Monday, December 3, 2012

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

It's a little late to just be sitting down to work (11:49 PM) but it has been a busy weekend and will be an even busier week, with a full photography schedule and a jam packed family week as well.
So this seemed to be the best opportunity to knock out a sneak peek.
 I had two shoots on Saturday, the first being with Kristine and Brian, morning shoots in December can be quite chilly but Saturday it was simply... beautiful!!
We were off to a good start, but just a few minutes in Abby's mood began to change 
and she was starting to complain of a tummy ache. 
 It became quite clear that Abby was not just trying to get out of taking pictures, she clearly was not feeling well at all.  
Soon the tears started to fall and all she wanted was to be held and comforted by her mommy.
My heart just broke for her... being sick is such a bummer!

Joe on the other hand was feeling fine and was throughly enjoying his day in the woods!!
Such a sweet smile!!!

The picture below just might be my "Fave of the Day"
 I just love that he is holding his little yellow truck!
That will be a precious memory in years to come!!

I sure hope Abby is feeling better!!!
Now it is bed time for Miss Cija!

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