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2009 - My favorite photos from 2009

(Photos are copies and low resolution - so let's have some grace!!)

 Okay, so today a client of mine made a post on Facebook wishing her daughter a Happy Birthday.  I have take their photos since 2009. My first shoot of Lucy was when she was 6 months old and it was the most magical shoot ever! Her outfits were on point and the flowers were impeccable. Everything about it had me swooning! So, I of course had to dig through years of photos (because at the time I couldn't remember what year it was) to find those pictures.

Am I right?! Anyway, in the process I ran across so many pictures that brought back all sorts of wonderful memories and photos that I just loved taking. So, since it's that slow time of year I am going to spend some time reminiscing and I am inviting you along for the ride. 

So, here are some of my favorite photos from 2009!! 
(There is no way I will remember all of these names but I remember the faces and the events of each shoot.)

Cade - this was at his 6 month shoot. I was absolutely captivated by his eyes and I thought this image captured the twinkle in them perfectly! Now he's all grown up playing football!

My sweet, sweet Elizabeth! This was my very first shoot with her. She was just two years old. I just remember thinking how in the world am I so blessed to take this little one's photos. She just made the camera come alive! You will definitely be seeing her again in this series. 

Laura was one of my very first seniors. She had this sweet - dare I say- country style. We did two locations and even some football shots with black stuff smeared under her eyes. Now she is a mama of her own beautiful little girl. 

Shantel's cute baby girl sniffing the flowers. She was another little one that inspired me to try new things in the images I was taking. Some people just have that "muse" effect on me, and she 
was one of those kids!

Ava was the perfect girl for this ice cream shop inspired session. So many cute photos from this session. Ava continues to be one of my very favorite humans to take pictures of. There is just something so soulful about her that captivates me. Crossing my fingers I get to take her senior photos! We will have to schedule a whole weekend.

This family moved away but the few times I got to work with these kiddos was pure joy. This sweet little girl taught me to "leave it in the photo". She carried this monkey around the whole time, it made her happy and feel comfortable. And I have no doubt her parents love looking back at these photos and seeing her with her beloved monkey!

Logan - I remember taking this photo so vividly. I was breaking all sorts of photography rules, but I absolutely love it. He just wanted his mom. I love how the image focuses on him and at the same time his sweet love for his mama. He was a regular at my Halloween shoots for many many years!! Now he is 17!

The Greff's - Oh my this shoot taught me to scout locations before the session. They lived on the opposite end of the world from me, so we decided to meet somewhere in between as I recall. But the location was super challenging with light coming from the wrong direction to make the more scenic backgrounds work, and lots and lots of undergrowth and overgrowth to walk through. But we made it work, it stretched me for sure - my brain hurts just thinking about it. I really love this two-tone image and the barefoot. This image makes me think of family and summer days!

Jaden - Everything about him was perfect! He was sweet and curious and this image caught that for me. He was doing exactly what I asked him to, while at the same time being curious about what was going on around him. I just love this image!

I met Sharon and her lovely ladies at dance class. I think I love the story and memories behind this photo the most. The conversations we shared both at my place and hers, looking to Jesus for strength in the midst of difficult times. To me this image pointed forward and to all the joy that laid ahead of them. 

This was one of those shoots that reminded me of a magazine shoot. The outfits were perfect, the weather was gorgeous and the fall colors were to die for! To me this image highlighted the sum of two parts. It feels like what God intented.

Ellie and Sophia - This was a follow up shoot that I did for Janice and her family when Ellie was going through cancer treatments. This shoot marked a mountain top after a troublesome valley. Now Ellie is a freshman in college! 

The Anderson Family - My favorite thing about this photo is all the different styles of jumps and how they perfectly matched their personalities! 

Oh Chloe... she was another muse for sure. I only got to photograph her a couple of times but they are two of my very favorite shoots. How sweet is this photo of her mom holding out a ladybug??? And her little finger coming in for a closer look! 

Brent - the sun in his hair, his little red nose and him peering over his glasses. I just love it!!

Oh... this was fun and I think a bit good for me to go back and remember the passion that started me on this journey and to realize how much I have learned along the way. And to remember all the incredible people who have been a part of my little business! 2010 is just around the corner!

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