Monday, December 20, 2010

Boudoir Valentine Special

NOTE: While I offer full service Boudoir photography I do not post any of my "more delicate" work in this public forum, to see a private boudoir gallery please contact me at 

This week I am beginning to scheduling appointments for my Boudoir Valentine Special. The price is $125 and includes your session time, 8 images on CD and 1 8x10 print. To receive this special price (normally $180.00) your session must be scheduled between Jan 1st and Feb 14th.

I wrestled for a few days on whether or not to post pictures to go with this post, but in the end I decided not too, I would never want to be a stumbling block for anyone. Besides it just wouldn't be in line with why I decided to offer this special in the first place. So... let me try to explain why I have made the decision to off boudoir photography. Of course it started with someone asking me to do it and then another person asking and then it was wondering if I could do it at all so I practiced on myself (now that was down right funny) but after the dust settled (literally running around the foot of your bed and catapulting yourself across the bed and in front of the camera before that timer goes off can shake up a lot of dust!!) something I wasn't expecting happened. And it's that "something" that I want to share with you. As I have spoken with some of you over the last couple of weeks regarding this type of session, here is what I have heard you say about yourselves:
"pasty white and some extra lbs "
"I need to to get my body to a shape that feels more..."
"if my kids saw them they would be truly scarred forever"
"I'm just worried my "jiggly" spots will look awful!"
Oh I get it... if anyone has "jiggly" issues it would be me. I certainly can relate to everything I have heard and felt exactly the same way going in. So... I took the pictures and was utterly shocked with I uploaded them onto my computer. Looking at the images caused me to raise my eyebrows and say "hmmph". I decided to make an album for my husband, I went to Michael's and purchased some "accents" to make it look extra special but it still needed something so... I turned to my Bible for some "quotes". I found myself in the book of Song of Songs. This is a book about King Solomon and his wife. In chapter 1 she says about herself "Dark am I, yet lovely." Pale was "in" back in her day but working in the fields had made her dark. She was very aware of her "shortcomings". The original word for "lovely" in this text is literally translated "upright". In short her opinion of herself was "hey, I may not look like a super model but I'm a good person." She and I would have been good friends. Despite her feelings about herself a man falls in love with her, they court, get engaged and eventually get married. Over time, she begins to see herself in a new way because she begins to see herself through the eyes of someone who loves her. That night as I watched my husband pour of my pictures over and over again, I began to see myself in a new way... I began to see myself as beautiful, wonderfully and fearful made and God's masterpiece (Psalms 139:14 & Ephesians 2:10). It was the best feeling ever! And that is why I decided to offer this package, in hopes that you would find yourself on a similar journey, one where you see that you are... beautiful. For more information contact me at

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