Saturday, December 31, 2011

No words...

I thought I could sit down and write some moving tribute... I can't, I have no words.
There are so many platitudes, yuck.

This is Caitlyn, she is my great niece, not in the sense that she is greater than my other nieces but in the sense that she is my niece's daughter.  She was born in January 2011, I met her face to sweet precious face in September 2011 and she stopped breathing last night.  She had SMA1.

Oh those chocolate brown eyes, they make me melt.  She had the sweetest smile ever and that is the memory that I will cherish in my heart until I see her again in Heaven.

My heart hurts and the tears comes so easily and I am just her Great Aunt.  Please pray for her mom, Carly, her dad, Ryan and her brother, Graison and her Grandparents... and the rest of us aunts, uncles and cousins that loved her sooo much.    

Good bye sweet baby girl... I'll see you soon.
Auntie Cija

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Carly said...

Luv u<3