today the doctor's are at a loss with no other options, Tamara is being put back on the transplant list.  This is heart breaking news for the Tamara, Chad (her fiancé ) and her whole family.  I know that this comes as no surprise to God and that He is completely in control and I am encouraged to remember Tamara's brave statements of faith as she waited on the Lord for her 1st transplant.  In this life, we face very difficult situations but the Lord uses them and takes those things that were meant for evil and uses them for good.  If there is one thing I know about Tamara it would be her heart for the Lord and her burning desire to be used for His eternal kingdom.  
Please be praying....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Photographer Near Castle Rock, CO

 So clearly Denver parks do not have to follow the same watering guidelines that we do, because they watered their flower beds for almost an hour!  We were hoping to get some flowers in the background for Sloan's 6 month shoot but we had multiple thinks working against us
- the sprinklers
- the sun so stinkin' bright that it was impossible to keep little eyes open AND
- the flowers are still too little.
I guess flowers are more of a mid July early August thing.
So we started Sloan off in a basket... she has hip dysplasia and has been wearing a brace to hold things in place while her bones grow, so mom wasn't quite sure if she would be able to sit up on her own.  While she was a bit wobbly at first, with in a few minutes she was an old pro!
By the way... the photo below is my pic of the day!  That is the sweetest face!
 Can't you just hear her saying "And you thought I couldn't sit up on my own!"

 She worked real hard and bit an awesome job showing us how well she can sit up!  
WooHoo for Sloan!!!
But then... she was "All Done!  I beg of you... no more pictures!!"
See you in 3 months little girl!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

On Saturday night I was able to check out a new location, the west side of Castlewood Canyon, which was actually very beautiful and had a great mountain feel (keep in mind however there is a "special activities" pass and daily park passes that have to be purchased for this location).  
I photographed Rich and Kim's family a few years ago and afterwards they purchased a gift certificate for Rich's parents and Saturday was the day they cashed it in.  So we had Rich, Kim and their two boys, Keagan and Eathen, Chris and Alice and Rich's sister Kirsten and Sir (he shortened it down to try and help me out).  I am listing the names because I am just tickled pink that I remembered them all!!  
After the shoot it was time to settle in to celebrate Father's day; I hope Rod had a great day!
We, of course started with church in the morning, then it was off to see The Avenger's (pretty fun movie, I'm not usually crazy about  the super hero flicks), a trip to the pool to cool off and then a BBQ steak dinner with all the fix in's!  Hope you all enjoy your father's day!!
Be back soon with a peek at Sloan's 6 month shoot.