Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So this is a pretty exciting week. Tomorrow night is "A Night with The King", it's the ladies Christmas banquet at our church and the ministry that I am most involved in. It's ALOT of work but sooo worth it! Today I was the church from 8:30 until 9:30 this evening with a small break in the middle to meet up with the Abeyta family!! Brian is the senior Pastor at our church and Jenipher is the Worship Leader and their beautiful girls, well... they are just fabulous!! I could have spent hours and hours taking their pictures! Well, I must get some shut eye, it will be another full day tomorrow!! Nighty Night! Cija


Unknown said...

Wow, 4 beautiful girls! And the parents aren't bad looking either. What a great looking family! And love the location. Where did you go?

Martha said...

Your photography always makes me well up with emotion! I am asking my husband for YOU for Christmas!

Amity said...

Beautiful Pictures! And the setting was amazing! I can't wait for our photo shoot in the spring. :)