Monday, December 3, 2012

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 I have to admit, I am very sad today.  Our bunny, Cocoa died.
And it has been a very difficult day.  Lots and lots of tears have been shed and not just 
by the girls.  I loved that dumb bunny and my heart just breaks for my little girls. 
 On Saturday afternoon, I was with Meggan & Andy and their beautiful girls.  Murrie and Rigel (I called her "Bob", Rigel was very hard to remember) are the two cute little ones sportin' the rainbow ponchos handmade by their mom!! 
(I know I was impressed too AND she home schools!!!)

 This was the perfect Saturday afternoon shoot, the weather was beautiful and this
family was delightful, easy going and full of smiles.

 I am afraid the sadness of the day has me a bit distracted.  So I think I am going wrap things up and busy myself with get ready for the girls cookie party this evening. 

 Be back in a couple of days... Cija

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